Katarina Jewelry Inc

Katarina Jewelry Inc

Designer jewelry by Katarina Jewelry, Inc.

Katarina Jewelry online offer gemstone jewelry, watches, sunglasses and other jewelry cleaners. It is one of the fastest growing brands in jewelry. All the jewels are simple and elegant. The white gold diamond and the blue diamond rings are the signatures. The sterling silver jewels are sold for wholesale also. Only the high quality brand new items are sold and the site is secured and making it safe to purchase with cards. The watches are available in brands like Citizen, Tag Heuer, etc. and does have selection on both Men’s and Women’s styles that are meant for casual, formal, in fashion or sports categories.

Diamonds are precious and its quality has to be valuable and accountable to every penny. At Katarina Jewelry the experts make certified diamonds inspired by creative designs and use them to embellish the many accessories like rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Engagement rings, wedding bands, and necklaces are the most sorted after. These are available in different carats. Diamond cuff links would definitely make the owners stand out. Ample attention is given to make them perfect and they make the new expressions of style. They are available for everyday use and the designer cuff links that add luxury to the stylish tuxedos.

Katarina Gemstones & Diamonds for betterment of life

Gemstones are believed to have powers to heal and calm mind and spirit. Many people opt to wear gemstones that are designated for their birth star to attract luck and prosperity. But there must be choice while selecting gemstones that how or where to wear them. Everybody has their own favorite jewelry types. Some are fond of rings while some may prefer ear rings. Bracelets are somebody’s favorite and someone else like to have pendants. The likeness is different from person to person. But usually gemstones are common in rings. But what if they have a choice of their own? Katarina Jewelry offers all types of gemstones in all the categories of jewelry. Each category has many designs and they all come in reasonable price as well. The gemstones are attached in silver, yellow gold or in white gold.

The silver jewelry is made in high quality silver that is stylish and elegant and at the same time affordable. Earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and cuff links everything is available in silver with designs for men and women separate. Gold also is available in all the varieties. The gold is available in both the colors, yellow and white. The designs are available in Italian or Indian. The designs are meant for daily use and also for special occasions. Designs that suit jeans and tops are also available. Another option is with Pearls. Jewelry made in gold or silver are embellished with pearl. Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, studs, rings etc are all available with pearl. Many designs are available exclusive for children.

The bridal jewelry set is very popular. They are available as bands and engagement rings, necklaces etc. or as set of matching engagement and wedding rings with beautiful diamonds. Other accessories available at Katarina Jewelry are silver cleaners, jewelry boxes, silver cleaning solution etc. Cuff links, bracelets, and rings for men are available in Tungsten and Titanium. These metals with line of gold are an added attraction. Jewels made of these metals are also made beautiful and attractive with diamond embellishments ranging in different carat purities.

Katarina jewelry is bound to protect the money spent with giving high quality stuff and unique unmatched designs. The variety available at Katarina Jewelry is one of its own achievements. Its satisfaction guarantee promises money back on return of the item within 30 days if the customer is unsatisfied with the design or quality.

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How to Use Prosta Guard And Where to Buy it

How to Use Prosta Guard And Where to Buy it

Prosta Guard Essentials by NaturalWellBeing

How to use Prosta-Guard Essentials

Prosta-Guard Essentials is an all-natural product for the major prostate problems found in men above 50 years of age. It prevents the enlargement of prostate and thus promotes healthy prostate function. It reduces the nighttime urination problems. It helps in easier, stronger urine flow and thus supports in complete emptying of the bladder. It also supports sexual health by providing male hormonal balance.

Take 2 capsules daily with 8 oz. of water.

How and where to buy Prosta-Guard Essentials

Prosta-Guard Essentials is a natural product with the healing power of herbs for prostate issues mainly dealing with enlarged prostate, BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). Prosta-Guard Essentials is manufactured in USA, by Natural Wellbeing Distribution Inc. The product has been NSF cGMP- Certified and thus ensures highest quality. It is also protected by a 90-day, money back guarantee.

