Maryland CPA examination requirements

Maryland CPA examination requirements

Wiley CPA Exam Review 2012, Financial Accounting and Reporting

CPA exams are a necessity to flourish your accounting career.

Now for the Maryland CPA examination requirements you need to ensure that you go through its educations, age and financial requirements thoroughly to be confident to sit for the exams without any sudden surprises on the day of examination. Below mentioned are the requirements that you need to fulfill to sit for you Maryland CPA exams.

Educational Requirements to appear for CPA Maryland Examination

The minimum educational requirement to appear for the Maryland CPA examination is that you have completed you Bachelor’s degree. The requirement to receive your CPA license is that you complete at least 150 semester hours. In addition to this a minimum of 27 hours of accounting course is required and a minimum of 21 hours of related subjects along with extra 3 hours of ethics course too.

You also need to meet the age tier of 18 years or above to appear for your Maryland CPA exams but US citizenship is not a necessity.

Fee Structure

The initial application fee for the Maryland CPA examination is $ 60

CPA exam Requirement in Iowa

CPA exam Requirement in Iowa

Wiley CPA Exam Review 2012, Financial Accounting and Reporting

If you are thinking to go for a CPA exam in Iowa then ensure that you know all the requirements of Iowa CPA exams before investing in collecting the CPA review materials. The Iowa CPA examinations are to ensure that the newly passed out Certified Public Accountants are as experienced and trained as possible prior to starting their new career. You can find the requirements below.

Educational Requirements to appear for Lowa CPA Exam

The minimum educational requirement would be Bachelors degree with a completion of at least 150 semester hours (225 quarter hours) of college education.

In addition to this you should have also completed at least 24 semester units in business or accounting that too above an introductory level. Along with this you also need to have completed 24 semester units of courses related to business. You should ensure that you have completed undergraduate courses related to accounting and other areas of business administration too. Neither age nor US citizenship is a bar while applying for your Iowa CPA exams.


Fee Structure

The application fee for the Iowa CPA examination is $135. And the registration fee for 1 section exam, 2 section exams, 3 section exams and 4 section exams is $145 each respectively.

Required accounting courses for CPA exam

Required accounting courses for CPA exam

Wiley CPA Exam Review 2012, Financial Accounting and Reporting

There was a time when required accounting courses for CPA exam just included holding a Bachelor’s degree in accounting with 120-credit and that used to be enough to sit for the CPA exam but now the requirements include much more. These requirements are governed by the ‘state board of accountancy’ of that respective state.

In United States one needs to pass a CPA examination to be licensed as a Certified Public Accountant. Different states have different set of pre-requisites to be allowed to appear the CPA exam and different set of requirements to grant a CPA license too.

Requirements for appearing for the CPA Examinations

Above all the requirements accounting courses are the most vital to appear for the CPA examinations. The required accounting courses for CPA exam include undergraduate accounting concentrated courses, related courses in business administration, courses in financial accounting, management accounting as well as courses in taxation and auditing. Normally introductory level accounting courses are not considerable. Other required accounting courses for CPA exam include courses in cost accounting. Some states also consider municipal and government accounting courses as the required accounting courses for CPA exam. In addition to the accounting courses, courses in related to business and business administration are also necessary for CPA exams.


CRKT Edgie Review

CRKT Edgie Review

CRKT Edgie Self Sharpening Knife by Tacpack

Mankind has started its journey with the help of sharp objects and he knew how to sharpen tools thoroughly. Since the first light of the daggers and knife, things have changed and it takes some skills to sharpen these beasts. You could use stone or sharpening tools to get the job done. However, it is time consuming, it is not possible to keep them in condition every now, and then. How about self-sharpening knives? “Wonderful and ingenious idea right”! CRKT brand offers you a wide range of collections. If you are on the lookout for a real beater knife that you can rough handle and easy to carry along, then CRKT Edgie is the right pick. Scroll down below to know more about this small beast that cuts easily and sharp.

About CRKT Edgie

CR6442: Self Sharpening “Edgie ” Folder w/2.9″ Plain Edge from Columbia River

This CR6442 self sharpening edgie knife is a utility folder that sharpens itself! It has an internal diamond strip that hones the high-carbon steel blades every time they go in and out. CR6442 exhibits a sturdy InterFrame build and comes with a stainless steel clip for hanging inside your pockets or against clothes. It has a handle length of 10.5 cm when closed and the total length while open is around 17.8cm. This tiny beast weighs around 108 grams and is one of the budget oriented knifes which is great for daily use. This knife has a patented design and is the brainchild of Maj. Howard Pope ( USAR Ret.). I must say he has put a lot of hard work into its design and working mechanism.

