Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag

Funk Fighter XL High Quality Gym Bags

Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag features high-quality carbon lining to trap and eliminate odors. it comes with one large main compartment that has double layered openings for maximum odor-trapping capabilities.

Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag If you are a Gym person or know someone who goes to the gym daily, then the Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag is the best gift you can give to that person. The most common problem faced with the gym bags is the unpleasant odor that they give. With the introduction of the Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag, you would not have to face that problem again. It is designed with certain elements that will prevent the unpleasant odor from escaping the bags and many more.

These Bags are designed is a way that is most comfortable to be used and an easy to carry gym bag to your gym. This gym bag is also spacious and can fit in all the contents you need to carry when you go to your gym.

Features of the Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag

  • Dimensions – The Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag has the dimension of 33” x 15” x 15” and this is one of the largest odor resistant gym bags available in the market. The Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag also weighs around 3 pounds.
  • High-quality carbon lining – The biggest problem of unpleasant smell that occurs in almost all the normal gyms bag are eliminated here. The Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag is equipped with high quality carbon lining that ensures that the odor is trapped in and does not escape the gym bag.
  • Waterproof inner zippers – Strong and top quality zippers are used in the Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag. It is also waterproof that will ensure that your things inside are protected from any external attacks, even like rain.
  • Dual Layered Zippered Compartments – There are dual layered zippered compartments and dual zippered openings that provides for an extra control of maintaining the odor inside the gym bags. There are zippered compartments on each side of the Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag too.
  • Adjustable strap – It is also equipped with an adjustable strap which you can adjust according to your height and comfortability.
  • Velcro handle – Velcro straps and handles can be easily adjusted and are proven to be one of the top quality straps and handles available in the market. The handle is attached with the strap and only if needed you have to use it.
  • Color varieties – The Bags are available in solid gray and solid black colors.

This Bag is definitely one of the most smell proof duffle bags available in the market. To order for the Funk Fighter XL Gym Bag, please click on the following website:

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