Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Creative Series

Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Creative Series

Sous Vide Professional CREATIVE Series by PolyScience

Sous vide cooking is getting popular amongst the world’s best chefs to achieve amazing flavor and texture. This technique relies on a precise, temperature controlled circulator. The food is vacuum sealed and cooked at a gentle temperature in a specific controlled water bath. This cooking method gives precise, controlled circulating bath, improved flavor, and perfect texture without bothering of strict timing. It works best for side dishes that can maintain at serving temperatures without the risk of drying out, over-cooking or burning. Polyscience introduces a perfect Sous Vide Professional Creative Series Immersion Circulator. Read on to know everything about Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Creative Series

Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Creative Series

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The Sous Vide Professional Creative Series is the entry level circulator from PolyScience. It is suitable for home use as well as occasional use. This model can handle low quantities of food and can conveniently accommodate in small reservoirs or pots. This affordable option from the PolyScience circulators product line features a precise temperature control to ensure quality results every time. This easy-to-store and light weight immersion circulator can clamp onto any pot or tank with round or flat walls that can hold up to 20 liters (5.3 gallons), for a controlled bath, and capable of preparing a meal for up to 12 guests.

This unit intends strictly for home use only and lights non-production professional applications, including educational demonstrations, culinary students wanting to produce professional results or recipe development & testing. It includes – “Guide to Sous Vide Cooking” introduction to Sous Vide cooking, time/ temperature references and links to other resources by PolyScience.

 Features Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Creative Series

  • This Immersion circulator simply clamps to a pot or tank up to 20 liters (5.3 gallons) transforming it into a precisely controlled bath
  • This unit is capable of preparing a meal for up to 12 people.
  • This unit circulates water with a rate of 6 liters/min
  • It contains large, easy to read display showing temperature screen
  • The temperature range set from 59°F to 210°F (15°to 99°C)
  • It is capable of pumping 6 liters a minute to ensure excellent uniform bath
  • It includes an integrated timer to set for up to 99 hours and beeps when time has elapsed
  • Intended for household use only
  • This unit is part of IHA Innovation Award Finalist
  • It is ideal for occasional or lower volume application
  • This makes an excellent, low-cost option for modern cooking
  • Temperature readings available in Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • Large, back-lit LCD displays set and actual temperatures
  • It comes with an auto-restart feature
  • This is easy-to-store and lightweight unit
  • Its safety features include over temperature protection and Low Liquid Level Safety
  • English manual included
  • Dimensions and weight 4.75 x 7.25 x 14-in high and 4 lb. (10 oz.), respectively
  • It’s price for around $400
  • It comes with 1-Year warranty

Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Creative Series – Specifications

  • Maximum Bath Volume: 20 liters (5.3 gallons)
  • Maximum Pump Output: 6 liters (1.6 gallons) per minute
  • Temperature Stability: ±0.07°C/±0.1°F
  • Maximum Temperature: 210°F (99°C)
  • Heater Wattage (120/240V): 1100 Watts
  • Minimum Immersion Depth: 3.375 in / 8.57 cm

Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Creative Series – Use & Care Tips

Use Tips

  • Never allow the Immersion circulator to come in direct contact with food.
  • Use it with approved boilable bags.
  • Do not immerse entire unit into the water.
  • Unplug the unit before removing it from the water.

Care Tips

  • Allow the unit to cool before removing from cooking vessel.
  • Clean it thoroughly by rinsing and drying.
  • Wipe housing clean with a damp cloth.
  • Do not use abrasive cleansers.
  • Depending on use and water hardness, scale and mineral buildup may occur. Hence, clean by filling a pot with a solution of vinegar and water and running the circulator for about 30 minutes.

Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Creative Series – Customer Reviews

Many of its users prefer this modern style of cooking. Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Creative Series Immersion circulator has received 3.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon. People say it is a quality product, easy to use, and makes the Best Kitchen tool for anyone to use in kitchens.

  • Texas Makes Us uses it to cook steaks and it does a job to make great steaks. Moreover, its price is reasonable to get dependable sous vide without paying huge.
  • Carl says this unit does what it says. It has great build quality and he is very pleased with it.
  • Zero_Signal says his circulator didn’t last very long. The heating element burned out just after four months of use.
Sous Vide Professional CREATIVE Series

Sous Vide Professional CREATIVE Series

by PolyScience 4 out of 5stars (30 Customer Ratings)

Price: $399.95
The Sous Vide Professional Creative Series from Polyscience offers quality results at an affordable price.

Great Kitchen Tool

4 stars out of 5 by Haubert for Sous Vide Professional CREATIVE Series

Nothing to complain about the product. Absolutely loves the convenience to cook everything with the sous vide machine. It is worth the investment!

Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Creative Series – Conclusion

Everything about Sous Vide Professional Creative Series from Polyscience is high quality, including the design, controls, water circulation and more. Thus, take the technique of master chefs’ home by buying this unit.

Dymatize Iso 100-Birthday Cake Review

Dymatize Iso 100-Birthday Cake Review

ISO-100 Dymatize Protein Powder

ISO100 is a muscle-building fuel that comes in different flavors, that adds great addition to your post workout sessions.

ISO100® is a muscle-building fuel that comes in different flavors. This high protein energy drink is a great addition to your post workout sessions. It contains loads of proteins and essential vitamins that your body needs. The highlight is that this product is easily absorbed into the body. ISO 100- Birthday cake flavor is one of the hit picks by customers among the other flavors.

