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Elite Serum Rx Extra Strength Eye Cream

Elite Serum Rx contains more powerful peptides and moisturizers for the maximum effectiveness.

Elite Serum Rx is a revolutionary product in the advanced skin care. This is a better and painless alternative for any anti-aging injections. This powerful eye serum is capable of reducing wrinkles, lifting the skin and firming it, reduce the eye puffiness, lighten the dark circles and smoothen the fine lines that arise around the eyes. This serum is formulated with some potent peptides that work better than any cosmetic creams or injections. The regular application can bring about some major difference in the skin to look younger and brighter. The skin elasticity is maintained for a younger looking skin. This serum is highly recommended by Dr. Oz in his show and many users have also found them to be highly effective and recommended.

Elite serum dr oz

Is your eyes showcasing your age? Have the lines of aging – wrinkles made their home around your eyes? Have the dark circles spread their darkness around your eyes ? And has your eyes got puffiness? Then friends whoever has done the yes man show for all the above asked questions, here is your remedy to all these problems the one and only Ellite Serum! It is an anti-aging serum specially designed for eyes. It has taken the top spot in the charts of eye serums. Restore the beauty of your eyes with the help of Ellite Serum.

Elite serum has been subjected to many awards for its effectiveness and quality. Plastic Surgery Practice is the most reputed and respected medical journal, Elite has got accolades from this journal. Ellite has already proved itself. Irwin Grams is the designer of this wonderful Serum. A lot of precautions and care is taken in the making process of this product. All the GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices), SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and FDA (Food and Drug Association) are followed in the manufacturing process. The Ellite Serum has in it 8 Potent Peptides.

What are peptides?

When various units of amino acids are linked together, peptides are created, they are small sized chain of amino acids.

The 8 Peptides present in Ellite Serum

  • Argireline
  • SYN-TC
  • SNAP-8
  • Haloxyl
  • Eyeliss
  • Matrixyl 3000
  • Inyline

The other ingredients present in the Elite Serum Rx are

  • Red & Green Seawood Extract
  • Hyauronic Acid

These ingredients used in the serum work effectively in preserving the skins natural beauty and reviving its youthfulness. They vitalizes the skin and reduces the darkness and fluffiness around the eyes. Get rid off of that weak and dull skin around your eyes and replace it with vibrant and youthful skin with Elite Eye Serum.

Elite serum contains 8 peptides which is responsible for the wonderful effects of the medicines. The ingredients are contained at clinical levels elevating any side effects of the over dosage. The main ingredients are:

  • Argireline: This is the brand name for the Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 and is considered by many experts as the best replacement for needle used cosmetic surgery as it is known to reduce the wrinkle depth around the region of the eyes.
  • Haloxyl: Is the next peptide which is used in the ingredients and is known to reduce the puffiness and the dark circles which is common around the eyes. The working of the ingredient happens by stimulating the proper circulation of blood around that area.
  • Eyeliss: This is a combination which is a proprietary one and includes three active peptide molecules which is aimed at rapidly reducing the puffiness and the bag volume by over 70% upon the application.

Elite Serum Rx is made of? Ingredients Explained

Elite Serum Rx contains more powerful peptides and moisturizers for the maximum effectiveness. It contains argireline, Syn-TC, SNAP-8, haloxyl. Eyeliss, matrixyl 3000, inyline, and SYN-COLL. The other two ingredients are red & green seaweed extract and hyaluronic acid.

