Practical Review About Radiology

Practical Review About Radiology

Fundamental Physics of Radiology by RedShelf

Practical Review About Radiology contains about 20 article summaries on Radiology. Medical field is fast growing with more and more technologies and information on various aspects coming forward every minute.

Radiology is a field of both diagnosing and treatment. It comes up with many technologies of imaging.

Radiology techniques – field of diagnosis & treatment

Radiology techniques are updated regularly and it is important for the doctors to stay updated on all the information. It may not be easy for the radiologists to spare any time from those busy schedules but there is an easy answer for their worries, Practical Reviews. Radiology Practical Reviews is the most modern way to stay updated on continuing medical education, CME. The information by Practical Reviews is sorted out from many medical journals across the globe. The collected information is then stored as data in CDs. The information gathered is more on critical conditions on the desired field and then the articles are summarized and recorded vocal thus providing commentary on various radiology techniques. It serves as a great instant desktop reference or reminder on most valuable aspects.


These information is obtainable either through CDs or available online through subscription. CDs contain data in PDF format and also as audio summaries of the reviews from the various journals. The audio content is easily accessible not just on PCs or laptops but also on Smartphone, mp3 players or any other kind of audio devices.The interesting part is that it has got quizzes at the end for self assessment.

Practical Reviews online on radiology

Though the Practical review Online is more of an environmental friendly approach the online info can be downloaded and the text in the PDF format may be printed. The easy access is convenient to get updated when driving, during workouts or while doing any other work. And there may not be necessary to spare any time exclusive to get updated for those busy doctors who have to shuttle between clinics. It saves much time and money. Since the information is being collected by the most respected and experienced ones in the field, they can be reliable to the core. It is simply the powerful knowledge offered in the most practical and easier way and one can take as much time as possible to learn.

Fundamental Physics of Radiology

Fundamental Physics of Radiology

by RedShelf 4 out of 5stars (450 Customer Ratings)

Price: $32
The book contains 20 articles on radiology. It features new updates on imaging.


5 stars out of 5 by Miranda for Fundamental Physics of Radiology

Great book, this online source helps me to remain updated with all the latest technologies of imaging.

Menopeace – A herbal remedy for menopause in women

Menopeace – A herbal remedy for menopause in women

MenoPeace by

Menopeace is nature’s most potent herbal remedy for help a women deal with her hormonal changes while she undergoes the stage of menopause.

Termed as the permanent end of menstruation and fertility, Menopause commonly occurs at the age of 40 or 50 and occurs only after one year of your last menstruation. Menopause is a nature’s way of telling you to age gracefully just as young woman revamps herself while reaching puberty.


When menopause occurs, you go through a series of emotional changes due to hormonal changes in your body. Some of the symptoms women undergo are anxiety, frequent mood swings, night sweats,. fatigue, skin tone changes etc. There are several causes that have been linked with Menopause in women such as Hysterectomy, chemotherapy which can induce further complications such as osteoporosis or other cardiac diseases.

Your doctor may recommend tests to check your estrogen level or FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels along with Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) levels and diagnose you to undergo hormone therapy or vaginal estrogen. Certain antidepressants are also considered in low doses to decrease hot flashes. Combined with treatment, it is also mandatory to maintain a healthy diet while going through menopause. For eg: Consumption of fish oil has shown positive results during menopausal stage and reduce intake of salt or sugar in your food.

As hard as it sounds, Menopause does not have to be a difficult stage for you to overcome. Many antibiotics available over the counter produce side effects. It is best recommended to go for herbal remedies such as Menopeace which do not pose a threat to your body.

Menopeace contains a herbal blend of vitamins and minerals which balances your hormone while going through perimenopause. Menopeace contains natural ingredients such as Soy Isoflavones, Red Clover, Black Cohosh, Magnesium, which increases your metabolism, increases bone density, reduces night sweats and hot flashes during menopause. Isoflavones share a similarity with female hormone estrogen and thus becomes an alternative for hormone replacement therapy diagnosed for women by medical practitioners.

