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AiM Car Dealers Inspection

AiM dealers Inspection is one such company that checks from top to bottom of the vehicle and give you a detailed report soon enough. AiM dealers Inspection inspection is not just for personal vehicles but also for the dealers, financiers, fleet vehicle operators etc.

AiM dealers Inspection is one such company that checks from top to bottom of the vehicle and give you a detailed report soon enough. AiM dealers Inspection inspection is not just for personal vehicles but also for the dealers, financiers, fleet vehicle operators etc.
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How AiM works?

Purchasing used cars are more economical than buying new ones. But how often do we check the intended vehicle’s credibility in being fit and fine for selling. Anything we know depends on the word from the owner of the vehicle. Do you know that there is one company that provides thorough inspection of any intended vehicle for purchase? AiM dealers Inspection does both field based inspections and also does the background check of the vehicles. AiM dealers Inspection does the independent third party inspection and the reports they provide is highly credible. They conduct pre-purchase inspection of the used vehicles for both the buyer and the seller. Whoever need the AiM services has to log in to the online site ad register their names and details of the vehicles there. The details will be checked and will be approved by the AiM department. After verification, the customer needs to provide inspection location, time and date. Then the payment has to be done. The inspection will be done promptly at the decided time and the inspecting team can reach anywhere the vehicle is. After the inspection the detailed report will be sent to the email provided as soon as possible.


The AiM dealers Inspection will be done in 150 points of the vehicle. The inspection will be done from bumper to bumper and top to bottom. A test drive will be done to check the efficiency, mileage etc. the steering, brakes, odemeter functionalities, exhaust performance. The history of the vehicle will be checked to determine whether or not the vehicle has involved in any legal or other accidents. The test drive will not be conducted in case of extreme or unfavorable weather conditions. An oil sampling will be done and any leakage will be found if any. The condition of the engine, seats, tires, lock system etc is all thoroughly checked. Photographs of all the parts will be taken and over 15 will be documented and attached with the inspection report. AiM dealers Inspection is done for the exterior, interior, under the hood, carriage etc are also done.

Any tear, stain, burn etc on the interior upholstery, the audio system will be checked for. Windows, sunroof, the lighting system, even the odor inside is checked. On the exterior, even the cob webs are found if any and the dents or any kind of panel repair will be found out.

What are the services at AiM Dealers Inspection


The services available in AiM dealers inspection is the inspection for used car, new car inspections, consulting on the lease, market analysis or other expertise do the audit and compliance or the dealer and also on the claims for the corporate and banks before approving the claim applications.

AIM Used Car Inspection Service

The used car inspection is done by the AiM services, and the services are available for individuals, dealers, auction houses etc. The car or the commercial vehicle is inspected in detail and the report is sent electronically. The report involves analysis of the vehicle condition. The used car inspection for the seller and buyer is done. From the seller’s side, he has to find any defects that need to be rectified before the vehicle is set for sale and from the buyers point of view he can verify all the claims by the seller with regard to the vehicle’s condition to decide whether or not to go for it. The services of AiM dealers Inspection are also for the corporate companies to continue the vehicle’s service in the required filed or not. The insurance company can avail the service to verify the claim from the customer.


AIM New Car Inspections

AiM dealers Inspection is a breakthrough technology and is also a revolutionary move in the vehicle department. With the help of AiM people are able to purchase only those vehicles that are worth the money spent and is not subjected to fraudulent or defective vehicle deals.Who would have thought that even new cars will need an inspection! Yes, even new cars can be damaged from the travel from the factory to the show room. Not all of them are transported on other vehicles. Some has to have traveled by road and they are susceptible for some minor damages but not always necessarily. It is safe to check that also. The new car inspection service from AiM dealers Inspection not only find any defects but can also provide necessary advice to prevent such damages to the new cars during their transportation. The damage will be identified and is classified as the one happened during the transit or any major damage occurred. They can also find out if a used car is imposed as a brand new one to fool the stakeholder.


Consulting & Claims Management

The separate section of claim management team works to speed up the claims on the vehicles. The inspection will be done on all aspects to not just increasing the speed of the claim process but also in reducing the transaction cost as well. There is also consulting work done by the AiM team on improving the efficiency of the vehicles for the leasing, fleeting etc. The ideas to cut the cost of management and increase the business are also done for them. Individual market research is also done and a detailed analysis on the particular industry is done. The expert advice regarding any situation of the inspection industry is given from AiM.

Who Benefits from AiM Inspections

It is not just the individual buyer or seller who benefits from the AiM dealers Inspection, the same is done for used car dealers and fleet managing services also. The leasing corporate, banks who have to approve any claim on the insurance will conduct the inspection to find if the claim is genuine or not.

With many of these services one should not hesitate even for a second before choosing AiM dealers Inspection for the car or other commercial vehicle inspection of any kind for any purpose. The reports will be available within no time and it is genuine and accepted on many online sites for used vehicles from purchase.

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AiM dealers Inspection is one such company that checks from top to bottom of the vehicle and give you a detailed report soon enough.

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