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Better-Bladder Control Granules is a product developed under the brand PetAlive by the Native Remedies and is widely used by dog owners for promoting better bladder control for their dogs. It is a natural remedy and constituents all homeopathic ingredients.

Incontinence or Bladder control problems in dog arise due to various reasons.  Bladder control in a Puppy is different from dog bladder control problems in adult dogs. while in a pup this may be considered as a behavioral problem and proper training could avert the incontinence , there are other reasons why an adult dog will have loss of Bladder control. Dogs with Cushings Disease is commonly seen to have incontinence problems. Old age dogs in general tend to show problems with Bladder control too, without specific reasons.

An Overactive bladder in dogs indicate certain problems and hormonal differences in their system. A proper check for kidney related diseases and other check ups would be in place for dogs with incontinence. An incontinence dog will often tend to drink more water. This is directly related to its inability to control itself when it wants to take a leak. Dog bladder control problems could also indicate problems in adrenal glands o
If your dog is unable to control its bladder issues, a Trip to the vet should be in place. A natural remedy to get you started would be the “Better Bladder Control” for dogs. Better Bladder control is a homeopathic remedy, Holistic in every way and free of all side effects. Approved by the FDA, Better Bladder control is one of the few remedies which can help you with dog Bladder problems.

Dogs can be infected by urinary infection, chronic inflammatory diseases, and bladder disorders and so on and one such disorder is being unable to control the bladder movements. These issues should be diagnosed and treated well for the healthy life of the dog. One such remedy for curing the bladder irregularities problem is the Better-Bladder Control Granules.

What is Better-Bladder Control 

Better-Bladder Control Granules is a product developed under the brand PetAlive by the Native Remedies and is widely used by dog owners for promoting better bladder control for their dogs. It is a natural remedy and constituents all homeopathic ingredients, this why it is known to be one of the safest product for dogs. A proper and healthy urinary system and bladder activities are provided to the user of this product. It is even UTI-Free and eliminates the toxic waste from your dogs body. These products are FDA-registered and also have a cGMP- compliant pharmaceutical facility for the manufacturing process.

Better Bladder Control from PetAlive is a homeopathic remedy for bladder control. It is an effective remedy for promoting bladder control.  Better Bladder Control  contains 100% homeopathic ingredients that are known for relieving incontinence and strengthening the bladder. Better Bladder Control is used internally for treating acute symptoms like frequent accidents, leaking, while supporting the urinary system and helping to maintain bladder control.

Ingredients of Better-Bladder Control

PetAlive brand of products by Native Remedies is known to have all safe and homeopathic ingredients and the Better-Bladder Control Granules for dogs is no different. The Better-Bladder Control Granules constitutes 100 % homeopathic ingredients and the benefits of these are explained as follows:

Cantharis 30C HPUS – The Cantharis 30C can resist the burning sensation of the urge to urinate in the dogs, it gives a good bladder control and can resist the intolerable urge of urination sensation.

Causticum 6C HPUS – This homeopathic ingredient have the properties to control the involuntary movement while sneezing or while sleeping during the night. Dogs with bladder problems constantly feel unsatisfied on their need to urinate and this problem can be solved here. The trouble faced of passing urine without even knowing it can also be resolved.

Equisetum ARV 6C HPUS – The Equisetum homeopathic ingredient can eliminate the frequent feeling of urinating sensation, the frequent feeling of the bladder getting full and the unknowing urination. The problems of frequent and heavy micturition that causes pain during and after urinating can also be avoided when this ingredient is added to the Better-Bladder Control Granules.

Ferrum phos 6C HPUS – The spurts that comes out with every cough and also the trouble of daily incontinence can be avoided when the Better-Bladder Control Granules is consumed. This is because of the presence of the Ferrum phos 6C HPUS.

Usage and Dosages of Better-Bladder Control

The Better-Bladder Control product is available in two forms: Dissolvable Granule Form and Spray Form. For both these forms the initial dose should be given between every 30 minutes till the 10th dose. It should be given three times a day till the prescription dosage ends. Follow the instruction given as per to get better and effective results. For some dogs it might take time to show the results, while other dogs respond to natural remedies very quickly.

1. Better-Bladder Control Granules – A bottle of Better-Bladder Control Granules will last for around 30 days depending on the need and size of your dog. The dosage for different animals is different and also it differs on the weight of the animals. For dogs of the weight 20 to 50 lbs, you will have to provide 2 pinches of the Better-Bladder Control Granules and for dogs of the weight more than 50 lbs you will have to provide ¼ of the cap of the bottle. The granules can either to given directly to the dog by sprinkling it into the mouth or can be mixed along with the food given to them, preferably wet food. That is, these dissolvable granules are simply put into the back of the tongue of the dog and kept there it is dissolves and digest in the stomach.

2. Better-Bladder Control Spray – A bottle of Better-Bladder Control Spray will last more than the granules that is for around 32 to 33 days. This also depends on the frequency of use and the size of your dog. The spray of the Better-Bladder Control should be depressed first until it is primed. You can hold the solution close to the mouth of your dog and spray into it directly or you can spray the solution onto the food or water the dog is going to consume. For dogs for the weight between 20 to 50 lbs you have to give 3 sprays and for dogs of weight more than 50 lbs you have to give 4 sprays of the Better-Bladder Control sprays.

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