The Edgie is an affordable prototype of high priced similar function knifes. It has a broad appeal and the stylish curve looks simple. As I said before, a 400-grit diamond-coated spring sharpener is present inside the folder frame. It stands at the right place such that every time the knife goes in and out of the folder it gets a sharpening stroke from the spring. So sharp that it precisely cuts through its prey and comes out clean.

Therefore, it gives you some real time off from sitting and sharpening your knife with the help of stones and wheels. This blade is perfect for people who use it constantly and indulge in long working sessions. If you are a person who loves outdoors then this knife can be a handy tool.

The steel blades have a satin finish and have a full width spine that literally cuts deep down. Made of high-carbon stainless steel it looks simply amazing with the dual hollow grinds and the single cutting edge. This single cutting edge is so sharp that you can pierce easily through cardboards, ropes, and even juicy veggies with the perfect slices. This micro-serration is possible to due to the internal sharpening mechanism.

CRKT Edgie feeling

CRKT brand is so popular and who does not love to own a masterpiece from their roof. They have all sorts of knifes designed by expert toolmakers. They have great picks when it comes to EDC knifes.

I have always wanted a CRKT EDC knife but never had the time to buy one or let’s say used my old knife itself. I had to sharpen it every time I use and then the same thing over and again. The reason for purchasing this knife was because it has the self-sharpening stuff that tempted me to get one.

I ordered a piece and I received a small neatly finished cardboard box. The knife comes with a decent package with a CRKT label imprinted on it. The interesting thing is that you get a catalog that tells you how to use the knife in various action modes.

When I held it for the first time, I felt like having something that looked sleek and stylish. It is lightweight and perfectly rests in my hand. I never felt like I was holding something extra in my hand with difficulty. It was easy to use as I just made some moves in the air.

This knife has a pocket clip that I actually liked. It stands on one side and does not switch to the other side. You can actually clip it to your pockets or gears while at work. It is simple clings on easily. If you do not want the clip then you can simply remove it and keep aside. The knife is easy to hold even when the pocket clip is on so you do not really have to bother about it.

The CRKT EDC knife  knife has the perfect mix of thickness and thinness that it easily fits into the hand while at work. When you put in the pockets, it seems to be small and it is easy to pull out. The zytel handle has a checkered design that provides the right grip. Whether your hands are wet or dry you can easily pull the knife along and get with your work. It does not slip off as the reinforced nylon fiber handle gives a sturdy grip. The dual hollow grinds present on one-side cuts through thin and thick materials just like that.

I tried cutting paper with the help of this and it was cleanly doing its job. It also cuts through thick leather quite smoothly. Even though it does these with the help of dual hollow grinds, I felt it was not of much use. I would not use a knife to cut through paper and other stuffs. This feature is perfect for those who are crazy about knifes and pick it for every single job.

Again, beware with this knife because it is not that easy to use at the first time you hold it. It has a slip joint action that works steadily. If you do not use the knife properly, there are chances that you get a cut in your hand when it closes back. So make sure to get some practice before using this knife. My friends have this knife and it is from them I knew about this beast. It has a great profile and stylish length of 17.8 cm while wide open. It has the perfect size and not too long. I love this knife and one of the best EDC knives I have ever seen.

The self-sharpening feature is what I liked the most as I can go around my garden and cut through the ropes and unwanted stuffs without sharpening. I carry it almost everywhere I go right inside my pockets. It does not slip of and holds tight on to my pant pockets without hurting me. It goes in and out the folder frame with a little tightness. However, once you get used to this knife you can easily pull it on and off the folder. This knife has many features that you can find in high priced versions. It has a simple design with almost all features you want. I am not sure if this one is the best but it is simply not like the rest and offers something much better than other brands. For the price and features this knife is a sure hit worth buying.

Customer Reviews

CRKT Edgie features wharncliffe blade made of high carbon stainless steel. The blades beat through the layers thoroughly and the self-sharpening feature is what makes customers crazy. The diamond girt and the zytel handle has taken the right place and offers the knife an extra edge. In a matter of time one ill get used to the slip joint features and it does really well. To sharpen the knife all you have to do is open and close it for a few times and your knife is ready to go.

