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Detergent Free Laundry System

EcoWasher is a 100% detergent free laundry system which gives you more efficiency for your money, health, environment and all this while saving water.


A clean crisp ironed dress can impress any one while no one prefers a person wearing a rug. When we do not compromise on our style, why compromise on keeping our clothes clean? Majority of us go to the laundry to maintain our clothes perfectly clean. But have you realized that a normal laundry bill amounts to hundreds of dollars which includes detergent, hot water, fabric softener etc.

Meet Ecowasher, a completely detergent free system to give you cleaner and long lasting clothes. You might see various hospitals carrying out this technology and currently is available at your home service.

Detergent contains harsh and harmful chemicals that are extremely toxic for our clothes as well as our health. A reputed channel in 2013 broad-casted a news of an infant consuming laundry detergent which eventually proved fatal due to poisoning. As per a recent research by American Association for Poison Control Centers, it was shown that approximately 10,000 children under the age of 5 are affected by laundry detergents.

Ecowasher, the detergent free laundry system is void of petroleum formaldehyde, sodium hypochlorite, phthalate which is common in normal detergents, bleaches and carry risk factors when related to health such as cancer, asthma, skin allergies etc.

Ecowasher (detergent free laundry system) is readily available in two products Ecowasher Pro and Ecowasher Pro Plus which is especially for soft and hard water respectively. When water is released from the tap, Ecowasher quickly mixes healthy components such as ions, ozone into hydroxyl radicals to cleanse and remove the disinfect from your laundry without adding any detergent chemicals to your water. The best part of owning an Ecowasher (detergent free laundry system) is you do not need hot water for cleaning your clothes. Just install the Ecowasher in the wall above washing machine (suitable for all types), plug in your faucet to the Ecowasher and your Ecowasher to the washing machine and you are ready to go.

Ecowasher (detergent free laundry system) comes with a one year warranty which means if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 6 weeks for full reimbursement including shipping charge.

Ecowasher detergent free Ozone laundry system reviews:

People’s say about Ecowasher (detergent free laundry system) is quite contradictory. 50% agree that Ecowasher fits perfectly in their hectic lifestyle (not to mention their budget). Others are of the view that though the clothes end up clean and dry, it does leave a bitter metallic taste in your mouth as you inhale the ozone oxidized clothes. If you are not aware, ozone can lead to asthma.

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