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eSafety supplies is primarily a wholesale distributor of these items. They have disposable and reusable safety supplies that provide overall protection.

eSafety supplies is an online store that supplies all kinds of safety supplies that protect a person from head to toe.

It is primarily a wholesale distributor of these items. They have disposable and reusable safety supplies that provide overall protection. The supplies are categorized as per their relevance. The store offers both bulk purchase and retailer purchase on all items.

Disposables by eSafety Supplies

  • There are disposable safety items that are meant for one time use. The disposable gloves are made of latex, nitrile, vinyl, poly/household or aloe vera gloves are available. They are used for medical purposes, and examinations. The household gloves are thicker and suits to have contact with chemicals. There are disposable glove holder and the box holders also.
  • Disposable apparels include the hair cap, shoe cover, coveralls with or without hood, isolation gowns, disposable sleeves etc. Believe it or not there are beard covers also that prevent any bears hair to fall on anything and contaminate the secured and pure environment.
  • The disposable face and dust masks are also available at safety supplies. The dust masks and respirators of all types are available.

Gloves by eSafety Supplies

Gloves though serve the same purpose, are different when it comes to its safety against each surface and chemicals. The work gloves are reusable. They are thicker than those disposables. The work gloves also provide firm grip on to the items to hold properly. The gloves can be heat resistant or warmers to use on the cold storages. There are anti-vibration mechanic gloves and coated and cut resistant gloves also. The leather gloves suits the bike drivers and the welder’s gloves protects the hand from the fingers to the elbow.

Head Protection by eSafety Supplies

Head protection is the utmost important safety measure in any industry. There are all types of head gears in many colors and shapes. The bump caps have many varieties to choose from. These caps may have designs in it or available just plain. Many of them have a sweatband. The welding helmet protects the whole part above the neck. There are ear protections that can be attached to the helmets. There are baseball cap sunshield, 2 tome hard hat cover, reflective hats and baseball cap also.

Eye, Ear and Respiratory Care by eSafety Supplies

Apparels eSafety Supplies

Apparels are to protect the whole body when doing some heavy works or circumstances. Most of the full body apparels have hoods to protect the head also. There are vests, high visibility apparels and safety apparel. There are wrist bands, belts and harnesses. The heavy duty aprons, windbreaker jackets, vinyl sleeves, anti-skid shoe cover, flame resistant coat etc make the safety supplies.

The high visibility jackets and vests are also part of protection. The safety apparels may be plain or with zippers and pockets to hold the tools and other necessary things. The visibility jackets and vests are essential for those who work more in the outdoors at night. The vets can be weather proof and fire resistant. There are high visibility pants also. These are available for adults and children also.

First-Aid and Emergency Supplies by eSafety Supplies

A first aid kit should be handy at all the time, anywhere. These kits are available as per requirement like personal or industrial uses. There are other emergency supplies of band aids, bandages, cleanser dispenser, hand wash etc. the emergency kit is small and can carry anywhere. It contains all the necessary items for an emergency medical aid. There are some energy bars, flash lights, pocket radio etc. the emergency survival kits are different for personal, office and care usage. The emergency items also include food items that need no refrigeration and can be stored for a while.

Winter & Summer Protection by eSafety Supplies

The safety apparels also have to be weather suitable or resistant. The winter jackets have to be water proof, thermal with linings to keep the body warm. There are hood winter liners also. There is suitable footwear as well. The apparels are light weight and easy to put on carry around.

Summer is the just the opposite case. People need safety from the sun and need to cool the body. The cooling bandanas, sweat pads in the helmets, ice packs, bottles carrier, etc are cool. The cooling vest is cool and is also high visible. The cooling evaporative towel is unique.

Roadside Safety & Miscellaneous Items by eSafety Supplies

The miscellaneous items include the batteries for the torches and flashlights, all weather wrting paper, adult diapers etc. The roadside safety supplies are the colored batons, whistles, items for communications, loud speakers, traffic cones etc. The carbon filters, oil absorbents, foldable shovels etc are the other items.

Customization of the safety Items by eSafety Supplies

The vests, helmets, and caps can be customized with the company logos or other lines. For which one has to select the product and contact the customization desk and send them the required picture or the words. Wait until the process is finished to receive the finished product. The print can be ordinary or be reflective. The printing is not free of cost and the art work has to send to the customization email id.

The site is safe and secures enough to do online transactions. The payment may be done direct debit or through PayPal. All purchases are delivered within 5-7 working days. This online store is the best solution to get anything that has to do with safety, emergency, and survival.

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