CRKT Edgie

CRKT Edgie

by Tacpack 4 out of 5stars (347 Customer Ratings)

Price: $26
If you are looking for a real beater knife that you can easy to carry and handle rough, then CRKT Edgie is the right one.

Sharp & Solid

4 stars out of 5 by Tonya for CRKT Edgie

Self sharpening knife. Go and add it in your cart its worth the money

Word from buyers: “this knife runs smoothly and cuts down the sticks just like a pro. It is great utility tool and perfect for any household use. I am not sure what else it can do, however it has a great build and body.”
Another customer says, “This knife is one of the best he has ever bought and it really kills the leather into pieces. He says this knife is easy on the pocket and has all the features of sophisticated knife”

CRKT Edgie: Conclusion

CRKT Edgie has a stable body and offers superior support. The interframe build, stainless steel body, the spring and the satin finish complements its look. The pocket clip adds to the beauty of the knife and it is well worth for the penny spent. There are variants of this model available with a locking feature. This EDC knife lives long without any major defects. You can totally rough handle and play with it as you like. It will stay good for years to come and this beast comes with CRKT limited lifetime warranty. This knife is quite impressive and stays inside the hands perfectly. If you want something simple and hold tight like a piece of tool in your hands then go for this.

How to use a Samsung UN32EH4003 LED HDTV as a Computer monitor

How to use a Samsung UN32EH4003 LED HDTV as a Computer monitor

Samsung UN32EH4003 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV (2012 Model)

The Samsung UN32EH4003 32-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV offers HD Picture Quality that has pretty amazing features.

Wow!! Samsung UN32EH4003 LED HDTV as a Computer Monitor!!!

Samsung UN32EH4003 LED HDTV

If you were one of those few who thought a TV is meant to be a TV and not a Computer monitor, then you are probably going to change your decisions soon with the range of Samsung HDTV’s coming up with features enabled to connect your television to your PC.  Many would ask Why? Over 60% of all people who want to connect their Television as a monitor is because they find it great to play games. Specially with all those extra speakers already attached to the television and a wider battle field, it looks just the right thing to have for a Game. May it be the Next NFS or the Combat games, nothing beats playing on your HDTV! the bigger the better.

What else? A load of other things. People love to watch downloaded movies in HD and there are yet others like me who use it as a monitor!!

Whatever the case, whatever the use, You can connect your PC To the Samsung UN32EH4003 LED HDTV or for that matter any samsung HDTV with a HDMI cable. The HDMI to HDMI Cable will all the be required to connect your PC to the HDTV. Changing the Display setting in Your OS to Clone View or extended should be the only setting you will be required to do to start viewing on your Samsung UN32EH4003 LED HDTV!


Most computers are plug and play! so you will not have to worry about the Samsung UN32EH4003 LED HDTV settings at all. There is one glitch though. You will need seperate cables to connect your Audio from your PC to the HDTV!  Also note that there are no Wireless connections from your Samsung UN32EH4003 LED HDTV to the PC!!!

SAMSUNG UN32EH4003 WiFi Internet Connection

SAMSUNG UN32EH4003 WiFi Internet Connection

Samsung UN32EH4003 32-Inch 720p LED TV

The Samsung UN32EH4003 32-Inch 720p LED TV comes with pretty amazing features such as HD quality viewing, built-in connectivity & so on.

The SAMSUNG UN32EH4003 can work on internet from an external device as it does not come with a built in Connectivity system.

Since the SAMSUNG UN32EH4003 is one of the base models, There are a few of features including direct internet access which is not available on the SAMSUNG UN32EH4003.


Although the television does not provide this function in itself a 2010-12 Samsung BD player can be used to connect to the internet and display the content on the television. the 2010-12 Samsung BD player acts as a reciever for Wifi connections and internet facility making it affordable and easy to use. Of course this is a hassle if you are using the Wifi connections very often. In that case we recommend a more Advanced Samsung LED HDTV with built in WiFi connections.

Tacpack Review- Tactical Gear Subscription Box

Tacpack Review- Tactical Gear Subscription Box

TacPack Monthly Subscription

Subscribe to TacPack and you can avail of new trending gears and accessories every month.

Monthly Subscription Boxes are becoming popular across a number of industries. The most popular boxes have to do with food, makeup, art and fashion. TacPack is applying the model to tactical, gun-related and survival gear. Many people have an interest in sports, shooting, camping and surviving. Now they can carry one box with them which contains all equipment; those boxes are called tactical boxes. TacPack offers these tactical boxes. It is a gift box full of tactical gear. People use these packages, instead of buying expensive equipment, as these boxes contain everything they need. Read more about Tacpack review.

