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NRCME training online

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NRCME is an online training course to help FMCSA towards boosting public confidence in the mind of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) drivers about the on-going quality of medical tests conducted. Read on to know more about NRCME online training course.

NRCME online training

About NRCME training for DOT Medical Examiner Certification

NRCME course is 100% online and works to help healthcare providers – MDs, Dos, or PAs to become certified medical examiner keeping in mind the protocol, physical qualifications and other guidelines provided by the FMCSA. It is even available on mobile phone which eases your options much further.

NRCME AANP online training has been made mandatory for the sole purpose of reducing the risks of accidents and other mishaps on the road/while driving. The demographic profile shows that majority of the truck/bus drivers are clearly not in good shape. For instance, there are many who are overweight, smoker, are dealing with poor eating habits and are more than 40 years of age. Another thing noted in their medical profile is they are not much healthy. While some are dealing with more than two health problems, some suffer from cardiac ailments which makes them difficult to drive for prolonged hours. This results in low energy, sudden health problems which leads to unpredictable accidents on road. This made FMCSA and NRCME make an impromptu but permanent move to regularly keep a check on drivers. Currently there are more than 40,000 medical examiners but only less than 2,500 are available in the list of National Registry.


FMCSA has put out a notification that all commercial drivers whose medical certificate expires on or before 21st May 22014 should get themselves examined by medical professional listed at NRCME.

NRCME Course

NRCME online training course has been planned in accordance with AANP, AAPA, PACE and other specialised medical practitioners from various areas.

NRCME online training has an experience of 35 years and works towards betterment of CMV drivers. NRCME online training presents you with 27 modules that consists of pre-test, post-test etc. This is followed by 26 quizzes after each and every module which will help you to review what you have just gone through. The chapters comprise of introduction to NRCME, background & structure of FMCSA, diabetes, hypertension, CMV driver & public safety, obstructive sleep apnea, psychological issues and other health disorders. There are also chapters relating to medication rules, hypothetical scenarios that can be both typical and atypical for driver with presentations not to mention keeping in mind the standards set by FMCSA. When you finish the last module, simply take the final exam of the NRCME online training and get your Certificate of Completion. Do note that this certificate is valid for a year and you need to clear the NRCME exam within the said period.


NRCME Plus online come with free resource library that covers various guidelines, FMCSA forms, waiver packets, sample templates etc. It is a complete guide which is regularly updated as and when any modifications are done which will help you to stay in an upgraded mode. These edit is done as per the prompt feedback from medical examiners who have already completed NRCME test. Overall, it is one of the best reference you can get to prepare yourself for the NRCME online training exam. NRCME online training for DOT Medical Examiner Certification are available in PDF format which can be downloaded or printed easily if you need a ready copy for yourself.

NRCME online training is applicable only for interstate drivers and not for intrastate CMV drivers. Intrastate drivers must oblige with the requirements of the state for proper medical certification. NRCME Plus also involves in group training which includes group discussions, multi-view reporting, and many more.

There are many benefits when you apply with NRCME online training course

  • more than 35 years experience in the field of educating healthcare providers
  • a whole online arena that features guiding library resources for easy reference
  • unlimited training access without any expiry date for completing the training
  • more than 1000 slides during online training that delivers compact and to-the-point information
  • Q&A section that contains more than 500 questions for easy practice
  • more than 95% of the students pass at their first attempt without any difficulty


NRCME plus online training comes with a complete and unique Q&A section that comes with FREE 10 sample questions. These questions arrive with four optional answers which leaves at your discretion to choose the best for you. This is for those who are feeling finicky about joining an online course. These Q&A section will help you get an idea of how NRCME works.

Some of the sample questions are

  • Which point of contact is NOT required when entering and exiting the cab? (Elbows, hands, arms, legs)
  • In addition to medical fitness for duty certification, other regulations affecting the CMV driver include all the following except (record keeping, drug & alcohol testing, use of safety restaurants, hours of service).

With a simple click, you will be able to find the nearest NRCME location. NRCME exam is a timed test and lasts for two hours. NRCME exam contains 120 questions. The computer automatically closes once the time limit has been reached negating the fact if your exam is completed or not. Practice questions are available in NRCME online website which will help you get an idea of how it works.


Once you pass the FMCSA medical examiner certification test, you will be receiving a medical certification which will be valid for 10 years and will be listed on the National Registry. When you become a qualified examiner, you can confidently:

  • report monthly results of driver exams
  • periodic scrutinizing
  • maintain certification by undergoing periodic training every 5 years
  • pass the certification exam that happens every decade

Do keep in mind that you are not supposed to submit incomplete report as it may result in removing your name from the National Registry Program. The info you submit will be utilized for FMCSA’s Natational registry data system and hence should not be tampered in any way. This submission report will lead for impacting further guidelines of FMCSA Privacy Act system.

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