Menopeace is a holistic product by Natural Wellbeing Distribution Inc. and obliges with NSF cGMP Certified standards to provide you with optimum results. It comes with a 90 day money back guarantee which means that if you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it anytime within the specified date. Though Menopeace does not provide side effects, it is best recommended to consult your health physician before consumption. Do not consume Menopeace if you are pregnant or nursing.

What does Menopeace Reviews say?

A general category of women suggested that they have found Menopeace quite beneficial as they have experienced reduced night sweats and a sense of calmness take over them. Some claim that Menopeace gives false hope like other menopausal herbal products available in the market and does not reduce any perimenopausal symptoms.



by 4 out of 5stars (450 Customer Ratings)

Price: $24
This Menopeace contains a herbal mix of vitamins and minerals which balances the hormone while going through perimenopause.

Good quality product

4 stars out of 5 by Sherla for Menopeace

Really, I must say that this product saved my life…

BaByliss Flat Irons and Evolution Hair Centers

BaByliss Flat Irons and Evolution Hair Centers

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron

The BaByliss Flat Irons use titanium and an ionic generator that produce far-infrared heat that penetrates your hair without damaging it and prevents damage.

The BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Straightening iron is one of the BaByliss Flat Irons that makes ironing your hair a simple and quick process. The BaByliss Flat Irons have an ionic generator and electronic temperature control system that will help you adjust the iron to your hair type.

The BaByliss Flat Irons use titanium and an ionic generator that produce far-infrared heat that penetrates your hair without damaging it and prevents damage. This makes the BaByliss Flat Irons efficient and quick. They are a good heat conductor which maintains consistent, high temperatures while emitting negative ions. This results in fast hair straightenig and locked-in natural moisture as the hair shafts are quickly sealed. Use lower temperatures of the BaByliss Flat Irons for thin hair and higher temperatures for thicker hair.

Features & Usage of Babyliss flat irons

It come in various lengths and sizes to suit any type of hair. They have LED temperature settings, digital ionic technology, heats upto 450F, have a swivel power cord and the BaByliss Flat Irons work 40% faster than other hair irons. To use the BaByliss Flat Irons, make sure your hair is dry and then divide it into small sections. You can use heat protestants and then clamp the iron near the roots and pull gently down to the tips. Repeat the process with the BaByliss Flat Irons until your hair is silky smooth.

In order to enhance the effects, you could first make sure that your hair is in perfect condition for long lasting effects. The Evolution HairCare 3 Pack contains the evolution shampoo, cleanser and conditioner which will make your hair cleaner, stronger and softer than ever before.

The Evolution cleanser has advanced healing cleansers that release the scalp impurities. It breaks down excessive sebaceous activities and also deposits nutrients and amino acids to the hair follicle. All the ingredients used in the Evolution cleanser are natural.

The Evolution Organic shampoo has the necessary herbal extracts and are chemical free to provide nutrition and corrective balance that has no harmful effects on even the most sensitive scalp.

The Evolution Conditioner rejuvenates your hair from harsh exteriors and heats by using pure essential oils, flower tinctures and medicinal volcanic ash. These nurture and hydrate the scalp giving it a great texture and pH balance for hair growth.

When used along with the BaByliss Flat Irons, your hair will be the softest and strongest thing you have ever known.

Inhouse Pharmacy Vs Evolution Hair Centers

Inhouse Pharmacy Vs Evolution Hair Centers

Men’s Rogaine Foam Hair Regrowth Treatment

Buy Men’s Rogaine Foam Hair Regrowth Treatment that comes with Minoxidil 5 to cover baldness, hair fall and promote healthy hair growth.

Health Products from Inhouse Pharmacy

Inhouse Pharmacy lists a number of health and physiology related products that includes asthma, dental care, HIV, diabetes, breastfeeding, arthritis, etc. One of their areas of interest is Hair loss. Tugain 5 solution is a topical medicine used to prevent hair loss. The Inhouse Pharmacy product contains minoxidil which is used in the topical treatment of androgenic alopecia, usually in men. Inhouse Pharmacy Tugain 5 prevents further hair loss and promotes the growth of new hair.