TacPack offers these packages through online at a very affordable price. The quality of the equipment is same as that of the equipment which you can find in some stores. TacPack delivers the gift box, full of tactical gear to your door- step every month. There is always a new box every next month with a new content which always get better and better. They last for a long time and in every box there are accessories for maintaining the equipment.

TacPack was created to provide people with quality products on a monthly basis so that they can try new stuff. They test each product before it goes into the box. The box usually contains an MSRP $70 + worth of gear. You can place an order for 1, 6 or 12 months. They charge you monthly on the 15th. You can cancel the subscription at any time by simply sending an email to the company. Their boxes contain an assortment of tactical goods, EDC gear, soft goods, tactical tools, cleaning supplies.

The goal of the company is to partner with some of the exciting brands in the industry, to give people a chance to try their products.

TacPack Coupon Codes

TacPack is a subscription company who are specialized in survival and shooting sports. Ever month TacPack delivers 3 to 7 pieces of EDC gear, tools, tactical gear, cleaning supplies, soft goods and many. They offer it at affordable prices. Gold Member Legacy of TacPack contains Pewter, FDE/Gold, Worn Brass, Coyote Brown, Earthtone, Rainbow, TP Yellow, and Brass. All these increase quality. They give surprise every month with all gears. Get great discounts and offers by using TacPack coupon codes and discounts by using TacPack coupon codes and discount codes.

Updated November 2016

  • 47% off & 15% off on
  • All Orders TacPack Discount Code
  • TacPack Coupon, TacPack Promo Code
  • Discount Code Sales Deals
  • Free Shipping.

TacPack Review By Customers

TacPack seems like it could be something to look forward to every month. As far as value goes, it looks like you’re basically breaking if you do the 1 -month trial. You can save $ 5 if you went with 6 months and $7.5 for a full year. The great thing is that you can cancel the subscription at any time. Just email info @ to end your subscription. Few customers have the feeling that it is probably a bit dicey on value. But they are happy because TacPack provides full of unique stuff that wouldn’t have known to buy on their own.

TacPack Subscription Box Review

TacPack Subscription Gift boxes were created because

  • It’s an excellent gift idea for shooters, hunters, outdoorsmen and survivalists
  • Get a new surprise box each month loaded with all sorts of gear.
  • It’s a way to become introduced to new/emerging products in the shooting industry.

July Subscription Box Review -2016

Details of contents in the box

  • Key Smart Rugged: The Key Smart has developed this bomb proof upgraded version of the ordinal Key Smar.t This is a new, more beefy version of the Key Smart that seems very sturdy. This is a great inclusion and one that just about anyone can use.
  • Gerber Hook Knife: This is a handy little device that may save your life. It can be used for cutting clothing, webbing, string, and similar items without binding in spite of its size. It’s simple to split ring attachment allow to mount this anywhere – on your gear, key ring etc..
  • Strike Industries Angled ForeGrip: It is pretty handy for AR pistol shooters. The Foregrip has a clever ledge on the front that makes it easy to lock into a barricade while shooting.
  • TacPack Smooth Operator Hat: This cap is made with a Velcro Patch Area and TacPack logo is woven into the Velcro.
  • Gang Bangers Anonymous Patch: Tack Pack continues their Gang Bangers Anonymous theme with a new GBA patch. Few people also received one of 20 muzzle brakes from Bull Moose Tactical. Those who didn’t get a muzzle brake, the box include a 25% off coupon for Bull moose Tactical.

August Subscription Box Review -2016

Details of contents in the box

  • Exotac Firesleeve: It’s the most critical component in a survival situation. It is water resistant, easier to grip, easier to keep lit and adding a land yard loop.
  • America Grip Dagger Multi- Tool: It’s an AR-15-centric multi-tool than any other. It is solid for clearing some nasty types of stoppages. It can be used to push pins, adjust optics, as a flat blade screw driver and bolt scraper
  • Kershaw EDC Pack: Many of Kershaw’s knifes are pretty inexpensive but not cheap. The pack includes a small multi – tool , a Kershaw knife, a flash light and a branded dog tag.
  • Breakthrough Clean Hp Pro: It is a blend of the finest quality synthetic oils available. Wide Temperature range, facilitates cleaning, Water and steam resistant, Non- flammable, -Non- toxic, Non- Hazardous are some of the advantages. It is 100% synthetic. A 10% off coupon code was also included for future Breakthrough clean purchases.