Oskar Emil Gents Scorpio Red Digital-Analogue LED Watch

Oskar Emil Gents Scorpio Red Digital-Analogue LED Watch

Oscar Emil watches

This watch employs both analytical and Digital technologies in it which can be appealing to both classy and modern watch lovers. The watch is provided with an alarm system and is 3ATM water resistant. It comes with an international guarantee.

Oscar Emil watches review

Oscar Emil is a UK based company and is established since 1993. Oscar Emil has provided the market with a variety of watches ranging from classic watches to new age digital watches. This article I would like to provide a review on one of their modern watches Digital-Analogue LED Leather strap watch.

The specifications of the watch are as follows: This series comes in square shape (the shape of the front). This watch employs both analytical and Digital technologies in it which can be appealing to both classy and modern watch lovers. The clasp includes a double Locking fold over clasp which hold the watch tight and comfortably. The case of the watch is made by stainless steel which makes it sturdy and strong. The strap or the band is made by leather giving that stylish looks and comfort. The color of the band comes in Silver and the dial color is black. The watch has a date system which shows the day, month and the year. It uses the quartz technology in its working.

Oscar Emil watches review
credits: http://www.ebay.com/


LED Display on Oskar Emil’s Scorpio Watch

The watch employs the LED digital displays for clear and accurate viewing. The watch is provided with an alarm system and is 3ATM water resistant. The watch measures a 27 cm as for its length. The watch comes with a presentation box, instructions and care booklet. It comes with an international guarantee.

Oskar Emil’s Scorpio red Leather watch would be an excellent gift for Valentine’s Day as it is a fine product with many functions. Oscar Emil has crafted this series finely with many features which makes it one of the best value for money watches that is there in the market. It has a stylish design which makes it visually appealing as well and can be a very good option for gifting your Valentine’s Day. Another striking feature of this series of watches is that it includes both analytical and digital interface which attracts both categories of classical and digital watch lovers.

K-Swiss Ariakes Men’s Tubes Run 100 Running Shoe

K-Swiss Ariakes Men’s Tubes Run 100 Running Shoe

K-Swiss Men’s Tubes Running Shoe

K-Swiss has made an attempt to make running an interesting experiencing by the input of various elements for making your feet comfortable while running. K-Swiss have given importance to the main three aspects of a shoe that is the weight, comfort and the durability.

K-Swiss  one of the best in the shoe industry has entered the market with a new and upcoming line of running shoes line named ‘K-Swiss Ariakes Men’s Tubes Run 100’.

K-Swiss has involved some great features to this line of shoes. K-Swiss has made an attempt to make running an interesting experiencing by the input of various elements for making your feet comfortable while running. K-Swiss have given importance to the main three aspects of a shoe that is the weight, comfort and the durability.K-Swiss Ariakes Men’s Tubes Run 100 has been successful in keeping the tube series light weight, comfortable, durable and stylish.

Some of the interesting features of the tubes 100 running shoes are:

  • Has a durable EVA midsole which makes it comfortable for the user to run without strain on their feet, K-Swiss also uses Aostatm II rubber which is known for its endurance.
  • It involves a synthetic upper which is breathable as in there are pores for passing of air through it to make it flexible and cool as air passes through it.
  • It has a stay tied type of shoes lace which avoids any forms of accidents resulting as a result of stepping on it.
  • It has weight of 2.5 pounds which make it really light and can assist the runner in long runs.
  • The design of the shoe is such that it gives that feeling of comfort throughout the running action. This enables the user for going for long runs.
  • One of the best features is the cheap price and the easy availability of the shoes in every store.
  • The groove provided at the bottom provides good grip for the user which along with the light weight makes it user friendly and provides the customers with a relative comfortable level of usage.
  • Last but not the least K-Swiss Ariakes Men’s Tubes Run 100 has also given importance to the style of the shoes which makes it captivating to the eyes of youngsters.

Some of the cons can be the wearing out of the shoes due to improper usage and the colors available are also limited. So according to me considering the pros and cons I would suggest this as a good purchase it contains the three element advantage of being economical, stylish and strong.

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Practical Review about SESAP Audio Companion

Practical Review about SESAP Audio Companion

SESAP 13 Audio Companion

Buy SESAP 13 Audio Companion that offers all clinical content for any surgeon.

