Paradigm’s Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table

Paradigm’s Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table

Paradigm’s Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table

Paradigm Health and Wellness Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table has an exceedingly strong steel frame with a scratch resistant powder coated finish. The Paradigm’s Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table is helpful in reducing back stress and strain by relieving pressure on the vertebrae discs and ligaments.

Paradigm Health and Wellness Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table has an exceedingly strong steel frame with a scratch resistant powder coated finish. This Inversion Table helps reduce fatigue and relax the overall body. Read on to know more about Paradigm’s Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table.

The Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table construction includes very sturdy steel frame that has a scratch resistant powder coated finish. It comes with a foam vinyl covered backrest for a comfortable head and back when inverting. In addition, it has extra long safety handles for easy return to the upright position. This Stretch 300 table offers excellent stress and back relief that to a very affordable price. It has a foam roller and ankle cushions to hold ankles securely and safely.

Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table Features

  • This Inversion table has user weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • The Inversion bench user height adjustment: 4’10” up to 6’6″
  • It has heavy-duty 1.5″ square steel frame construction to prevent any unsteadiness when inverting
  • The backrest has burgundy color 3/4″ soft foam for comfort when inverting
  • The combination foam roller and ankle cushions holds ankles securely and safely
  • Its ankle release system with easy pull pin release Inversion angle adjustment.
  • It has adjustable tether strap to allow for different inverting angles
  • The full loop foam covered handle bars allows for easy return to the upright position
  • This Inversion table promotes stimulation of blood circulations resulting in relief of stiff muscles and improves body flexibility and enhancing athletic performance
  • Just 5 or 10 minutes of inversion every day on this table can relieve lower back aches and pain caused by sitting, standing or any other muscle stress causes
  • Its dimensions and weights are 46.4″L x 27″W x 57″H and 55 lbs, respectively.
  • It comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty.


The Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table is beneficial for many things

  • The Paradigm’s Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table is helpful in reducing back stress and strain by relieving pressure on the vertebrae discs and ligaments.
  • It reduces fatigue and relaxes the overall body.
  • Inversion promotes stimulation of blood flows resulting in relief from stiff muscles.
  • Inversion can increase body flexibility by improving athletic performance.
  • Perform 5 or 10 minutes of inversion daily on this table to relieve lower back aches and pain due to sitting, standing or any other reasons for muscle stress.

Where To Buy?

The Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table is easily accessible online. Various well known retail online sellers like Wal-Mart, Amazon,, and more carries this product. Compare prices across the web to buy this product at best affordable price. If you buy from you can avail benefits like free shipping, rewards, easy return policy, best price and best customer service.

Customer Reviews

The Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table has received impressive customer reviews. On Wal-Mart, it rates at 4.6 out of 5 stars. Most of its users say it has a very good quality construction, nice inversion ability, sturdy and works just great. Some people find this awesome table great for back and say its life save that comes at a best price.

Bruno says its assembly is pretty easy and just took him 1/2 hr after he found the proper adjustment for his height. It comes with easy to follow directions for use. After the first use, the next day he experiences some sore muscles after the stretch, but all soreness is gone the following day.

Dj69 uses this table for just 5 minutes when his back hurts and this usually saves a trip to the doctor. His wife also loves it. His wife is 5’3″ and he is 6’3″ high with 275 pounds and it works for both and holds him very well. He enjoys using it for past few months. He adds the price was low too.

Florman01 says it has very well structure construction and fulfills its purpose, but he complains about the quality of materials. For example, he says the foam of the handles is of very low quality and is broken, in only 3 weeks of use.

Backpain4 says the table had easy to read instruction with all the parts and tools included. It is very easy to put together. The table functions relatively well but has very little padding. He says it would be much more comfortable with more padding. He complains about the hard ankle brace which is uncomfortable on feet when inverted. Apart from this, overall this is a good product which he may buy again and recommends to all.


Exerpeutic Stretch 300 Inversion Table have a wider range of height settings, better weight capacity, a more ergonomically cushioned ankle holder system, and many variety in terms of inversion angles. This is the best product for you if you have complains about stiff muscles and want to relax at home.

Pro Maxima Performance Plus FW-20 Inverted Leg Press

Pro Maxima Performance Plus FW-20 Inverted Leg Press

Pro Maxima Performance Plus FW-20 Inverted Leg Press

Pro Maxima Performance Plus FW-20 Inverted Leg Press has top-of-the-line design and manufacturing. This affordable fitness equipment comes backed with industry-leading warranties separately for Frame and Welds, Mechanical Parts and Upholstery.

Pro Maxima is the well-known name in offering strength, cardio, and fitness conditioning equipment. For over 40 years, Pro Maxima has been the preferred fitness equipment supplier for customers from various industries. Their products are widely supplied to markets, such as hotels, apartments, condos, professional teams, government agencies, military bases, universities, high schools, health clubs, and more. Innovative products and customer satisfaction are the core for Pro Maxima. This article describes the details about Pro Maxima Performance Plus FW-20 Inverted Leg Press.