TacPack GBA Sticker

September Subscription Box Review -2016

Details of contents in the box

September’s box is another one that delivers not only good value but useful items.

  • Nine Line Apparel Swag Pack: Nine Line apparel is represented in a big way in September’s box . They included a sticker, a koozie, and a t-shirt.
  • Bellflower Ak47: This is an aluminum bottle opener that is shaped like an Ak-47. It is encrusted in a gold color.
  • Ready Man Survival Card: Ready Man makes a variety of these cards. The one included in the box has a variety of fish hooks, frog spears, and other useful survival goodies. It is packed into one easy to carry credit card form.
  • Wild Hedge Hog Tactical: There is no need to have too many first aid kits. There is a coupon for 20% off at their site. One of their Ouch Pouches is a compact, water resistant first aid kit.
  • Armaspec ST-45 Ambi Selector: This is a safety selector for the AR10/AR15 platform.

October Subscription Box Review -2016

Details of contents in the box

The October box contains a handful of items that retail higher than the fodder included in most subscription boxes. There are only few items than you may find in a typical box but the quality is also better the most.

  • Break Through Clean Battle Born Grease: Breakthrough clean represents some of the most advanced lubricant technology. It stays better on handgun side rails, trigger engagement surfaces and in places that are hard to access.
  • Tactical Oat Meal Mag Carrier: It is designed to accept a wide variety of belt hardware or MALICE clips.It may be stacked with other Tactical Oatmeal Magazine carriers in a variety of ways.
  • Cittac EDC Beetle Buster: Cittac makes steel targets and very slick flat pack target stands. Beetle Buster is a great EDC tool.
  • Trayvax Wallet: It is actually of made thin steel with an adjustable strap to carry cards. It is a RFID resistant wallet that is nice and slim.
  • Gang Bankers Anonymous Patch: This patch is in perfect delivery time for your Halloween training courses.

November Subscription Box Review-2016


  • Fenix E01 Compact High Performance LED Flashlight
  • ABKT Tactical Multi-Tool
  • Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth
  • Miracle All Purpose Polishing Cloth


TacPack usually contains an MSRP of $70 -$100 worth of gear. This depends largely on how they strike a deal with in terms of wholesale cost. Their Golden rule – You can cancel at any time, no strings attached, no fees, no wait. Your TacPack will ship between the 15th and 16th of each month. You need to sign up the last day of the month to get the next month’s TacPack. You will be charged on the day you sign up and the recurring bill will begin 18th of the following month. For subscription to TacPack service, they charge $49.95 plus $5 for shipping. To order for last month’s box, you need to mail at info@

Invitebyvoice Sound Module For Greeting Cards

Invitebyvoice Sound Module For Greeting Cards

Sound Module For Greeting Cards by Invite by Voice LLC

Nothing beats your voice recorded greeting card for the wedding ceremony or party invitation or any important announcements or marketing broachers/materials. Yes, Invite by Voice LLC offers sound module which uses voice chip and sound module technology to custom your greeting cards in your own recorded voice. Read on to know everything about Invitebyvoice Sound Module For Greeting Cards, one of its kind technologies for your next invitation.

Invitebyvoice Sound Module For Greeting Cards – Introduction

Invite by Voice LLC is set up in Eden Prairie, Minnesota, USA. Before commencing business, it has spent numerous hours into experimenting and refining musical sound module technology. But today Invitebyvoice have perfected an easy way to record your speaking voice, your favorite song or poem into a small electronic device that fits discreetly into a greeting card. These sound modules for greeting cards add an element of fun and surprise to your invitations, announcements, or packaging.

Invitebyvoice Sound Module For Greeting Cards – Products

Slide Tongue Re-Recordable Module For Greeting Card

The Slide Tongue Re-Recordable Sound module for greeting cards can be recorded from videos, sound files (any format), voice recordings, phone messages, etc. It records directly from any device quickly and easily. It does not require any particular software and works with any device such as Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android, MP3 player, etc. The included audio chip can hold around 100 to 120 seconds of recording. The sound volume of the recordable module is controllable using the sound volume of your device. This re-recordable module allows you to re-record as many times as you want.

Slide Tongue Sound Module is of ideal use as musical greeting cards, marketing materials with sound, special gifts, school projects, talking invitations and more.