The SESAP Audio Companion comes to the lime light in this aspect. This audio contains all the necessary clinical content that must be known to assess any surgeon.

Continuing Medical Education is valuable for any medical profession so as to obtain a re-certification or a renewal of the license awarded to them. A certain amount of mandatory hours are to be spent on seminars, conferences and other activities to obtain these credits. Equally important is the Maintenance of Certification or MOC program of the American Board of Surgery. The requirements for MOC are that the surgeon must hold a valid medical license, must have active hospital privilege, professional references, and must be a current ABS diplomat. As part of the Part II requirement other than spending the mandatory hours mentioned, the surgeon must do a self assessment on his/her lifelong service and must secure 75- higher percentage. It is intended for the surgeons and other surgery residents.

Practical Reviews on SESAP Audio Companion

Practical Review about SESAP Audio Companion comes to the lime light in this aspect. This audio contains all the necessary clinical content that must be known to assess any surgeon. audio is made in mind especially the surgeons enrolled for MOC. It offers expert guidance in solving many daily medical problems and brings about the practice based syllabus as audio presentations that are just fit for a busy surgeon. The information is authoritative and the topics chosen are of educational value and clinically significant. It also gives access to self assessing tests and review cards. It can turn the idle time into more productive time utilization. The audio may be listened to while doing any other activity with the help of an audio device or a computer.

This is an economical and convenient alternative for any seminars or conferences or other CME programs. It enables the surgeons to assess their current knowledge and interpret them in a more useful manner and get prepared for the MOC certification. The tests and practical reviews help them earn some 26 AMA PRA credits. They are available as Audio CD and MP3 Audio DVD. The content is different for the existing surgeons and the residents. In any case the content is tailored made for the intended audience. Avail this go-anywhere CD/DVD and get the to-the-point credit points.

Neurology & Its Practical Reviews

Neurology & Its Practical Reviews

Practical reviews on Neurology by RedShelf

Practical reviews on Neurology from OakStone can help the neurologists beyond expectations. It is a soft copy of a database that contains the most recent articles on this field, well summarized by a team of experts.
Being a doctor can be tiresome. In this competent profession one has to be up-to-date with the latest happenings and developments. Every doctor would want to demonstrate that they are concerned about the good quality of the care that is being provided to the patients. It is important that this care is given in a continuous aspect. This is the main objective for Continuing Medical Education and MOC certification. These two help the doctors improve their knowledge about the latest diagnostic and therapeutic technology and develop new logic solution for many unsolved problems. The various programs conducted by CME are part of improving the quality in patient care. For this doctors will have to attend mandatory hours on seminars, conferences and other programs. This may not be easy for those who have tight work.

Neurologists are the busiest among the medical professionals. The modern life style and eating habits along with the competent work pressure can unnerve anybody. Weak heart due to eating habits lessens the body immune system and people are more prone to neurological disorders. Neurologists must keep updated with any new cause of any common disorder so that they are able to approach the problem in a whole new manner. Neurologists who have updated their knowledge can help those who are more likely to suffer stroke and help them plan strategies to prevent it.

Practical reviews on Neurology is a soft copy that contains the most updated articles on neurology.  Around 16 summary articles form one issue of this. The issues are available through subscription annually and 14 issues are released per year. The package contains an audio version of the review of the articles and is compatible with any MP3 playing device. The issues contain only the most recent articles so there is guaranteed new information every time. These articles help neurologists to prepare for the MOC certification courses. The subscription gives access to online questionnaire. On attempting the questions and passing they can guarantee to gain up to 4 credits in the Category 1 of CME. With Practical Reviews earn those points without having to spend hours at seminars or conferences.

