Alpha dream – pheromone sprays for men and women

Alpha Dream Pheromone Sprays

Buy Alpha Dream pheromone sprays for men and women that contains pure grade pheromone with combination of other hormones that not only boosts your self-confidence but also guarantees promising relationships with everyone.

Alpha dream is a patent pending company who are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality human pheromone chemical. The main motive of Alpha dream is to help you get your self confidence back by inducing pheromone sprays that provides a trustworthy atmosphere in you. So whomever you meet will be absolutely floored by your qualities.

Keeping this in mind, Alpha Dream has served around 40 companies with their pheromones. They even have four human pheromone compounds that are awaiting patents.

How does Alpha dream pheromone work?

Alpha dream contains high range of concentrated pheromones that works its way to sweep whomever you meet off their feet. Alpha dream contains up to 10 different formulas of pheromones that boosts your self-confidence. Be it an official meet or a personal date, you will be oozing charm and amazing trust with anyone you meet. Any relationship works well with a good conversation and an honest eye contact between two people. A relationship is not just based sexually. You need emotional, mental and conversational compatibilities to work things out with a person, be if personal or professional. This is what you get when you use pheromone induced Alpha dream.

So, what are pheromones?

It is a natural chemical that is found on human skin that effects a person’s behavior during social or sexual interactions. Have you ever noticed that a weirdo walking arms in arms with a gorgeous woman? It is because the level of pheromones are so high in his body that it has raised the capacity of attracting women much more than you.

Alpha Glace

Alpha Glace

by Alpha Dream 5 out of 5stars (292 Customer Ratings)

Price: $39.50
Alpha Glace is a pheromone perfume, that can be used by both men and women.

Best pheromone perfume ever !!!

5 stars out of 5 by Kell for Alpha Glace

Alpha Glace has brought out the best in me as well as those who surround me.

Yes, believe it or not, pheromones do have that power. They are natural odor that emit and differ from person to person. Have you experienced that a typical person in your office is quite easy to approach? Is it his looks, suit or style? No. It is the pheromone that makes easy to approach and makes you want to pour your heart out to that person. Pheromones are like aphrodisiacs and when a person gets a whiff of the androstenone and androsterol, they are immediately attracted to the person of the opposite gender.

Pheromones works not only sexually but also towards a mother and her new born baby. Interestingly, newborns can detect the scent of breasts and scoot themselves to the mother. Pheromones are actually hormones that excrete outside the body which can be found in odor of a person. It can trigger off many responses such as:

  • alarm (during panic or anxiety)
  • while following a food trail
  • sexual arousal
  • for bonding between mother and baby
  • to retreat from a situation

When you bathe, pheromones are removed from your body. When you re-use pheromone, the confidence levels rises again making you more clearer of your goal.

Products from Alpha dream

There are many products from Alpha dream both for men and women. Let’s take a look at how they works.

Alpha L II K

Alpha L II K

by Alpha Dream 5 out of 5stars (397 Customer Ratings)

Price: $69.50
Alpha L II K is a secret Agent pheromone perfume for men that provides confidence building, while creating a comfortable, yet sexually attractive environment to those around you.

100% true !!!

5 stars out of 5 by George for Alpha L II K

This perfume has actually boosted my self confidence. I was a very shy type guy. But after using alpha dream L II K, my confidence level has raised.

  • L II K – (License to Kill): a secret agent inspired formula that is suave and oozes charm creating a comfortable and yet wild environment for people around you. It comes in two different versions original (version 1) and version 2.
  • Alfa Maschio – specially designed for men who love women: Alpha Maschio is best used for first dates, socializing or for any special person in your mind. It contains a very complex mixture of pheromones that makes you sexually superior to women. Warning!! This product can provoke very much physical reaction from you. πŸ˜‰
  • Certo: The good guy formula for women who loves a hero. This is the aura that you will deliver when you use Certo. You will conquer not just the physical world but emotional and others as well. It is quite an intimate pheromone formula that is best recommended for strengthening your bond with your wife or girlfriend.
  • L’uomo Amore – for men who love men: This is creatively designed for men and their man partner to increase the passion between them. It contains invigorating formulas which when released triggers intense eroticism.

Now comes the section for both men and women. Humans are social creatures and it would be unfair if women were never given a chance to bring out their sociability. Keeping this in mind, Alpha dream has created pheromone formulas that can be used by both, men and women.