  • It can be re-recordable for maximum duration up to 100 seconds
  • It has a long life cycle – plays 300 to 350 times on average. But replace 3 LR1130 batteries and unit will continue to play without any re-programming.
  • The Slide Tongue Re-Recordable Module allows you to re-record as many times as you require.
  • It is easy to assemble. Just peel and stick self adhesive backing on the card.
  • Its slide tongue type play option which starts playing once card unfolded and stop once folded again.
  • It does not require any software to run and works with any device.
  • This directly recording device comes with only one programmer, regardless of your order quantity.
  • It includes a recording cable as well.
  • It comes ready for use with batteries and speaker.
  • The product dimensions and weight are approximately 5 inch x 2 1/2 inch x 3/16 inch (130 mm x 65 mm x 5 mm) and 0.5 oz., respectively.

Programming Steps

Programming the Slide Tongue Re-Recordable Module For Greeting Card is as easy as 1, 2,3..

  • Remove the tab from under the slide tongue
  • Plug audio cable into your device and sound module
  • Start playing the audio in your device and also push the button to start recording
  • Push button again to stop recording
  • Enjoy the recorded voice, song, etc.


Presently, this product sold under Special Price for under $10. Moreover, for added benefit and more savings you can buy them in bulk – 3+ (save 15%), 10+ (save 25%) or 100+ (save 39%).

USB Sound / Voice Recording Slide Tongue Module for Greeting Card

The USB Sound / Voice Recording Slide Tongue Voice module activates by a slider switch. When you remove the sliding tongue, (for example, when you pull open the musical greeting card) the sound module will start playing. And when you insert the tongue again (when you close the musical greeting card) the sound will stop playing automatically. You can plug the voice module by using included programmer into your PC’s USB port and easily record your favorite music or voice message up to 104 seconds with the provided free software.

This recordable card chip has many applications, such as customize musical greeting cards, talking brochures and customize singing books for children. Please note it requires software (provided free), and this software only works with PC, Windows 7 or Windows XP and will not work with other versions or with Mac either.


  • USB Sound / Voice Recording Slide Tongue Module for Greeting Card can be re-recordable for maximum duration up to 104 seconds (@ 16kHz sampling rate).
  • It plays 300 to 350 times on average (replace 3 LR1130 batteries and unit will continue to play. No re-programming required)
  • Just peel and stick self adhesive backing to assemble this product.
  • The slide tongue play type is simple- It starts playing once card unfolded and stop once folded again
  • It includes batteries and speaker for ready to use
  • Regardless of order quantity, you will receive only one programmer
  • The included software only works for PC – it works for operating systems 64 bit and 32 bit.
  • Invitebyvoice’s IBV Sound Loader software is freely distributed “as is”, which is needed for this item.
  • Module Capacity of this unit is 104 seconds @ 16kHz, 139 seconds @ 12kHz, 167 seconds @ 10kHz, 209 seconds @ 8kHz and 279 seconds @ 6kHz.
  • The product measurement and weight is about 5 inches x 2 1/2 inch x 3/16 inch (130 mm x 65 mm x 5 mm) and 0.5 oz.


Currently, buy this product under Special Price for under $7. For addition gains and more savings purchase this item in bulk – 3+ (save 8%), 10+ (save 15%) or 100+ (save 29%).

Invitebyvoice Sound Module For Greeting Cards – Difference Between “Record Directly” And “USB Recordable” Sound Modules

The biggest difference between two options is the way how they record the sound. “Record Directly” as name suggests records from any device that has 3.5 mm audio port. This is the most common audio port which almost all devices have. And, you do not need any special software to record into this kind of sound module. On the other hand, the USB recordable requires a provided free software (software only works with PC, Windows 7 or Windows XP and will not work with other versions, or with MAC either).

Both these kinds have the same recording capacity which is around 100 to 120 seconds. So, if you have Windows 7 or XP or planning to record more than 50 units or so, and if all units records using the same file, then recommended purchase is USB recordable ones. Otherwise, Record Directly module is the best option which is very easy to record for greeting cards.