So let us have a detailed look at this product and especially at this flavor. Stay tuned to know more about this protein drink and you might add this to your list if it fits your criteria.

ISO 100 –DYMATIZE – the protein drink

Looking for gaining lean muscle mass and build a healthy body? Your wait is over as ISO 100-dymatize aids you to gain lean muscle mass and increase energy levels. It also helps to repair and build muscles without causing any negative side effects. Each serving size gives you 25 grams of protein and that is something huge. I guess no other drink offers such amounts of proteins. In addition, you also get 5.5g of BCAAs including 2.7g of L-Leucine.

Why buy ISO 100- DYMATIZE?

This product is best in terms of quality, taste, and purity. ISO 100 is from the Dymatize brand that excels in producing nutritional and fitness products. They sell across the world and deliver the best to its customers. ISO100 goes through a special formulation technique such as cross-flow microfiltration and multi-step purification process. The latter process helps to preserve the muscle building ingredients and proteins while helps to remove unwanted carbohydrates. It also helps to remove other stuff like fat, lactose, and cholesterol, which are unhealthy for the body. In addition, ISO 100 is better than other energy drinks as it is fully absorbed into the body without any wastage. This product contains pre-hydrolyzed proteins that are easy to digest and assimilate.


  • Scientifically proven 100% whey protein isolate
  • Easy to digest and fast absorption
  • Hydrolyzed protein
  • Gluten and lactose-free
  • Contains less than one gram of sugar per serving size
  • 25 grams of protein and 5.5 grams of essential amino acids per serving
  • Use it during, after or before workouts


As such, there is nothing noticeable as a drawback about this product, however, I guess it is too expensive compared to other products. This product delivers results and stands up to its promises yet goes high on the pocket.

Ingredients and nutrition facts of Dymatize Iso 100-Birthday Cake Flavour

Hydrolyzed Whey Protein isolate (highest quality protein), Whey Protein Isolate( higher protein concentration and fewer carbs), Cocoa Powder (processed with alkali), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Salt for taste, Soy Lecithin, Potassium Chloride, Sucralose, Steviol Glycosides (Stevia)

Other ingredients: MILK AND SOY

Each serving size contains – 25grams of protein, 5.5 grams of bcaas, 2.7 grams of leucine, 1 gram of sugar and total 110 calories.

One container will last for about 43 servings and one scoop gives a total of 32 grams.

Calories from fat – 5, sodium, potassium, dietary fiber, essential proteins, vitamin A, Vitamin C, calcium, and iron.

ISO 100 Dymatize available flavors

You can buy this energy drink in sizes such as 1.6 lbs, 3 lbs, and 5 lbs. Below is the list of flavors

  • Birthday cake
  • Fudge brownie
  • Gourmet vanilla
  • Cinnamon bun
  • Gourmet chocolate
  • Cookies & cream
  • Chocolate coconut
  • Orange dreamsicle
  • Smooth banana
  • Strawberry

Who should buy Dymatize Iso100?

This supplement is an excellent post-workout protein supplier. It is great for bodybuilders and those who love to have lean muscle mass rather than stacking on fat reserves. This supplement is an everyday choice for those who love to indulge in intense training and workout sessions. One can have it before, after, or during workout sessions. If you serious about training and want to have a fit body with high energy levels then supplement is a great pick. Dymatize Iso 100 is equally great for both men and women but you will have to pay a price for getting hold of this supplement. It is definitely worth buying and fit for all stages of training. It supplies ample energy and helps to build, repair muscles.

Side Effects and precautions – ISO 100

This supplement does not have any side effects and nothing has been reported so far. However, if you have allergy issues with milk and soy then stay away. In addition, those who suffer from diabetes should have a word with an expert as it contains sugars. In general, people who are lactose intolerant are having no issues using this supplement as per their feedbacks.

Directions ISO100 Dymatize

This supplement contains ingredients that mix easily without floating over the water. All you have to do is take one scoop and mix with 6 oz liquid. You can use water, milk or any other beverage and mix well. Also, remember to mix according to the flavors. For example mixing fudge flavor with orange juice will give you a bad taste. Using milk or water is the ideal choice if you want to get the taste of the added flavors. You can enjoy the drink before workouts, 30 minutes after workouts or anytime as you wish. It is a high-quality drink stacked with super rich proteins.

Where to buy ISO 100

You can ISO 100 from various online sites like Amazon, bodybuilding.com, and their official site. You can also buy from their official site and apply promo codes to avail the product at discounted prices.

Dymatize Iso 100-Birthday Cake Review

Customers love this product a lot, as it comes from a trusted brand. This product is a result of meticulous research and has scientific backing. It is a scientifically proven supplement that helps to build lean muscle mass and build energy levels. There are ample positive reviews about this product and everyone is highly recommending the same to others. There are many hit flavors like birthday cake, strawberry, gourmet vanilla that are customers favorite. Each flavor has a unique taste and is formulated with high standards. Many are of the opinion that this supplement is heavy in the pocket and are not affordable. However, some say that it is worth paying as it offers loads of high-quality protein and real stuff that deliver results.

