Coffee Products from Hawaii Coffee Company

Hawaii Coffee Company offers a variety of coffee flavors. One must choose the coffee that is suitable for their own body and should also be aware of the negative effects it has on the body.

Hawaii Coffee Company an Introduction

Hawaii Coffee Company is the hub of Lion and Royal Kona Coffee and the Hawaiian Islands tea. The former two companies were founded in 1864 and 1968 and joined hands together in the year 2000 to form the Hawaii Coffee Company.

The Hawaiian Islands Tea is a late entrant of the company in the year 2004. The coffee products from this company are the leading brand all over Hawaii. The Hawaii Coffee Company is well known for its Kona coffee and the rich flavors it offers. All the leading hotels and restaurants flaunt the coffee beans roasted from Hawaii Coffee Company.

Lion Coffee beans are the finest and roasted in perfection and blended with other rich flavors. These coffee beans are shipped all over the world for the sheer pleasure of the coffee lovers. The Kona coffee beans are obtained from the coffee plants in Kona, Hawaii. The high quality Kona coffee beans are made interesting with the addition of many flavors to suit all. Hawaiian Islands Tea Company offers the best quality tea made from the best tea leaves. The tea varieties used have been used for years. Both the green and black tea is blended with the exotic flavors of Hawaii to make it more unique.

Lion Coffee

Lion Coffee

by Hawaii Coffee Company 5 out of 5stars (498 Customer Ratings)

Price: $12.95
Lion Coffee beans are the finest coffee beans you get. They are roasted in perfection and blended with other rich flavors.

Refreshing !!!

5 stars out of 5 by Teresa for Lion Coffee

I found the lion coffee original to be a nice alternative when I want a quick coffee fix that doesn’t need grinding.

Lion Coffee – Hawaii Coffee Company

Lion coffee is offering many types of coffee to enjoy. The range of coffee includes the 24K Kona, flavored coffee, Lion Gourmet & Supreme, World in your cup, decaffeinated etc.

  • Lion Gourmet: The gourmet coffee from Lion Coffee has many options like Café Honolulu & Hawaii, Diamond Head espresso, Kona gold, anniversary coffee, Lion French etc. The difference is in the roasting of the beans. The beans are roasted to different extend from light, medium and more. The roasting is done for coffee lovers of each roasting types.
     Lion Cafe Honolulu

    Lion Cafe Honolulu

    by Hawaii Coffee Company 5 out of 5stars (410 Customer Ratings)

    Price: $7.99
    Cafe Honolulu from Hawaii Coffee Company is a spirited coffee blend with a unique European cafe style.

    Best coffee ever had !!!

    5 stars out of 5 by Julie for Lion Cafe Honolulu

    The coffee tasted very soothing and not too strong. It had a refreshing effect.

  • Lion Supreme: The Lion Supreme coffee beans are some with an attitude of supremacy. The high quality brilliant blend is a balance between the smoothness and heavenly on the taste buds. There is no bitter taste left and the flavor is intact till the last drop. There are dark roasted, medium roasted and vanilla flavored in this category.
  • 24K Kona Coffee: The coffee that s grown in Kona, Hawaai can be boasted as 100% Kona and these 24K Coffee beans are whole beans and French roasted ones. The French roasting makes the beans dark and this flavor provides less caffeine and is ideal to have after dinner at night.
  • World in Your Cup: The flavor of the coffee is also determined by the place where it is growing. The taste of the same variety differs from place to place sometimes. This is why Lion coffee is offering different flavored coffee that is grown in different parts of the world. The dark and smoky Sumatra coffee will be loved by all coffee lovers. The Guatemalan Antigua is bright and cognac like. Kau coffee is grown in Kau next to the Kona belt. The Kau coffee is as tasty as the Kona coffee. The flavor of the chocolate and fruit in the Maui Moka coffee is all natural.



  • Pure Choices: The pure choice coffee has the coffee cherries extract in them. These coffee cherries have more antioxidants than in any other fruit. In case anyone is not so fond of the coffee cherry taste then they can opt for the vanilla macadamia or coconut flavors as their flavor is dominating over the coffee cherries. One cup of Pure Choice coffee has double the amount of antioxidants than in any others.