Invitebyvoice Sound Module For Greeting Cards – Customer Reviews

You will find neutral customer reviews about this product. It has received 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. People say it is great concept, works best, very easy to use and has great sound. Some people appreciate and say it adds more value to their homemade greeting card or DIY card. However, there are some people for whom the product didn’t work and is just a waste of time and money. While few people mention it is a great product but a little bulky to hide it in a card but can be done. See below what people have to say about the product –

Positive Customer Testimonies

  • Kim says it is a great product and easy to use. He is making 2 panel greeting cards and will be including this sound module. He plugs it into a phone and presses record while playing song of choice. The play back is great and says will definitely repurchase.
  • An Amazon Customer says the instructions are easy to follow, has good quality sound and records for a quite a good length of time.
  • Josie was able to record 2 1/2 minutes long which is good. Plus, you can re-record if the first try isn’t what you want. She has recorded using an iPhone and YouTube. She definitely recommends this device to anyone trying to make a handmade greeting card or a scrapbook

Invitebyvoice Sound Module – Negative Customer Testimonies

  • Kathy was disappointed as her device stopped playing after a few weeks
  • Dr. samuel says it is a terrible product which didn’t work on any device.
  • Lisa says this is a great concept great but is not satisfied with the sound quality. Her product sounded like a faint scratchy record player.
  • Daniel says it is hard to get it to work properly, and his unit kept going on even with the card closed.

Invitebyvoice Sound Module For Greeting Cards – Frequently Asked Questions

How does the sound activates in the module?

The sound/ voice are programmed into a module which is powered by a battery and concealed inside the invitation. The cards activate and start playing upon unfolding.

Can I attach LED lights to the sound module?

Unfortunately, no.

Sound Module For Greeting Cards

Sound Module For Greeting Cards

by Invite by Voice LLC 4 out of 5stars (358 Customer Ratings)

Price: $6 – 9
Invite by Voice creates party invitations and custom wedding cards and other marketing materials in a personalized form. It uses sound module technology to custom your greeting cards.

Awesome way to customize cards!

4 stars out of 5 by Dave for Sound Module For Greeting Cards

Its easy to record. Sound clarity is pretty good.

When can I expect my order to receive?

All orders will be shipped next day by USPS excluding Sundays. The estimated delivery time in US varies from 1 to 5 days, depending on the shipping option you select while checkout– first class mail, priority mail or priority mail express.

How can I contact Invitebyvoice?

Contact the company located in Eden Prairie, MN 55347, USA via e-mail – or fill the form with your name, email, phone no and comments on the company website contact us page.

Invitebyvoice Sound Module For Greeting Cards – Conclusion

Invitebyvoice has come up with an amazing and unique idea to personalize greeting cards with your recorded voice. If you want to surprise your loved one on upcoming special occasion, grab one of these sound module today available at best prices.

Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Tables For Sale

Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Tables For Sale

BJ’s Pong Table

Buy BJ’s Pong Tables that are absolutely portable for any occasion.

BJ’S offer both stock design and custom made design Beer Pong tables. BJ’S Custom Beer Pong Tables are amazing, high quality and durable. Three people set up the company and today it is the industry leader in the customize Beer Pong, TailGate and Display table market-place. BJ’S Custom Beer Pong tables are the best-built, most affordable, professional grade line-up on the market available for sale. This article is all about the Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Tables For Sale.

What Are The BJ’s Custom Tables?

BJ’s are the leaders in Professional Grade tournament beer pong custom tables. Unlike competition, they employ multiple graphic design artists to make your unique playing table. You just have to place an order, give your desired design direction either through text, an image, or a phone call and they will turn your dream beer pong table into a reality.

All Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Tables are build with an aluminum frame and finished with a coated melamine surface. Then, they apply the high-gloss, photo-quality designs with a 6 millimeter vinyl laminate. And the resulting product is a more durable build with a liquid and sun resistant surface at an affordable price. Currently the Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Tables For Sale is available on their website. Every BJ’s custom table is design on their own and top finished in their US factory in North Carolina.

What Are The Product Variants Of BJ’s Custom Tables?

BJ’s Custom Tables can be order using three options – Custom Design Tool, Template & Specs and We Design It. Select the best table option which fits your preference.

  • Custom Design Tool – This option is perfect for people who want to get creative. Use BJ’s online custom design tool to create your table. Start with a blank table and choose a design or clip art of your choice from the website and customize.
  • Template & Specs – This is a great option for a graphic design artist. The company loves working with professional designers. Check their exact table dimensions and upload your vectored art file on their site to customize.
  • We Design It – This option let you relax as they handle everything on their own. It is a simple option wherein BJ’s will custom made a Beer Pong Table for you. Just fill out some basic contact information, describe your dream table needs and they will turn it into a reality.

Why To Choose Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Tables?