Julian says, “This product has helped me to get going without my workout sessions without getting tired. It keeps me fresh and provides consistent energy for intense workouts. Moreover, I have built on lean muscle mass. I love the results it has offered. No sugars and carbs just high-quality proteins”


Among many other products ISO 100 Dymatize, stands ahead due to its quality and visible results. This product has helped many customers around the world to build a healthy body with muscle mass rather than bulking on fats. Who would not love to have a healthy body to flaunt? This supplement also keeps you energetic all day long with its ingredients list. You get essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and high-quality proteins. This supplement is also less in sugar and carb content which is a plus point. According to reviews and consumer feedbacks, this product is a highly recommended choice and worth buying.

Cell Phone Monitoring & Why your kids are to be monitored

Cell Phone Monitoring & Why your kids are to be monitored

Mobistealth cellphone monitoring software

Call Recording

With over 80% of children owning and operating a mobile phone, it sometimes brings parents to concern.

What do kids do with their gadgets today. While most parents complain of their children being on calls or texting someone most of the day while at home, a concern on their security and safety always looms over their parents. Are your kids safe? Are they into some activities which could render them or the family vulnerable? These are questions which will be unanswered until you start monitoring your Children’s Cell phone

Software for monitoring Cell phone

Cell phone monitoring is illegal unless you own the mobile phone. The ownership often doesn’t mean that you are the user. For instance, your company can provide mobile phones to the employees . These are company owned instruments and you are free to install cellphone monitoring software‘s on them. But when it comes to the employee’s phone it would been deemed illegal. Likewise, you will be in a tight spot if your children has purchased their mobile phones themselves. But if you are the person who sourced the mobile phone, you are free to install what seems fit to you. Its always advisable to consult a professional before installing any monitoring software’s on phones or computers as laws may vary from state to state.

cellphone monitoring
credits: http://trackcellphonelocation.tumblr.com/

The next question is what you should do to install a cellphone monitoring software? This question is best answered by you as you are the one who needs to track down the information. Would call logs suffice? Would you want call recordings? May be also text message records if your kids are always on sms and not on calls? The needs are clearly up to you.

Mobistealth is one of the few mobile monitoring software’s which has essentially gained popularity in the mobile tracking solutions industry. With a range of features and supporting a range of Smart phones, Mobistealth is but the best among the cell phone monitoring software’s available today.

The Perfect Cellphone Tracker App

The Perfect Cellphone Tracker App

Mobistealth cellphone monitoring software

Call Recording

What makes a perfect Cellphone tracker app? Over the pas few years, there have been numerous cellphone tracker apps in the market, but what makes some of the softwares better than the other? We have done a small research on what these products do and what these companies offer.

To begin with, Most people find some of the features of a cellphone app to be the key to their success. Lets take some of the features provided by cellphone app tracking softwares into the picture.

Cellphone tracker app
credits: http://mxspy.com/

While most cellphone tracker apps will give you Tracking calls
Tracking sms
Call recording
Chat Recording
Whatsapp messenger recording
Location tracker
Remote file access

Remote call facility of these features, Specifically the basic ones, there are the others which will not provide the advanced features. For instance the Remote call facility, allows the person to record calls from the end mobile without the knowledge of the other person. The person will never know that the surroundings he is in is being recorded. The call is automatically picked from the other end , there is nothing on the call log and everything will look normal.Or for instance the remote file access where you can access the entire mobile content from a PC. This includes the images, videos, gallery or even the applications running.

credits: http://www.theblaze.com/
credits: http://www.theblaze.com/

Some times these days people are more concerned about the service provided by the company along with the product itself. The product may run great with an expert with computer knowledge but for someone who is new to the whole process, some assistance may be required. When a company is willing to put its effort to support customers with their product, that adds an extra edge and enables people to vouch for the product itself as the best, making it a top seller.

Today Mobistealth is one of the few companies with excellent products and service. Check out the Mobistealth website for more information below.

Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder Reviews

Peugeot Amboine Nutmeg Grinder by Peugeot

Peugeot has a long history of manufacturing the best pepper, salt, spice grinders and mills in the world. It has been making mills in France since 1840. It utilizes state of the art production processes, attention to detail and the best materials to produce great mills. Their products are widely used by many of the world’s greatest chefs. Designed, developed & assembled in France, Peugeot products offer outstanding reliability and performance for many years. It offers spice-specific mechanisms for grinding each spice like pepper, salt, herbs, spice and more. This article includes the complete details about Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder. Read on to know more about the Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder Reviews, Products, Features and more.

Before going into the product details, let me give you a brief introduction of the main points to keep in mind while buying a good grinder.

Key Points to consider while choosing a Good Grinder

Know more about the Hurom support and customer satisfaction available on H-AA series listed. Reviews state that the product can be trusted for its best features given. Find and update more on the other features of Hurom.

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When looking for a pepper, salt or spice grinder, consider the following:

  • Grinding mechanism – Select a grinding mechanism that can withstand daily use – well made and produces a consistent grind. Ideally, the grinding machine design must be to handle a specific spice. This is because each spice has different physical characteristics that may benefit from different design features.
  • Design and appearance – Irrespective of traditional or modern, manual or electric, a grinder can be an indispensable tool in your kitchen and a beautiful part of table decor.
  • Easy to Use – A quality mill should be easy to use, adjust, fill, and comfortable while using.

Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder

The Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder Mechanism is made of treated stainless steel which is corrosion resistant and offers superior edge retention. It comes well equipped with a double stainless steel grater blade and a strong claw to enable the whole nutmeg to very finely shaved while keeping fingers safe. This unit intends to use with whole nutmeg nuts.

It comes in a round design, inspired by the nutmeg’s shape that enables you to store 7 to 8 whole nutmegs. Just turn the handle to release all the nutmeg’s flavors, without risking your fingers. This mill mechanism is France made and comes with a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder – Products

Peugeot mills difference from all others is their French-made, spice-specific mechanisms. Each Grinder manufactured according to Peugeot’s time-honored traditions of quality, longevity, and innovation. To get the most flavor and aroma from any spice or seasoning, it is essential to address the physical characteristics of that specific spice. Peugeot recognizes this logic and created spice-specific mechanisms to ensure the best milling results for each type of spice. It is available in two variants –

  • Peugeot Amboine Nutmeg Grinder
  • Peugeot Tidore Nutmeg Grinder

Features Of Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder

Peugeot Amboine Nutmeg Grinder Features

  • This unit exterior is crystal clear acrylic top and hand-rubbed finish
  • It comes in three different colors – Beech Wood Base, Chocolate finish base, and White base
  • It includes nutmegs and gift Box
  • The four claws hold the whole nutmeg in place
  • Turn handle clockwise; it features two safely concealed blades to shave thin pieces of the nut, releasing the fresh flavors and aromas
  • It is 4.25-inches (11 cm) High
  • It comes with Lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects and 1-year guarantee on the mill body
  • Made in France
  • Prices nearly $50

Peugeot Tidore Nutmeg Grinder Features

  • This grinder Mechanism made of case hardened steel
  • The grating/ shaving blades are made of stainless steel
  • It comes with 7 nutmegs included
  • Easy cleaning, just wipe exterior with damp cloth to clean
  • Available in colors such as Chocolate, clear acrylic, natural wood and polished chrome
  • Product Dimensions and weight 4 x 4 x 5 inches and 11 ounces
  • Priced around $40
  • Country of Manufacture – France
  • Lifetime warranty on mechanism

Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder – Customer Reviews

Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder has received 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon. People have given mixed feedback about the product. Some people say it is easy to use with nice results whereas few people mention having difficulty grinding nutmeg with this mill. However, many people opine smooth operation, look great, stores extra nutmeg and comfortably rotate.

Sillycuny says it is excellent quality and arrived with warranty information and instructions. Her mom is using this machine for last over 30 years and she bought a new one for her new home. She is very happy with her purchase and highly recommends.

Amazon Customer owns a polished chrome grinder plus one more. She loves them as she often uses nutmeg in savory dishes and freshly ground nutmeg makes all the difference. She adds Peugeot is the best grinding mechanism and nothing compares to it.

Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder – Conclusion

If you are looking for a Nutmeg Grinder that grinds fresh nutmeg quickly and easily while keeping your fingers safe, then buy Peugeot Nutmeg Grinder without any second thought. Peugeot is offering mills and grinders for over 160 years now and still remains the benchmark in the industry. Buy one today and it will perfectly blend into your contemporary kitchens.

Peugeot Amboine Nutmeg Grinder

Peugeot Amboine Nutmeg Grinder

by Peugeot 4 out of 5stars (55 Customer Ratings)

Price: $49.95
Peugeot Amboine Nutmeg Grinder comes in a round design, inspired by the nutmeg’s shape and this enables you to store 7 – 8 whole nutmegs.

I suggests some design improvement

4 stars out of 5 by Douglas for Peugeot Amboine Nutmeg Grinder

The product is ok. It does grind the nutmeg for the most part but not very well. You have to constantly re-position the nutmeg to grind it. This almost makes impossible to use smaller pieces of nutmeg.

Rainshow’r CQ-1000 Dechlorinating Shower Filter Cartridge & Housing

Rainshow’r CQ-1000 Dechlorinating Shower Filter

Rainshow’r CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter cartridge and housing is a simple method to filter the chlorine in the water and make bathing, a truly healthy habit. Chlorine in the water can pose highly serious health hazards.

It can affect directly the skin of the person and with constant exposure could get deeper. Bath time is the most peaceful time for many that they spend more time there. If the water contains high chlorine content this can make you sick in many ways. This dechlorinating filter can be fixed ahead of the shower head and connect your shower head to this to get the clean and safe water for bathing.

What are the health hazards of chlorine water?

Showering in chlorine water is dangerous than drinking chlorine water. The more exposed the skin to chlorine water, the more it gets absorbed into the body. It can reach different organs and systems to cause problems.

  • It can cause dry skin and hardening of the arteries.
  • Excess chlorine in the system can cause the formation of free radicals in the excess count which leads to accelerated aging.
  • Chlorine makes the metabolism of cholesterol difficult.
  • It can even cause genetic mutation and can even cause cancer.

What is Rainshow’r CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter?

Rainshow’r CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter cartridge and housing is a unit that is fixed to the shower pipe before the shower head. The water from the pipe would first pass through this filter cartridge before heading into the showerhead.

The dechlorinating shower filter will convert the harmful form of chlorine into its safer form that does not hurt us. This is a long term solution for the chlorine problem in the bathroom. It saves you from skin problems caused by chlorine and also makes the soap lather better.