Seismic Audio SA-15T Pair of 15″ PA / DJ / Band Speaker Cabinets Review

SA-15T – Pair of 15 Inch PA / DJ / Band Speaker Cabinets by Seismic Audio

Seismic Audio Speakers specializes in affordable PA Speaker cabinets for DJ/ Band. Their professional line of PA Speakers is available at fairly lower price than the competitors. The company sells direct to customers, cutting out the middle man, and offering PA Speakers for less. Shop any Seismic Audio PA Speakers ranging in size from 8″ to 15″. This article discusses the details of Seismic Audio SA-15T 15″ PA Speaker Cabinets. These speakers will sound great and look great, perfect for band practice and live performances. Read on to know more about Seismic Audio SA-15T Pair of 15″ PA / DJ / Band Speaker Cabinets Review.

Seismic Audio SA-15T Pair of 15″ PA / DJ / Band Speaker Cabinets

The Seismic Audio brand designs products with the notion that every musician should have access to high-quality Pro Audio gear at a reasonable price. Considering this, with this product you will receive a pair of 15 Inch Passive 2-Way PA Speakers. The SA-15T is the most popular and best selling Passive PA Speakers amongst the musicians. The clarity, durability, and affordability of these PA speakers are supreme.

This 15 inches PA / DJ / Band Speaker Cabinets operate at 350 Watts RMS and 700 Watts peak per cabinet. It comes equipped with a 1.5-inch titanium tweeter driver and a frequency response of 45Hz to 20 kHz to ensure that you get amazing sound from your high, mid, and low.

These speakers will deliver the sound you require for DJ gig, a wedding, a church event, or a club gig. They also work great for schools, MC’s, or anyplace requiring a PA application.

Features of Seismic Audio SA-15T Pair of 15″ PA / DJ / Band Speakers

These Pair of Seismic Audio 15″ PA DJ Speakers includes amazing features that will help you produce the quality sound your audience needed. They feature 15″ two-way woofers and a 2.5″ Kapton voice coil. These speakers are quality constructed, with a 5/8” plywood front panel, a full metal grill and a black carpet covering with metal corners for added protection. They include recessed handles to make transporting them easier from the venue. These versatile 700w pro audio speakers feature 1.5″ metal tripod speaker stand mounts on the bottom to help provide you the best set up for the event. These speakers have every specification needed to create a lasting impression on your audience.


  • Pair of Professional 15″ Speaker Mains
  • Model #: SA-15T (Set of 2)
  • Application: PA Speakers / Mains / PA Loudspeakers
  • Active/Passive: Passive
  • Woofer: 15″ Loud Speaker
  • Woofer Specs: 50 oz Magnet and 2.5″ Kapton Voice Coil
  • Tweeter/Horn: 1.5″ Titanium Tweeter Driver with 10 oz Magnet and 1″ Throat
  • Power: 350 Watts RMS; 700 Watts Peak per cabinet
  • Connectors: Two 1/4″ inputs and two Speakon inputs
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz to 20 kHz
  • Crossover: 12/18db per octave 3K Hz high power with dual glass bulb tweeter protection
  • Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB
  • Ports: Dual Ports
  • Grill: Full Metal Grill
  • Handles: Recessed Metal
  • Covering: Black Carpet with Black Metal Corners
  • Enclosure: MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), Plywood Front Panel
  • Pole Mount: Yes
  • Dimensions: 25″H x20″W x16″D
  • Weight: 52 lbs per cabinet
  • Special Features: Can be Daisy Chained
  • Sale Price: $285
  • Warranty: One Year Warranty

Seismic Audio SA-15T Pair of 15″ PA / DJ / Band Speaker Cabinets with Titanium Horns – Caution and Warning
To reduce the risk of electrical shock/ fire – Do not remove the cover (or back). Do not expose this equipment to rain or moisture

No user serviceable parts inside, hence, refer servicing to qualified personnel only.

Seismic Audio SA-15T Pair of 15″ PA / DJ / Band Speaker Cabinets – Customer Reviews

Seismic Audio PA speakers are popular amongst musicians for its quality, durability, and price. This product has received 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Users say it produces good quality sound at a great price compared to others speakers. However, few people mention it is not for pro and is best for beginners. Few users also complain that these speakers cannot handle more than 250 watts and at 300 watts they may just blow.

