Standard Portable Massage Table

The Massage Naturals tables are portable with its own carrying case. The tables differ in the color of their covering materials. There are matching chairs as well.

Massage Naturals is an online massage supplies store. All the necessities for a massage parlor is available here. Right from the massage tables to even the smallest massage equipment’s are there at this store.

Massage Naturals provide better quality massage linens that are unbleached and other green products which use very less chemicals and more natural ingredients. The products are safe, comfortable and useful. All the products are available at reasonable economic price and buying direct from the makers help slash the price drastically.

Massage Naturals Massage Tables

The massage tables are durable and strong enough. The tables may or may not have a face rest attached to it. If the face rest is lacking it is available for purchase separately. The tables are portable with its own carrying case. The tables differ in the color of their covering materials. There are matching chairs as well. The chair will have the adjustable head rest. It has cushioning for seating, head rest and the arm rest. The chairs are height adjustable and are light weight since it is made of aluminum. There are light weight massage tables also. The light weight tables are made of aluminum while the others were of wood. The face cradle is attached which is adjustable to 6 positions for more comfort. The fixing instructions are clearly explained and marked well. There are height adjustable stools for the massage therapist to sit and do the job comfortably.

Massage Naturals Massage Table Accessories

The massage table accessories include the face rest platform, face rest pad, the hanging arm support which is an extension from the table right under the face rest, the under table hanging shelf for extra storage to keep the towels and linen, the wheeled massage table cart to make them portable and the carrying case for the fold able massage tables. The carrying bag has extra pockets on the outer for the massage supplies.

Massage Naturals Massage table linens, Blankets, and Towels

The massage table linens include the flat sheets, fitted sheets, blankets, and the face rest covers. The fitted sheets cover the table and the flat sheets are placed over the fitted sheets. People coming to get massage will have the option to select their desired color of the sheet with the vast choices Massage Natural offers for the linens. There are matching sets for these sheets and face crest covers. Te face rest covers are also available separately. The sheets may be cotton or flannels. There are pillow covers as well. There is also a complete set of covering, bolster, pillow, topper, and runner for the bedding. These are available in many colors to add attraction. There are 10 options for the color. The mix and matching will add more color to the room. The use of bio-degradable detergents and sanitizers will help the linens have longer life than expected.

Massage Naturals Massage Bolsters

Bolsters are also necessary at the massage parlors. It is useful to provide extra support at wherever necessary to lessen the body pressure. The bolsters are available in different sizes and shapes. There are round bolsters, 3 quarter round bolsters, and half circle bolsters. All these types will have suitable bolster covers also. They are available in 5 different colors of blue, black, burgundy, purple, and teal. They are sturdy and durable.

Standard Portable Massage Table

Standard Portable Massage Table

by MassageNaturals 4 out of 5stars (447 Customer Ratings)

Price: $249
Massage Tables from Massage Naturals are best quality tables made from the finest hardwood with a natural lacquer finish, patented aircraft grade cabling system for added strength and hence comes in incredible style. Massage Tables with durable eco-friendly PU Plush upholstery comes in various colors too.

Very useful to me.

4 stars out of 5 by Kate for Standard Portable Massage Table

I was very skeptical about buying a portable massage table and its durability. But as I was in need of one, I bought a Portable Massage Table from Massage Naturals. I am so happy to have bought it and is very useful to me.

Massage Naturals Massage Lotions, Creams, and Gels

The main ingredient for massaging is the massaging medium that helps to have a smooth glide over the body. The lotions, creams, oils, and gels all help to have the easier movement over the body. It also moisturizes the skin. The lotions and the likes are available for different types of skin- dry, normal, or oily. The right type of massaging medium helps the skin be normal healthy, soft and glowing. Most of these are easily absorbed in to the skin and is not sticky in nature. Many are leave-it-n-the-skin types. They also differ with the ingredients in them. There are many herbal infusions in many.

Massage Naturals Stone Therapy

The main therapies are stone therapy and aromatherapy. Massaging with certain types of stones that are warmed or cold is termed as stone therapy. A warmer is available for the hot stone therapy. The stones will be of different sizes and the whole set is available from Massage Naturals. The 7 piece chakra set has semi precious stones to be placed at specified body parts to remove blocks and re energize the body. The stones are different for cold therapy. There are marbles and other white stones for this purpose.

Massage Naturals Aroma therapy

Aromatherapy needs many aromatic oils that are used for massaging or to make the air filled with its aroma that has some effect on the body. Most aromatic oils will need carrier oil that can be applied to the body. The essential oil is blend into the carrier and is passed on to the body while massaging. The aromatic oils are available as blends, stand alone essential and organic oils. These oils have calming effects on the nerves and make the body and muscles relax. There are aroma therapy equipments like the diffusers to fill the air, mixing beakers to help make the desired blend of aroma and replacement pads. There are oil warmers to warm the oil.

Massage Naturals Kits and Packages

The towel warmer package includes a towel warmer, 2 bath towels, 10 hand towels and 20 face towels. Just the basic massage package has a flannel sheet set, double lotion-bottle holster, a bottle each of the Biotone massage crème, and therapy lotion. The stone therapy package has the stones, warmer, tools to handles the stones and the oil for massaging.

Other Accessories and tools by Massage Naturals

There are many other essentials like the tools and accessories for the massaging. The brushes, holsters to hold the massage bottles, belts extender to reach around and holds tight to the therapist’s body, massage cream jars, bottles with pump, etc. The waxing supplies, manicure and pedicure tools and accessories are all available at Massage Naturals. The wax supplies include the wax and the wax warmer. There are pre and post waxing items that are to be applied on to the skin.