These shower filters are easy for installation and the shower head would fix at the end of this filter. The filters here can last longer than the carbon filters. It can run for a good 6-9 months before the cartridge needs replacement.

The Rainshow’r CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter works well with the handheld shower kits as well. It does not need a professional help for installation and can be done within minutes. The filter weighs just 12 oz.

The shower filter

The Rainshow’r CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter uses special bacteriostatic KDF media to enable smoother chlorine removal. The cartridge can be easily replaced. There is a fine stainless screen inside the filter that filters the water and at the same time maintains a good shower flow.

The jet dispersal inside the filter increases the water flow through the showers. There is a sediment trap that prevents clogging of the shower head and extends the life of the filter.

The fixture of a crystalline quartz treats the water to allow better lathering and make you really feel good after the shower.

Benefits of using Rainshow’r CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter

  • Using Rainshow’r CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter cartridge and housing makes the skin look and feels healthier after each shower. It can help the hair soften and prevents its excessive drying.
  • This shower filter is perfect for the colored hair and prevents the fading.
  • You can finally say goodbye to itchy skin and scalp that is caused by dry skin and scalp.
  • This is the ideal solution for people who have chlorine sensitivity. They can now have healthier and non-allergenic shower.

Where to buy?

Rainshow’r CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter cartridge and housing is available online. You can get it from Amazon, iherb and other popular online stores. On Amazon, you can get a pack of 2 filters. Look for other better offers.

The Rainshow’r CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter comes with one-year warranty. The filter cartridge is warranted for 90 days from the exact date of purchase. Within this period you can get a replacement for any defects.

The verdict

There is hardly any negative comment about the Rainshow’r CQ-1000 dechlorinating shower filter cartridge and housing. The only problem is that it did not fit with some shower heads. Compatibility is an issue here. If you can have a compatible shower head of your choice, there is no better health addition than this shower filter for you and your family.

Incredibulk Review – Best Mass Gainer Supplement


Incredibulk does not depend on sugars and sugars alone. It aims to offer much more to the body rather than ending up spiking sugar levels.

ProSupps Incredibulk is a simple ‘weight gain’ formula that has helped individual across the world to attain what seemed to be impossible for many decades. Yes, you heard it right, they were able to gain weight effectively with tangible results.

ProSupps Incredibulk is an effective weight gain supplement and if you are interested in knowing more about this product then stay tuned.

Incredibulk The Weight Gain Formula For Skinny Guys

The makers of Incredibulk have an outstanding repute for creating innovative and effective supplements for the body. Incredibulk is one of their best products that sells huge across the globe. If you are tired of working out in the gym every other day without any visible results then it is high time that you take a U-turn. Eating anything and everything will not help you to put up weight especially if you belong to the hard gainer category. If you want to look different and have a better physique then you need to look for something that offers results. Incredibulk from ProSupps has everything that you need and offers results if combined with exercises and a reasonable diet.

This supplement is tailor-made for those people find it difficult to gain weight. Some people no matter what they eat or do their gain weight, never achieve their target. One serving provides around 1330 calories and is dual carbohydrate source. It works differently when compared to other weight gaining supplements. The main difference being that other supplements contain mostly sugars and not the right type of calories. Incredibulk supplies you with the right amount of calories and the right type that your body needs to gain weight. Eating the right type of calories is very important to gain weight as well as protect the body from unwanted side effects. Incredibulk as its name has an incredible taste and comes in two sizes 5.7lbs and 11.5 lbs.

Ingredients of Incredibulk weight gaining supplement

Maltodextrin is a simple polysaccharide that comes from starch. Usually, it comes from wheat, corn, or rice after a set of processing techniques. Maltodextrin belongs to the safe list according to the food and drug administration and is present in many food products. It has a high glycemic index and is one of the best sources that provide quick energy to the body. Along with this primary ingredient, a few other important ingredients make this weight gainer supplement a complete hit.

Protein Matrix – This consists of Whey Cream and Whey Protein Isolate that supplies you with enough amounts of proteins to build strong and healthy muscles

Amino Acid Matrix that includes L-Glycine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine and L-Glutamine. These amino acids help the body to carry out various functions and act as building blocks.

Other than these three main components there are a` few other ingredients added to the Incredibulk supplement.
Fructose, Sucralose, Cocoa powder, Soluble Corn Fiber, Corn Starch, Sunflower edible Oil, Sodium Chloride, Corn
Syrup Solids, Guar Gum, Xanthan Gum, Natural & Artificial Flavor, Acesulfame K, Creatine Monohydrate, Sodium Caseinate, Monoglycerides, Triglycerides, dipotassium phosphate(water soluble), Tricalcium Phosphate (TCP), soy lecithin and tocopherols or vitamin E.

Incredibulk weight gaining supplement- Available flavors

ProSupps has given a variety of options to choose with different flavors. You can have your own choice of supplement with the taste that pleases your taste buds. The available flavors are Chocolate Fudge Cake, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Vanilla Cake. The vanilla cake is great if you like, a mild taste and if you love a bit of chocolaty touch then the fudge cake will help you indulge in the same.

