Gout Diet

She is a passionate dancer, versatile in her own way. Her eyes narrate the story of what the dance is and the spark is evident in her eyes. A very bright girl who is always first in her academics and cultural activities. She is a gifted girl with beauty and talent and knowledge and courage. Her parents were no more to see their child rising up like a star as they committed suicide due to the financial issues. From the age of 4, Nia was left all alone in this world brought up in an orphanage. For her, family was all about spending times of joy and sorrows with the Mother Superior and Sisters and her very few friends within the four walls of the orphanage. Her gifted talent of dance was supported by the orphanage authorities. They took care of all her dance needs with their limited resources and funds.

As time passed and years went, she was grown up as a dance teacher getting very less income and was given in charge of the orphanage. Nia was under hard work and pressure practicing for the dance, day and night. She hardly had food and water. At her rehearsal periods, she was strained due to the severe pain in her legs. At first, she ignored this but then on she was disturbed by this pain. She hardly could dance or move her legs. At times, she could not even stand up on her feet. At night she used to bear the pain a lot and high temperature fever. She thought of consulting the doctor. She then came to know that she was suffering from gout. She was courage enough to face this and wanted to get rid of this problem. She knew that there is a small family waiting for her in the orphanage waiting for her money to fill their stomachs. She didn’t have any rich foods but still was caught by gout. She took medicines and decided to cure it.

You all might have been wondering is gout that much a serious issue. If proper care and medications are taken, you can get well soon from gout but the period you struggle is at the suffering stage. Gout is a type of arthritis that affects one or more joints. It creates immense pain in the night that even a light movement of the sheet can cause you high pain. Once you are attacked by gout, the skin around the affected area may peel out like an onion, looking reddish and feel itchy.

Doctors prescribe for a gout diet making you prevent from further gout attacks. The food items that we need to avoid on gout diet are as follows:

  • Limit meat sources
  • Avoid sugary foods as they lead to weight gain and obesity.
  • Reduce alcohol
  • Avoid foods that contain high fructose elements. They are bread, yoghurts, frozen pizzas, cereals, jams and ketchups.
  • The food items that need to be followed on a gout diet are:
  • Have plenty of fruits and vegetables
  • Keep your body hydrated by drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day
  • Use milk and dairy products that contain less purine content.
  • Drink carrot juice and other herbal fluids

Nia has now been cured from her Gout disease by applying these foods on her diet and proper medications and self confidence. Now she lives happily with her family.

Gout is a painful condition and can be cured naturally with Medicines like Goutrin which has no chemicals and is entirely safe.