Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infections

Ear Care Gold for ear infections in dogs

Did you know Dog ear infections are one of the most common problems in dogs? in 2011 it was recorded , dog ear infections had the most cases vet had to attend. Dog ear infection could be cured and even better it could be prevented with proper care and prevention. Taking proper steps to prevent ear infections with natural remedies has been successful with most dogs. simple products which are seen in your home could be used to treat your dog for dog ear infection and prevention of the same. Preventing dog ear infections saves you money and saves the dog from the pain it has to go through.

Symptoms of Dog Ear infection

  • Shaking of head vigorously and very often
  • scratching of ear area
  • Black powdery coffee like residue in the ear
  • any open wounds in the ear area
  • abrupt barking and rubbing the head to furniture or trees!

Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infections

Apple Cider vinegar mixed with Water to be sprayed in Ear area. Apple cider vinegar is a good antiseptically and can clear most of the ear infection.

Oil of Garlic and Oil of Mullein mix could be applied to the ear area . This prevents most bacterial and viral formation in the ear

Warm Compress Several times a day could solve problems related to Dog Ear infections

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