Nutrition facts of Incredibulk weight gainer supplement

One serving size of this nutritional weight gaining formula offers the following to your body. It helps to supply 56 grams of protein, 11 grams fat, 248 grams carbs, and a whopping 1330 calories. Remember that you are not getting bags of sugars in the name of supplements but something that offers real nutrition and the right supplements to the body. This is the sole reason why Incredibulk is always the first choice when it comes to gaining weight.

Top five reasons that make Incredibulk the favorite mass gainer supplement

  • Unlike other weight gainer supplements, Incredibulk does not depend on sugars and sugars alone. It aims to offer much more to the body rather than ending up spiking sugar levels.
  • Supplies high calories in each serving, which is one of the main highlights of this product. This is what makes it an ideal supplement for weight gain
  • Instantly mixes without any ingredients left behind in a matter of few seconds with a preferred liquid of your choice.
  • Available in various flavors that suit each individual’s choices
  • Easy to drink and use when compared to other weight gaining supplements

Does Incredibulk work and help to gain weight?

Incredibulk has garnered much attention from the ectomorphs and the hard gainers. Bodybuilding enthusiasts also love this product for many good reasons. Since every individual is different, the results vary accordingly from person to person. According to feedbacks, most of the users have felt an increase in their weights, some say that they gained muscles and some say that have gained mass in general. This supplement works but largely depends on how you choose it to work for you.

If you indulge in works outs and have a balanced diet along with this supplement then you can add muscles to your body mass. Left alone this supplement and food without any physical workouts you are likely to gain just weight. However, it is likely that any hard gainer would put on weight while on this supplement. Incredibulk not only offers a large amount of calories but also supplies, essential amino acids and impressive grams of proteins that no other supplement has to offer. If you have a faster metabolic rate and finding it hard to gain weight then this supplement is the one you should try out.

Why is Incredibulk better than other weight gaining supplements?

Most of the weight gaining supplements contain fewer proteins and do not offer valuable compounds like carbs, amino acids, and essential vitamins. The majority of the mass gainer supplements contain additives, fillers, and high sugar content. They all come with bogus claims but offer nothing. Consuming such supplements will help to retain water content and build on fat, which gives you some additional weight.

Incredibulk from ProSupps contains the right mixture of ingredients that support permanent weight gain. The makers of Incredibulk advice its customers to have a healthy diet along with proper exercise routines while on this supplement. Doing so will enhance the weight gain and improve muscle mass. ProSupps does not hide anything from its customers and helps individuals across the globe to gain weight in a healthy way. It helps you to achieve your weight gain goals and adds size for the next occasion that you are planning to make exciting. According to the makers, Incredibulk offers weight gain that is sustainable and real.

How to use Incredibulk – directions

You can make it in three ways

Add three heaping scoops of Incredibulk dietary supplement to 16 oz of water, non-fat milk or any juice. Mix it well with a spoon for about 20 seconds. It mixes instantly and make sure that the powder gets dissolved completely.

Another way is to use your shaker cup to make a cool creamier shake with milk or water. Add three heaping scoops of Incredibulk to the cup and pour any preferred beverage of your choice. Cover the cup and shake well for 20 to 30 seconds. There you go with you a thicker milkshake that is tasty to the core.

You can also get the help of a blender if you want a cool and chilling drink. Again take 3 heaping scoops of Incredibulk and blend for less than a minute. Use milk or any beverage of your choice. Add ice cubes and have your sip. This high-calorie drink tastes awesome and is a healthy choice.

Precautions, side effects, and warnings –Incredibulk

Keep this product out of reach of children as they might it tasty. Incase of accidental overdose, you can have a word with your doctor or contact poison control center immediately. Those who have diabetes should have a word with your doctor before taking any supplement. In addition, without any weight training and a sensible diet, you will not find any major difference in your muscle mass. This supplement does not accompany any side effects and follow the dosage properly for better results.

Where can you buy Incredibulk dietary supplement for weight gain?

PRO SUPPS IncrediBulk Dietary Supplement comes at a reasonable price and various flavors. You can buy this product from various online sites like Amazon, evitamins.com, and their official ProSupps site. If you buy from the official site, you can check for promo codes and coupons for discounted prices. You can also enroll to their VIP list to avail exclusive offers for your future purchases.

Customer reviews of Incredibulk

People have a great opinion about this mass gainer supplement. This supplement has received great reviews at various online forums. It holds a five-star rating at the Amazon portal and stunning scores in most of the feedback sites. There are many reasons why people love this product and they are available in different flavors. In addition, customers love this brand and their promises made.

J.K says

I have always had issues with my body and wanted to gain weight somehow. No matter what diet I try or supplements I follow I just end up gaining nothing. Moreover, it is difficult to eat lots of food when I feel fuller. I was not sure how to increase my calories without feeling fuller and bloated. Now with this supplement, I feel normal as if I have a normal milkshake. I am also able to handle workouts and go for walks without having a tired stomach. I have gained muscle mass and I love the results.

Kyle says

This supplement has a great taste and this is one of the best. Incredibulk is a dietary supplement that contains heaps of proteins that no other supplement has to offer. This supplement comes at a cheap price and helps to gain weight steadily when combined with exercises. This product is worth buying and I love the results totally.