  • Jeff is using them for almost a year now and says they work great for gatherings. They are very well-built and produce crystal clear sound.
  • Michael says this is a great product for a great price. It is lightweight and well constructed. He was looking for something affordable to do charity events/ talent shows for his daughter’s school. And this is the perfect pair of speakers. Both live and recorded music, as well as speeches, were crystal clear. He highly recommends them.
  • M. D Wilson was very happy with these until they broke after about 15 gigs. Now, only the tweeter makes a little sound. They didn’t last, with very minimal use.
  • Don says these speakers are terrible. They buzzed and were very hollow sounding. He is finally returning them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I daisy chain these speakers?

You can daisy chain other SA-15T speakers by using one of the available ¼” or Speakon output jacks on the primary speaker. (Note: daisy chaining causes the impedance to change. Ensure your amplifier is stable based on the amount of speakers you have in a daisy chain.)

Can these SA-15T speakers be pole mounted?

Yes, these speakers have a metal top hat installed on the bottom for pole mounting. It will fit a 1 3/8” speaker pole stand.

Can a Microphone or MP3 player plugged into the connection jack on the back of the speaker?

No, the connection jacks on the back of the speaker are only useful for powering the speaker from an amplifier

Do these speakers have a built in crossover?

Yes, there is a crossover built into each SA-15T. The crossover point is 2.5K.

SA-15T - Pair of 15 Inch PA / DJ / Band Speaker Cabinets

SA-15T – Pair of 15 Inch PA / DJ / Band Speaker Cabinets

by Seismic Audio 4 out of 5stars (159 Customer Ratings)

Price: $284.99
These amazing 15 inch PA speaker cabinets with Titanium Horns deliver every sound loud and clear, with exceptional range.

Great deal & Good quality Speakers

4 stars out of 5 by Patricia for SA-15T – Pair of 15 Inch PA / DJ / Band Speaker Cabinets

My husband is a DJ and is very pleased with everything about them. The speakers have great sound. And it works as expected by the user.


Seismic Audio SA-15T is bang for the buck. These are simply the best Pro Audio gear for all PA applications – use it for the garage band, live sound, stage, studio or more. These powerful speakers are perfect for creating a lasting impression. Make your next event remembered by all with a Pair of Seismic Audio SA-15T 15″ PA DJ Speakers.

Kinkoo Portable Chargers: Charge your devices anywhere

Kinkoo Portable Chargers: Charge your devices anywhere

Kinkoo all-in-one portable charger by Kinkoo international limited

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The Kinkoo Portable Charger can help you charge your cell phones, players and other gadgets anywhere you want. It can charge some of the most well known and standard mobile devices with fast charging speeds.

The Kinkoo Portable Chargers have a huge 8000 mah capacity and a smart output control system. The Portable Chargers by Kinkoo can be used for all apple and Android smartphones, even old school phones, Tabs, GoPro cameras, MP3 players, mobile gaming devices, Bluetooth devices and numerous other USB charged devices. To know if the Kinkoo Portable Chargers have to be charged, look for the Led indicator on the top of the device. If the LED is not on, it is time to charge the Kinkoo Portable Chargers and it will blink until the device is fully charged.

A General Review on Kinkoo Portable all-In-One Charger

The Kinkoo Portable Chargers can be recharged for around 500 full cycles and partial or half cycles are not included in this. They  are suited for use anywhere and when you travel internationally, make sure that the adapter’s input voltage is compatible with the wall outlets. You can charge the Kinkoo Portable Chargers through AC adapter (2A output), through computers, and laptops. The charging time for the AC adapters is 4 to 6 hours and 8 to 12 hours using computers.

The Kinkoo Portable Chargers consumes less than 100 uA and this will take some 3.5 to 20 years to completely drain the battery. 80% of the Portable Chargers’ capacity can be retained for 1 year even if its idle. If the Chargers does not charge your device, first check that the connection between the charger and device is secure and if not, replace the cable.

The Kinkoo Portable Chargers voltage must be compatible to the electronic device and the source and also make sure that they  has enough charge before trying to charge your device. There is a 15 month warranty period on the Kinkoo Portable Chargers which you can use of it does not perform properly.

The Kinkoo Portable Chargers are made of really high quality materials and will take care of your charging needs for a long time, anywhere.