These tables includes some many great features which will make it your first choice –

  • You will receive a custom design table by a professional graphic design artist
  • It has a durable top surface which last for 6 year.
  • Its construction is using Aluminum frame and legs
  • It adheres to the regulation tournament size
  • It is finished in North Carolina and usually, ships in 2 business days from placing your order
  • The product warranted, finished as well as customer queries are answered by BJ’s.

What Is The Pricing Of Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Tables For Sale?

Everything related to the product is done by BJ’s and that too at reasonable prices. The Prices of custom table varies up to $300. However, currently you can avail the benefit of Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Tables For Sale. The ongoing sale can help you save up to $35. Plus it qualifies for free shipping.

What People Are Saying About Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Tables For Sale?

Most of the players say their custom made Beer Pong Table is better than expected. They are of high quality, portable and a great addition to their homes.

William Metzler says the whole process of ordering at BJ’s was easy and painless. Table is great and exactly how he wanted.

Alex says the custom table he bought as a gift for his friend’s wedding is worth every penny. He adds, not only is the construction and finish of the table exceptional, but the staff even helped him with his specific design of the Sistine Chapel with god and man as the bride and groom for no extra charge. BJ’s makes beer pong art, allowing your dreams come true.

Brian ordered a table on very short notice and beyond his expectations, one week later the table delivers on time as promised. The quality and graphics are excellent great price.

Gina thanks the company for an awesome table. Her table arrived damaged and within 24 hours they had dispatch a new one. She appreciates the instant help, awesome table and customer service.

Are There Any Deals And Promo Code For Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Tables For Sale?

There are many website which provides discounts, coupon codes and promo codes for BJ’S products including custom tables. Look for them and you will find many. Presently, the company is offering sale on these products plus free UPS ground shipping on all US orders. Hurry and take the benefit of sale now. Alternatively, you can even join their mailing list for deals by signing up with your email ID.

Can I Return The Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Tables?

No returns or exchanges accepted on custom designed orders. However, for other products their return policy is – for any reason within 30 days of purchase you can send back the product if it remains unused and in its original packing for full refund.

When Will I Receive My Custom BJ’S Beer Pong Table?

Custom or Personalized Design table normally ships within 2 business days from the time of your approval of the design proof. Currently the company offers FedEx Ground free shipping to the lower 48 USA states and Free UPS ground shipping on all US orders. For more details on the company shipping policy, please refer the link –

How Do I Contact The BJ’S?

The company offers customer assistance via email, phone call, mail and ‘contact us’ tab on their website.

  • Email –
  • Phone no. – (855) 457-7664
  • Contact Address- BJ’s Beer Pong, Attn : BJ’s Beer Pong Division, 114 Port Watch Way Suite 107 Wilmington, NC 28412

Contact Us – Fill in details like your name, email, comment/ question and submit someone from the company will get in touch with you.

Samsung UN32EH4003 Edge Lit Or Full Array

Samsung UN32EH4003 Edge Lit Or Full Array

Samsung UN32EH4003 32-Inch LED TV

Which is good  – Samsung UN32EH4003 Edge Lit or Full Array?
If I were in a mood for technicalities and confusion , welcome to the LED Television world. So whats so confusing in the LED Television world? Well first of all , there is nothing much different in an LED Television as compared to the LCD Television but for the lighting source. While the LCD Television used CCFL lights to brighten up and color the television, The LED television uses the LED Lights!

Ok So whats so confusing about it? hmm wait a minute we just got started. LED HDTV’s Are lit up in 4 different ways. Well actually 2 different ways and then an improved version of those 2 to put it in other words.

1. the Edge Lit television : Now here we have the LED Lights on the edge of the television. Works perfect but for a small glitch. Some led televisions have been seen to have a brighter edge. The center of the television seems perfect but the edges are way too brighter!


Now this was improved a bit So part II

2. The Edge Lit Television with Local Dimming : Hmm… When the brighter edges of the television was causing troubles with the customers, Someone in Samsung was trying to control the existing situation. And then came the Edge Lit Television with Local dimming. Meaning, the Edge Brightness was now controllable!!


Now the 3rd!!!

3. Full Array : As the name suggest the Full array hdtv is one that has a full LED Lighting panel behind the screen.


4. The last The full array with Local dimming : Full array again but this time ability to control parts of the screen to adjust light and contrast…


Now what technology is the Samsung UN32EH4003? Ah .. its edge lit with Local Dimming. I am not really sure if there are samsung televisions with Full array! To my knowledge there are none!!