Stop trying hard to stuff calories to gain weight instead here is a new shortcut. Hard gainers can now relax as Incredibulk delivers its promise through visible results. It helps to gain weight quickly that is permanent and noticeable in a short period. Incredibulk is a dietary supplement that supports healthy weight gain along with supplying essential amino acids and proteins. It comes in different flavors and easily absorbed by the body. It is a dual carbohydrate source made for ectomorphs and is loaded with muscle-building amino acids. Drink this delicious creamy milkshake treat to gain weight.

Mobistealth Mobile phone trackers used to Trace kids easily

Mobistealth Mobile phone trackers used to Trace kids easily

Grow your Business and give it a national presence with Grasshopper virtual phone system which allows their employees to stay connected anywhere with the help of a feature called call forwarding.

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Among all the software’s online, the Mobistealth Mobile phone tracker is one of the best when it comes to Mobile tracking.

Unlike a device which has to be attached, implanted or customized, the Mobistealth software enables most smart phones with an internet connection to be tracked with ease.

The question why you want to track a mobile phone is left to you , the user who has a requirement. Like any great invention, A mobile tracking device or a software can be used for both the good and the bad. When it comes to the bad, There are cases when this software has been used to track down employer activites, Activies of a competitor or someone whom you are not to track, all illegally.

Kids and children in general are starting to use mobile phones these days. The necessity to stay in touch at all times has created reasons for kids to own their mobile phone but its also important to understand that kids could use the same device at their own will, playing games (which may be the least of your concern) to chatting with friends and sometimes adults. Cyber bullying was indeed one of the most common crimes in the early 2000’s but today it has extended to mobile phones. There are activities which you may want to control when it comes to kids talking to others.


Tracking your kids with a software like Mobistealth Mobile phone tracker could keep them in place and you can be assured of peace. Know what your kids are texting, or even record full conversations with ease. Mobistealth helps you with a range of features and works with a range of mobile phones including android, IPhone or Symbian. Check out the website for Mobistealth now.

Cell phone tracker For Android Phones

Cell phone tracker For Android Phones


First of all its important to understand what a cell phone tracker is and what it is expected to do. It is a Device or a software which can enable you to track down a particular cellphone. The device or the software is usually attached to the cellphone.

For instance a device driven cell phone tracker installs a chip in the circuit to enable tracking from a remote location. A software based cell phone tracker is activated as a software which is run side by side to the existing cellphone software. The trackers have its limitations and the device based cellphone trackers usually cost a lot more than most software based cellphone trackers.

Cell phone tracker
credits; http://iservery.cz/

When we speak of an android based cellphone tracker we are looking mostly on the Software level of a cell phone tracker. These tracking software’s are installed on the cellphone and has the same range of abilities as the device based cellphone trackers. Most cellphone trackers are required to be able to

  1. Track down a cell phone Location
  2. Track down SMS and Phone calls (both incoming and outgoing)
  3. Ability to record calls
  4. Track down Emails internet searches
  5. Ability to access cell phone contents including photographs and videos that are stored
credits: http://cellphonespysoftwares.blogspot.in/
credits: http://cellphonespysoftwares.blogspot.in/

Most android based cell phone trackers will have all these features. Now what else do you want more? Well to see the special features of some of the software’s and the best in the Android Cell phone tracker, Mobistealth will have the rest for you.

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine Reviews

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine Reviews

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine by Pasquini Livietta

Looking for a high performing Espresso Machine for home use? Yes, then you are reading the right space. Introducing – Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine, an exceptional and excellent espresso machine that may exceed the performance of some of the more expensive high-end home machines. Read on to know about the Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine Reviews, features and more.

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Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine

The Pasquini Livietta T2 is a simple and straight forward product design with superior quality heavy-duty construction, mostly stainless steel and metal body. This semi-automatic espresso machine is one of the most compacts of its kind. It’s small in size but comes in ultimate commercial quality that one would expect from Pasquini. Housed in stainless steel, the Livietta measures just over 12 inches tall and 8 inches wide. This Livietta T2 machine contains powerful 15 bar pump and 2 thermoblocks that can brew and steam simultaneously.

In addition, this machine is popular for its quick heat-up time just 2 minutes for brewing and 4 minutes for steaming. Hence, in no time it makes espresso, lattes, cappuccinos and much more for you and your guests. It includes the chrome-plated marine brass brew group to infuse the perfect heat. It also has a 3-way solenoid valve to regulate pressure. These professional components plus more allows the Livietta T2 to create café like quality espresso for years with reliability.

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine – Features & Benefits

  • Commercial Portafilter and Brew Group – The Livietta features a 57mm portafilter and rugged brew group to dispense the best-tasting espresso without missing heat. It comes constructed with chrome-plated marine brass, the heavy-duty portafilter and brew group that are essential for quality brewing. This also ensures that every shot of espresso delivered to your cup is at the right temperature.
  • Dual Thermoblock Boiler System – This machine contains 2 thermoblocks for a constant supply of espresso as well as steam, anytime you need it. With it, you can froth or steam milk for lattes and cappuccinos even while brewing. This feature makes the unit’s great for entertaining, allowing you to create a variety of different drinks without making guests wait long.
  • Simple Controls – With 3 professional-style rocker switches to control brewing, steaming and power, operating the Livietta T2 is very straightforward. The rocker switch located on the right side of the machine turns it on, and it just takes 2 minutes for the Livietta to heat up to brewing temperature. The buttons on the left side are for steaming and brewing, and each button comes clearly labeled for easy use.
  • 3-Way Solenoid Valve – It features a built-in 3-way solenoid valve to ease water pressure at the end of the brewing cycle. When the brew switch turns off, the 3-way solenoid valve gets activate. This will eliminate excess water in the grouphead, avoiding dripping or spattering when the portafilter removed.
  • Cup Warmer – This unit comes with a stainless steel cup warmer on the top of the machine. It includes a built-in rail to keep all of your cups secure. The cup warmer heats by passive heat from the thermoblock boilers, ensuring all cups are preheated and ready for brewing. This cup warmer is large enough to store 10 demitasse cups.