The Inhouse Pharmacy’s Tugain 5 is used on areas with thinning hair and bald spots. It works well on places with recent hair loss. This product is not to be used by women with baldness patterns. Minoxidil is a vaso-dilator, and is though to increase hair growth by stimulating blood circulation to the hair follicles. The Inhouse Pharmacy’s Tugain 5 should not be used for frontal baldness and receding hairline.

Inhouse Pharmacy’s Tugain 5 should be applied twice daily, in the morning and the evening making sure that the hair and scalp are clean and dry. It should be applied to the areas that are losing hair. After applying to the center of the affected area and spreading it over the area, leave on for 4 hours before washing off. Inhouse Pharmacy Tugain 5 can also be allowed to dry for 2 or 4 hours before going to bed. The results of using Tugain 5 will be seen in 3 or 4 weeks and if you stop using it, you will lose the new hair and hair growth will stop.

Evolution Hair Clinic

The Evolution PMb Formula-5% Minoxidil with Azelaic acid from Evolution Hair Clinic contains active 5% minoxidil and 5% azelaic acid and the inactive ingredients of aloe gel, licorice extract, B5, green tea extract, tea tree oil, citrus seed extract, glycerin and alcohol. The assortment of natural products in the blend takes care of any irritants. The PMb formula is best used before bed, 2 hours prior to bedtime. It has to be alternated with the Evolution HairStem PM topical formula to get best results. When used, these topical medicines inhibit future hair loss, increase cell generation, decrease bacteria and fungus and increase hair density and thickness.

Inhouse Pharmacy Tugain 5 may cause allergic reactions, inflammation, etc. Neither of the products should be used when there is hair loss due to severe illnesses. The Evolution PM products relieves scalp inflammation, supports healthy bacteria levels, has herbal extracts for stimulation, has a nourishing vitamin complex and vitamin A. the Evolution PM products have gradual and sure results and can be used confidently for hair growth.

Types of Gibson Electric Guitars

Types of Gibson Electric Guitars

Gibson Electric Guitars

Gibson provides a variety of styles for the electronic guitars to match the requirements of musicians. They also have an array of user friendly guitar accessories which makes your guitar experience heavenly.

Gibson is the market leader in the industry of guitars, name a type of guitar and they have it!!. They also have an array of user friendly guitar accessories which makes your guitar experience heavenly. I would like to give a brief insight into the various categories of electronic guitars

Categories of Gibson Electric Guitar

Gibson provides a variety of styles for the electronic guitars to match the requirements of musicians. All the electronic guitars are spread across the following style categories:

Les Paul Series: This is one of the most used and popular guitar models of Gibson. The list of Les Paul model user includes the likes of Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Gary Moore, Les Paul himself (No surprise lol) and many more. The prices of guitars in this category ranges from as low as $600 to $13000.

SG Series: This model also witnessed a lot of famous followers which includes Eric Clapton, George Harrison and so on. The price of these guitars ranges from $500 – $ 4000. This model is one of the most successful models of Gibson guitars.

ES Series: ES is also one of the most famous and popular labels in the guitar world and the famous name in this category is blues legend BB King. This series ranges between $1200 and $ 8200.

Electronic guitars

Archtop series: This guitar is one of the most used by blues artists. This category includes some of the really costly guitars which is there in the music industry. This series ranges from a low price of $3600(I know!) to a higher price of $ 24000(Yup its true!).

Explorer Series: Explorer series is mainly aimed at youngsters for their flashy looks. Explorer series falls between the ranges of $1200-$1400. The explorer series owns a huge name under its followers list and that is of Jimmy Hendrix.

Flying V series: This is also a stylish and sleek guitar series which is also aimed at youngster for its cool looks. Legend Jimmy Hendrix was also a user of this series. This series falls under $ 1500.

Firebird series: Firebird series is also a well-known electronic guitar model which had some famous names under its users list namely Paul McCartney, Eric Clapton and so on. This series is also priced similar to the Flying V series.

Bass guitars: Gibson has a wide variety of bass guitars which caters to the need of various musicians. Gibson Bass guitars are priced between the ranges of $700 and $2000.

These are the models which are available in the number one company in the guitar industry and each category has its own specialties and charm. Cheers!!