  • Argireline: Argireline is a hexapeptide that finds its position in the SNARE complex and prevents the release of neurotransmitters that triggers the muscle contractions. Due to the lack of neurotransimtters, the muscles will not contract and are relaxed, preventing the wrinkles. The effect is visible within 15 days of use.
  • SYN-TC: This is a synthetic peptide that helps smooth the skin around the eyes by increasing the production of the collagen 1, 3, 4, 7, and 17 that smoothens the skin.
  • SNAP-8: It is an elongation of argireline and an octapeptide. This also competes to find its place in the SNARE complex and inhibits the neurotransmitters thus preventing the muscle contractions. When SNAP-8 combines in the complex, the complex is destabilized and cannot release the necessary neurotransmitters.
  • Haloxyl: It reduces the puffiness and dark circles from under the eyes. This compound encourages blood circulation in this area and reverses the fluid buildup by increasing the lymphatic drainage of the fluids. Studies have also shown that haloxyl flushes out the toxins from the blood under the eyes.
  • Eyeliss: It contains three peptides that helps in reducing the puffiness, eliminating the dark circles and improve the skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Matrixyl 3000: It has two matrikines that are messengers for skin repairs. Aging will reduce their amount in the body and causes wrinkles. When they are reintroduced to the skin the restoration process resumes and the unwanted expression wrinkles are vanished and the skin has become more elastic and toned.
  • Inyline: It modulates the muscle contraction and relaxes them. The skin surface looks smooth and the depth of the lines is reduced.
  • SYN-COLL compensates the collagen in the skin that is deficit thus making the skin younger.
  • Red & Green Seaweed: These extracts inhibits the degrading enzymes and the damaging processes in the skin and prevents the aging. It also brings firmness, elasticity and even skin tone.
  • Hyaluronic acid: It forms an air permeable layer inside the skin to retain its natural moisture and reduces the sign on aging that are caused by numerous reasons, on the skin.


The cream is applied to the surface of the skin around the eyes and is fast effecting with its highly efficient ingredients. The application is the simplest part and the users can seek help from the firm regarding any doubts about the frequency of usage needed for the addressing a specific situation.

Elite Serum the elixir for youthful skin around the eyes. The people who has used it already has fallen in love with it and are recommending it to their family and peers. Now what is so special about the product? Friends I bet once you start using it and see its result you can’t stop yourself from recommending it to your loved ones!

Elite Serum Rx is very simple to use it, simply take a very small amount of the serum on your fingers and gently massage it on the skin around the eyes. Apply on your eye lids, under the eyes and at the edges. The serum will give the skin around your eyes a new lease of life. The dark circles and the puffiness of the eyes that sucked your confidence will get completely vanished. The wrinkling at the edges of the eyes or the ugly crows feet will be disappeared. The wrinkles get replaced with tight and glowing skin making your eyes look lively. The ingredients present in the serum are very strong and effective.

Anti-aging serum

Anti-aging serum

by SkinPro 4 out of 5stars (382 Customer Ratings)

Price: $59.95
Elite Serum Rx is a revolutionary product in advanced skin care. It is one of the best alternatives for anti-aging injections that not only cost more but are painful as well.

Amazing results!

5 stars out of 5 by Maria for Anti-aging serum

This product actually works. Try it regularly for visible results. Use it for experiencing it yourself.

The serum comes in a tightly sealed syringe. The syringe has two caps, one is the outer cap and then below that cap there is another rubber cap tightly fitted on the mouth of the syringe. This tight security helps to protect the serum from getting evaporated and prevents leakage. One of the best alternative for the injections. Now no need to go through any pain for getting rid off the wrinkles and dark circles, apply gently the Elite Eye Serum and see the result instantly. No one who has used it has complained or reported of any side effects. It is completely non-irritating and can be used along with other cosmetics of yours.

Elite Serum RX is a serum which is used for its anti-aging features which is scientifically designed and is very much effective. The serum is manufactured by Skinpro which is based in Miami, USA. Elite serum is scientifically designed serum which is made using the advanced combination of unique DNA peptides which works miracle on the face of the users by removing the symptoms of aging. Elite serum is used to reduce dark circles, puffiness, reducing crow feet and the appearance of fine line around the eyes. The continuous use has proven that it improves the skin elasticity, tone, firmness which makes it cater to any age limit.