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine – Other Features

  • Hot Water Dispenser – The Pasquini Livietta T2 do not include a built-in hot water dispenser. However, the brewing button can dispense only hot water out of the grouphead when there is no coffee prepared in the portafilter.
  • Steam Wand – It features a dual thermoblock system which makes the Livietta ready to deliver steam anytime. It has a stainless steel steam wand on the left side of the machine to create foam for cappuccinos or steamed milk for lattes. Just press the steam button above the wand to start steaming—this unit also features a special “slow start” steam mechanism for better control and safety.
  • Water Reservoir – The 57 oz water reservoir is located in the back of the Livietta T2 machine. This reservoir is accessible by lifting up the stainless steel lid on top of the machine. Refill it even when in use, allowing an endless supply of coffee and steam. It is removable for filling or cleaning.
  • Backflushing – This machine has a commercial design which should be backflushed every few weeks or depending on use, to keep the brew group clean. Backflushing is an easy and simple process that cleans the brew group, shower screen, and 3-way solenoid valve. It just takes a few minutes, and the Livietta T2 comes with a cleaning brush, rubber backflush disc, and cleaning solution.
  • Construction – The unit comes with stainless steel housing and traditional Italian style. Under the polished stainless steel exterior panels is a heavy, powder-coated steel frame that is rust resistant and gives the machine supreme durability.

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine – Features at a Glance

  • Semi-automatic espresso machine
  • Compact size
  • Commercial portafilter and brew group
  • Dual thermoblock boiler system
  • Simple Controls
  • Stainless steel housing
  • 3 Way Solenoid Valve for regulating pressure
  • 3 simple rocket switches for power, steaming and brewing
  • Cup Warmer to hold about 10 demitasse cups
  • Included are 2 stainless steel 57mm filter baskets in 1 and 2 cup
  • Hot water dispenser
  • Steam wand
  • Powerful 15 bar pump
  • 57 oz. Removable Water reservoir
  • Dimensions (H x W x D) 12.5 x 8.5 x 14.3
  • Weight – 23 pounds
  • Limited 1- Year Warranty
  • Made in Italy

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine – Specifications

  • Watts: 1700
  • Volts: 120
  • Housing Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Drip Tray Material: Plastic
  • Drip Tray Cover Material: Stainless Steel
  • Power Cord Length (Inches): 44
  • Drip Tray Capacity (Oz): 20
  • Cup height High (Inches): 3
  • Cup Warmer Material: Stainless Steel
  • Portafilter Material: Chrome Plated Brass
  • Cup Warmer Size (Inches): 8.5 x 6.5
  • Brew And Steam Simultaneously: Yes
  • Brew Boiler Material: Aluminum
  • Recommended Applications: Home
  • Heating Technology: Dual-Boilers
  • Integrated Coffee Grinder: Not Available

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine – Where to Buy?

Pasquini is a popular brand for Espresso Machine for both home and commercial application. Their products are widely available across the web from various retailers like Amazon, wholelattelove.com, kitchen-universe.com and much more. It is best to compare prices on various websites and look for discounts, coupon codes, free shipping, rewards points or any other benefit.

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine – Customer Reviews

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine has received several favorable reviews from its users. People say it is a sturdy, compact and tidy machine which gives great coffee to match your taste.

Tom French is using this machine almost daily for the last 6 years and it keeps churning out great shots for him. The only downside it has is a steam switch instead of the steam valve which could allow adjusting the output pressure. Overall this is a solid machine that will last long. He enjoys steaming milk at the same time as pulling a shot. Warm up from a cold start is very reasonable, 5-6 min and it is ready. In addition, he adds the maintenance is easy, small footprint on the counter and very reasonable from price point. This machine will be in his “Top 3” when it needs replacement.

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine

Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine

by Pasquini Livietta 4 out of 5stars (51 Customer Ratings)

Price: $1299.95
Looking for a high performing & affordable Espresso Machine? Introducing compact and elegant T2 Espresso Machine from Pasquini Livietta.

Elegant & Sleek

4 stars out of 5 by Brown for Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine

This is a wonderfully sleek, elegant, compact and functional machine. Though it took him a while to get used to it but it was not that difficult. Its relatively compact dimensions work well. It’s visually larger than expected and has accurate dimensions.

Peetsman2013 says all his coffee buddies are jealous of this new Pasquini Livietta T2. It appears very professional on the counter plus it also performs like a professional. It has an ability to brew a perfect shot and make any grind taste better. Its steamer is quiet and operates at the same time when a shot is brewing. These features and more make money well spent on it.


Owing to its amazing features, outstanding performance and positive customer reviews, the Pasquini Livietta T2 Espresso Machine is a must try product.