  • Glace – Unisex perfume: It can be used by men and women equally to overcome their shyness and raise the level of sociability. This formula will help you break the ice and bring out the best in yourself.
  • Corporativo – Professional image enhancer: best recommended in the professional area, it can be used on days where you are feeling tense, hostile etc. Be it your interview, first day at work or an important day for presentation, Corporativo will just wave the magic wand and turn an hostile environment to a friendly one. When you wear, you will deliver a serene mood in people thereby signalling them to come to you.

Specially designed for women only

Alpha Donna phermone perifume

Alpha Donna phermone perifume

by Alpha Dream 5 out of 5stars (337 Customer Ratings)

Price: $59.50
Alpha Donna is a powerful pheromone perfume for women. This formula is most suitable for energetic women who wish to leave men begging for her availability.

Super cool perfume

5 stars out of 5 by Della for Alpha Donna phermone perifume

I can’t believe, this perfume has brought back my old college days to me. My husband keeps following me. Hahahah. This is awesome.

  • Alfa Donna – for women who love men: Show the aggressive and wild side by being unapologetically daring with the Alfa Donna that is best recommended for women who are energetic and confident. Any men who will come in close proximity will not just be begging for your digits… πŸ˜‰
  • Achar: the elixir of love for women who are dreaming about Mr. Perfect…!!! This formula is suitable for ladies who are hunting for their soul mate who will hold them steady in good and hard times…!!! If you ready to take the plunge and make the commitment, then Achar will help you finding the right man.
  • Charme – 40 is the new 20: Just like wine tastes better with days, this is suited for women who are β€œolder” but still got that powerful rapport with young men. Pssstt…its a well known fact that young men find older women irresistable. Charme will help you put all the gossips to a stop and help you find you the right man in your life. It will trigger all the right points in you such as confidence, self-assure etc. which will even make younger men fall at your feet.
  • Donna Amore – for women who love women: This product contains basically a β€œgirl on girl” formula. It helps in evoking suppressed emotions and intimacy among two women. It is recommended for women who want to enhance their intimacy and sensuality.

The following section features a breakthrough in pheromone industry. Featuring the brand new formula for trans-woman. This product is recommended for those who are in the transition period. There are many who will not openly admit their feelings for the β€œthird sex” but find them equally irresistible. When worn by trans-women, it will trigger the female pheromone in her body making her seemingly amazing.

  • Exotique – women to men: this product is to be used by women who are undergoing the transition period. It is a revolutionary new formula that makes the man fall in love with the unique.


Alpha dream ingredients

Alpha dream contains pheromone chemicals that are made using synthetic method. The scientists use only pheromone compounds that have not been tested on animals. They are of high quality and have been tested individually to test the purity. The products have shown purity 98% and sometimes even more.

Other ingredients include alcohol, vitamin-E acetate, androstanone, androstenone, epiandrosterone and many more depending on the product.

Do note that pheromones have a musky scent, but due to the fragrance it loses its original smell. Currently, there are very many scents introduced by Alpha dream such as Leather & steel, Black spice, Sandalwood musk apart from the unscented formula. These scents are made using the finest essential and botanical oils to help you drown in the pleasure of these fragrances along with your partner.

How to use

Alpha dream pheromone formulas are easy to use. After shower, simply use two or three sprays on your wrist or neck. These areas generate good amount of heat which triggers the performance of pheromone formulas even more.

Alpha dream pheromones come in two formulas scented and unscented. You can choose either. If you are choosing unscented, then you can wear any cologne or perfume with it as the formulae is without any fragrance. Normally, the products from Alpha dream lasts around 4 – 6 hours.

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Alpha dream pheromone review

There have been many reviews hovering in many websites and its quite positive. Many real users who have used various products from Alpha dream have benefited from it. As an example, an user experimented Glace in office and the result – her colleagues seemed much more talkative, people seemed happier, friendlier and gives a thumbs up for social life. There seemed to be no side effects since it is used externally.

The only downside is some users tend to use it more which results in no action at all or making a person seem more aggressive than usual which probably makes the other one run away. This over aggressiveness is a result of over usage of androsterone (male hormone) chemical. It is best to stick with the recommended dosage than hull over the perfume onto the body.

Alpha dream guarantee

Alpha dream gives away 100% money back guarantee on their products. They have a 90 day return policy. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your fragrance, simply return them within 90 days from the date of purchase and get your money fully reimbursed. They also offer FREE SHIPPING for customers located in United States. If you are living outside USA, shipping and handling amount may be charged.