Skinpro is one of the fastest growing skin care companies in the world and is known for its advanced research on the skin care department which reformulates Elite serum every 18 months which reflects the pace of its research department. The formula used for the manufacture of the serum is a proprietary one developed by the scientist Irwin Grams. The ingredients for the formula are sourced from the countries USA, France, Germany and Switzerland. The company employs only trained and licensed technicians at the manufacturing facility of Skinpro in facility in Florida. The facility is GMP and ISO 9002 certified environment.

Benefits of Elite Serum Rx

Elite Serum Rx is a revolutionary eye serum that is stronger to protect, defend, and rejuvenate the skin near the eyes. The combined effect of the ingredients in this serum removes the wrinkles by going inside the skin surface and does some modulations in the reactions under. This serum can be a convenient replacement for any painful anti-aging injections and has already made its mark in the cosmetic world. The puffiness and under eye dark circles are removed with regular use and the users have also found to have smoother, even toned skin and a major reduction in the expression wrinkles as well. It also helps to retain the skin moisture.

Elite serum is a cream which is aimed at treating age related skin concerns. Elite Serum is a USA manufactured product which has a lot of characteristics. It helps in the lifting and making the skin firm. It also helps in the filling the expression wrinkles which appear on the facial skin. It smoothens out the fine lines on the face and also helps in the lightening of the dark circles.

Elite Serum is exclusively for the application of areas around the eyes where the skin is delicate thin. The product has been carefully manufactured using unique peptides which are known to be extremely potent. The medicine is also effective against dark circles and the puffiness which is common around the eyes. The application of the cream can improve the tone, firmness and skin elasticity in a drastic way by ensuring a youthful eye contour and is also applicable for all ages.

How to Use Elite Serum Rx

The Elite Serum is available in an airless syringe to make an impression. A single applicator syringe contains the serum enough to last for 45-60 days. Only a small amount is required. It is more powerful than any cosmetic injections. There is no need to use needles since it is not meant as an injection. Slightly press at the lower end to eject some amount of serum out of it and apply it under and around the skin of the eyes. This process is repeated twice daily for a while. The difference in the skin is visible with the first two weeks of using. Within about two months major difference is visible.

The combined efforts of the components in it make the anti-aging task easier. The seaweed extracts and hyaluronic acid plays their role in moisturizing and preventing the collagen loss from the skin. Apart from these two, there are 8 peptides that make Elite Serum successful. The SYN-TC and SYN-COLL restores the lost collagen, matrixyl initiates and support the skin repair process while inyline modulates the muscle contractions. SNAP-8 and argireline inhibits the neurotransmitters that promote the muscle contractions, making them relax. Haloxyl and eyeliss reduce the eye puffiness and dark circles by regulating the lymphatic fluid and blood circulation.

The Benefits of Elite Serum Rx

The main advantage is having a smooth and younger looking skin. The wrinkles are effectively reduced and the depth is also minimized. The fine lines are disappeared with regular usage. It also brings more oxygen and nutrients to the skin under the eye by the faster absorption. While applying a cool and toning sensation is felt which indicates that the serum is working its way on the skin. The serum is hypo allergic and is made if approved peptides. This is safe enough to use with other cosmetic products. The elasticity of the skin is restored and maintained and so is the skin tone. With regular usage the wrinkles are reduced for about 45% in two months time.

Elite Eye has been developed after a lot of intensive research and experiments. It is produced in FDA(Food and Drug Association) registered laboratory of USA. It has in it 8 types of peptides and natural moisturizers that will rejuvenate and moisturizes the skin. It is simple to keep and easy to use. You can buy this wonderful eye serum at eliteserum.com.

When the amount of the collagen reduces in the body the skin starts getting thinner and its deficiency also leads to the wrinkling of the skin. Collagen is the protein that maintains the elasticity and strength of the skin, it is called as a skin healer. The peptides helps in revitalizing the collagen that gets lost with age. All the ingredients that are present in the Serum are well tested for their quality and efficiency and then only used in the product.

The serum is available at eliteserum.com

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