Pro Maxima leg press have a full line of fitness equipment including cardio, strength training, cross training, fitness accessories, youth & specialty equipment, racks & platforms and power squat racks. Pro Maxima Performance Plus series re-define strength and conditioning through this free weight line of equipment. It is wonderful Performance Plus series equipment that helps strengthen your lower body.

Pro Maxima Performance Plus FW-20 Inverted Leg Press has top-of-the-line design and manufacturing. This affordable fitness equipment comes backed with industry-leading warranties separately for Frame and Welds, Mechanical Parts and Upholstery. Please note the Pro Maxima products are made-to-order and returnable only in rare cases of damage. Please notify all damages on delivery ticket and report within 5 days of receipt of equipment.

The Pro Maxima Leg Press Performance Plus FW-20 Inverted features are

  • It has 2″ x 3″ Gauge steel construction
  • It comes with big non-skid foot plate
  • The 40 oz. seamless upholstery is bacteria free
  • As safety feature, it has safety lockout
  • It features weight plate storage and custom rubber grips
  • It has a durable powder coat finish
  • This product Weighs 500 lbs.
  • Its dimensions are 80″ L x 68″ W x 64″ H
  • The Warranties – for frame and welds – lifetime warranty; mechanical parts – 5 years; upholstery – 1 year
  • Made in the USA product


The Pro Maxima Performance Plus FW-20 Inverted Leg Press is beneficial in following ways –

  • It helps develop leg and lower body strength.
  • The included safety lockout feature is for added safety.
  • For ease, the extra weight plate storage is available on the machine.


  • Brand: Pro Maxima
  • Model: Performance Plus FW?20
  • Height: 64
  • Width: 68
  • Length: 80
  • Weight: 500 lbs

Where To Buy Promaxima leg press?

You can buy the Pro Maxima Performance Plus FW-20 Inverted Leg Press from their official site or other online retailers like,, and more. But there are quite a few reasons for you to buy it from –

  • Live Well rewards – Get 3% back on every order
  • Free shipping on all orders over $75
  • Special offers and coupons like to save 5% off Pro Maxima today. Enter code FIT5 in your cart for 5% off this item.
  • For custom build and custom quote you can contact
  • Best price and best customer assistance

Customer Reviews

There are not many customer reviews for Pro Maxima Leg Press Performance Plus FW-20 Inverted.
However, the Pro Maxima brand and has many loyal satisfied customers. Some customer testimonials for its products and brand are –

Kendall and his team are very pleased with the equipment both by performance and look. He played in the NFL for 15 years and is very well versed in what is good equipment and how it should feel. His workout on the equipment is satisfactory and confidently gives an endorsement for Pro Maxima. He appreciates the exceptional service and mentions everything arrived as ordered and as expected.

Chad from Cy-Fair High School appreciates their outstanding customer service and quality products. The delivery was fast and installation was super quick. The Basketball team kids, as well as the staff, were excited and happy with their new weight room. The service impresses the school people and they look forward to ordering more weight room/ training equipment in the near future.


Pro Maxima is a highly considered brand among people looking for peak performance fitness training equipment and more. To order Pro Maxima Performance Plus FW-20 Inverted Leg Press immediately and buy at a reasonable price, click the link here

Fuelshaker Pro – The Perfect Shaker Bottle

Fuelshaker Pro – The Perfect Shaker Bottle

Fuelshaker to make energy boosting drinks

Fuelshaker Pro is a revolutionary shaker that comes with a sleek design to deliver you energy boosting drinks whenever you are in the need for a quick energy sip.

The Fuelshaker Pro is a new revolutionary shaker with an all new hassle-free mixing system. It is the next step of Fuelshaker, in the fitness innovative journey. It is a hybrid type of bottle that can hold liquid as well as supplement powders. Without a detachable container, supplements can be stored and released. FuelshakerPro provides a slick, modern design, and always provide the best quality drink. The bottle comes with a fueler, in which you can store dry powder for further use. It’s got a capacity of 600 ml of liquid and 50 grams of powder.

It is made of safe, BPA –free Tritan plastic. It is hermetic, resistant, machine washable and easy to use. The push-to-mix technology ensures it’s easy to use. This shaker features two detachable ends and is 100% leak proof. The FuelshakerPro is available in either blue or black. The bottle has hassle- free mixing system, and its loop can be detached when you don’t need it. Fuelshaker Pro works with any protein powder, and the agitator in the shaker mixes it thoroughly. The agitator has a turbine shape and nothing is left unmixed.

The body of the shaker opens in both ways, so cleaning is very easily. It can be put in the dishwasher, because it is designed, with the convenience of dishwasher use in mind. The central part is made of clear plastic, while the ends are a solid color, either blue or black. You can add additional fueler, but it is optional. The additional fueler will let you have more protein on the go. By using a greater quantity of supplements, you will be able to sustain your efforts, whenever you face a harder, longer workout.