    RoyalKona Aikane Kona coffee – Hawaii Coffee Company

    Kona coffee is what is grown in Kona, Hawaii. The flavored and large beans are roasted to perfect the taste of the Kona coffee. The small beans of the Royal Kona Pea berry are medium roasted that on brewing yields a rich gourmet coffee aroma. The Kona estate is grown at higher elevations and is slight lighter than normal roast for bright Kona coffee. The Kona private reserve is full bodies, medium roasted coffee is perfect for any occasion.

    The Kona blends are French roast and Kona Mountain roast. The dark and intense Kona French roast offers intense coffee with smokiness and strong enough for intense flavor. The Mountain roast coffee is like a volcano that can stir the memories of the Hawaii shores. Royyamaguchi Pacific Roast is a chef series blend. This flavor is available only in the restaurants. Russell Siu and Sam Choy volcano roast coffee blends are named after the chef who created it. They are usually only available at their restaurants, is now available for you.

    RoyalKona Aikane Kona coffee

    RoyalKona Aikane Kona coffee

    by Hawaii Coffee Company 4 out of 5stars (374 Customer Ratings)

    Price: $17.95
    Royal Kona Coffee medium roast is rich in its aromatic flavor and smooth in texture.

    5 stars !!!!!

    5 stars out of 5 by Tonny for RoyalKona Aikane Kona coffee

    I must say the Royal Kona coffee is the perfect finish to any occasion. It was worth the price and I had some great coffee time.

    Royal Hawaiian Coffee – Hawaii Coffee Company

    The Royal Hawaiian coffee has 10% of Kau coffee in it. There are well roasted and medium roasted blends for this. The Vanilla macadamia flavor to the coffee and this added flavor will be tasted higher than the coffee.
    There are filter packs, decaffeinated and sample packs for all these coffee varieties. The filter packs are ready for brewing and there is no need to measure up. It can be used anywhere, at home or office. They are great to be taken along on travels as well. The sampler packs also carry alongs. Hawaii Coffee Company packs also serve the purpose of great gifts. The sampler packs are available in different sizes that have varying number of ready to use packs.

    Decaffeinated Coffee

    Kona coffee offers decaffeinated coffee with lots of health benefits.

    1. Negative Effects of Caffeine

    The harmful effects of caffeine are visible when a person takes more coffee regularly. Caffeine in large amount is related to mortality. It can increase the blood pressure which leads to heart problems and stroke. Regular consumption of coffee in high amount can cause gout disease easily. It causes incontinence in women. Caffeine can rejuvenate the body cand can refresh the fatigued body but in larger amount causes the same effects as insomnia. It is also responsible for indigestion, especially when consummated on empty stomach. Caffeine in smaller doses can reduce headaches but in larger amount becomes the cause for the same. It can lead to type 2 diabetes also as it promotes impaired glucose metabolism. It forces the heart for contractions in some people. Caffeine is also found to cause hallucinations, bone loss, tremors, etc.



    2. The Benefits of Decaffeination

    Decaffeination is the process of removing the caffeine from the coffee beans The advantages of having the decaffeinated coffee are that it contains high amount of antioxidants that can help prevent cancer. Decaf drinkers are less likely to have colon cancer and in female the breast cancer risk is reduced. Since the caffeine is linked to heart problems, its removal makes it beneficial for heart patients. Decaf coffee boosts the brain abilities and prevents Alzheimer’s to some extent. All these benefits are there when coffee is taken in limited quantities.



    Tropical Tea

    Hawaiian company offers the Tropical Tea also. There is black tea, green tea, tropical roobios, loose commercial, or tea club. The tea whether black or green are flavored with mango mui, passion fruit, pineapple, strawberry lychee, guava ginseng, hibiscus honey lemon, etc. There are antioxidants in tea and is seen more in green tea. The organic green tea has not just the antioxidants but also polyphenols, carotenoids, tocopherols, vitamin C and minerals that promote better digestion. The aroma and the flavor as refreshing and will be a great start to a day. The Roobios tea is good for digestion and nervous system. It has antioxidants, flavonoids, etc that will ward off the risk of a cardiovascular disease. There are assorted packs with many flavored tea also.



    You must know

    There are both advantages and disadvantages of coffee. Hawaii Coffee Company offers a variety of coffee flavors. One must choose the coffee that is suitable for their own body and should also be aware of the negative effects it has on the body. People with some health conditions may show certain effects after consumption. When consumed in limited amount one can surely enjoy the aroma, flavor and the benefits of the both caffeinated and the decaffeinated coffee flavors and tea from Hawaii Coffee Company.