Medicus Golf Training: The best Golf Clubs and Accessories

Medicus Golf Training: The best Golf Clubs and Accessories

Buy golf accessories online at Medicus golf training

The Medicus golf training clubs are the easiest to use on the range. They are also easy to use to hit live balls.

Medicus golf training will provide you with golf clubs, putters and other accessories that will have you trained like a pro. The Medicus Driver has been chosen as the #1 swing trainer club in the world by the pros and it is the most in-demand golf trainer ever. Both amateurs and professionals have found the Medicus golf training extremely useful. The Medicus Driver from the Medicus golf training is better than ever now.

Medicus Driver – Medicus Golf Training

The Medicus Driver from Medicus golf training will ensure that your shots are perfect by getting rid of slices and hooks. Your shots will be longer, straighter and more accurate with the Medicus golf training. With time, you will start learning to swing the Medicus Driver without breaking it and your swings will be in tempo and the right plane.

The Medicus golf training clubs are the easiest to use on the range. They are also easy to use to hit live balls. The Medicus golf training clubs have the newest technology to train for the present oversized drivers. You will also find that the Medicus golf training are equipped with the next generation driver training aids.

The Medicus Dual-Hinge 460cc Driver is a patented Medicus golf training aid that will give you an instant feedback to make sure that you do not swing incorrectly. This will help you understand mistaken swings. The Medicus Dual handle Putter Trainer for the Medicus golf training will temporarily attach you to your own personal putter trainer that will help you to improve and train your putting stroke. You can get a back and forth strokes with a proper pendulum motion.

Also included in the Medicus golf training kits are the Putt Like A Pro instructional DVD featuring Mark O’Meara and the Medicus Inventor Bob Koch. This will help you improve your Medicus golf training with proper swing plane and swing tempo. You will also better your consistency and swings repeatedly.

With Medicus golf training, you will receive the necessary tips and lethally effective training in golf that will match any pro golfer.

Micro brewed beer of the month club Canada

Micro brewed beer of the month club Canada

Beer of the month Clubs by Cellars Wine Club

Beer has been always considered as an essential element in western civilization, beer has always enjoyed a warm position in the hearts of people.
Beer is made through the process of saccharification of starch. One of the major differences between regular brewing and micro brewing is the amount of beer produced. These micro brewed beers are distributed by many clubs in Canada. Among them is the famous type of club Beer of the month Clubs which sends beer to doorsteps of their clients.

At present there are many companies which brew beer in Canada. Now let me give you an idea about the process of micro brewing, micro brewing refers to the brewing of beer in a comparatively smaller facility where the preference is given to the flavor of the beer, there are many microbreweries in Canada which specializes it in its own unique recipe for brewing the beer.

Now of the famous beer of the month clubs which also deals with microbreweries are:

Canadian Beer Club

This is one of the most popular beers of the month in Canada, this was founded in 2002 and involves in beer from all over the world along with the special micro brewed native ones. The member receive newsletter along with 12 of their finest beers. The membership is made exclusive only for the residents of Canada. They employ some of the finest connoisseurs to analyze the beers.

Sherbrooke liquor, Edmonton, Canada

The next famous club is the Sherbrook Liquor store inventories almost more than 600 brands of beer and the member of this club receives 12 beers categorized into two varieties. There are occasions where the members get three varieties of beers. The club restricts its delivery to the premises of Edmonton, Sherwood Park and St. Albert. Membership plans are offered in three modes they are 3 months, 6 months and one year.


This is also one of the most popular beers of the month clubs which provides its members with some of the best beers in the market and off the market. This clubs puts a lot of emphasis on the local micro-brewed beers which are known for its flavor and tradition. The member of this club gets a total of six bottles of some of the finest micro-brewed beers along with a newsletter which tells the story behind the picking of the respective beers. It also provides various options regarding payments which are flexible for the customers. It plans from one month to a year. The company is even promising a refund if the customers are not satisfied.

These are some of the most popular and finest beer of the month clubs. Join a club and enjoy the magic of finely brewed beers along with your friends and family. Cheers!!

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