How To Use Fuelshaker Pro?

With the Fuelshaker Pro, there is no need to bring snack bags with scoops of powders in it. There is no need to pour your powder from another container into the water bottle. All you need to do is fill your fueler pro with your scoop of protein. Then use the agitator ball as a cap. The agitator fits tight into the top of the fueler and keeps your powders dry until you are ready to mix. After filling the fueler, screw on the cylinder and fill with water. Then attach the top for a leak proof tight fit.

The screw -tight cap, of the lid, ensures that your drink won’t spill. The lid even has a loop to carry. On the bottom of the Fuelshaker pro, there is push button in the center. When you want to release your powder, press the bottom in the middle. It releases your agitator and mixes the powder into the water. Shake well and consume.

Features of FuelshakerPro

  • The bottle is sleek, well designed and offers a pleasing look.
  • The bottle is made of BPA -free polypropylene plastic.
  • It has a Fueler Pro powder cartridge.
  • Hassle-free push mixing system.
  • Turbine-shaped agitator helps for a perfect mix.
  • 100% leak proof technology.
  • The lid has a loop for easy carrying.
  • It is easy to clean; each component is detachable and can be washed safely in a dishwasher.
  • The bottle comes with a Fueler cartridge that can store supplements. It is airtight and sealed and keeps all powders completely dry and uncontaminated.
  • The product comes in a variety of colors and one can choose from 11 different colors for the cap, bottle, and agitator.
  • Fits to any cup holder.
  • The Capacity of the bottle is 600ml.

FuelshakerPro – Guidelines to use

  • Keeping the international safety standards in mind the Fuelshaker has been designed in Switzerland.
  • The product is not intended for use in a microwave oven. The parts of the bottle are completely safe. But the small stainless steel components cannot be placed inside the oven.
  • The container should not be placed inside the freezer. The product may crack or damage due to extreme switch in temperature. If it is kept inside then keep the container open and the agitator left outside.
  • You should not carry hot liquids or fluids, because it may increase the pressure on the material causing it to crack.


The Fuelshaker Pro is a unique hybrid bottle. It allows users to store liquids as well as any supplements they might be using. The three key advantages offered by FuelshakerPro are Leak-Proof Design, Safe to use in a Dishwasher and Hassle-free Mixing System. With the FuelshakerPro, there is no need to bring snack bags with scoops of powders in it. The product is designed to give users the freedom to carry their supplements with them. There is no need of any extra water bottles or containers which store their supplements. The product is awarded 5 stars rating.

COPA Cargo Table Cart – Makes Your Beach Outing Easier

COPA Cargo Table Cart – Makes Your Beach Outing Easier

Everywhere Chair LLC

Buy Copa Cargo Table Cart and many more supplies for family who is planning a weekend outing. From umbrellas to chairs, Everywhere Chair LLC offers everything you need at a gret price.

  • COPA cargo table cart is a sturdy cart that is made of an aluminum frame.
  • It has a higher capacity to hold most of the essential needs for the beach and transport it.
  • When the transportation is done, it can be easily converted into a table with a few steps.
  • It has the capacity to carry 4 chairs, umbrellas, and other needs.
  • There is also a large mesh pocket on the outside.
  • The cart can stand alone so that you can load the items conveniently.
  • The wheels are removable to convert it into a table.
  • This is a great way to unload all the weight from your shoulders when you are picnicking on a beach.
  • When all is done, you can simply fold the cart and keep it inside the closet or attic, until next time.

What all do you need for a day out on the beach, especially for a family outing? Chairs to sit, towels, sunscreens, umbrellas and the list may increase with the drinks, eatables and more. The first thing you realize is that you cannot practically carry each and every item in your hands and walk through the sand. These beach carts are made especially to haul your beach paraphernalia through the sandy beach. COPA cargo table cart is a beach cart that converts to a table where you can keep the things. It carries all that is needed and much more on its efficient cart and travels well on the sand.

Features Of COPA Cargo Table Cart

  • COPA cargo table cart is a sturdy cart that is made of an aluminum frame.
  • It has a higher capacity to hold most of the essential needs for the beach and transport it.
  • When the transportation is done, it can be easily converted into a table with a few steps.
  • It has the capacity to carry 4 chairs, umbrellas, and other needs.
  • There is also a large mesh pocket on the outside.
  • The cart can stand alone so that you can load the items conveniently.
  • The wheels are removable to convert it into a table.
  • The total dimensions are 43 x 17 x 10 inches in height, width, and depth. This is the size when it is in the cart mode. When folded into the measurements would be 38 inches in height, just 4 inches deep and the width stays the same.
  • The basket is 32 inches long and 11 inches wide with 7 inches depth. The cart when converted into a table, it will have 10-inch wide table with the same length as the cart. The cart weighs about 13.5 lbs.
  • This is a great way to unload all the weight from your shoulders when you are picnicking on a beach.
  • When all is done, you can simply fold the cart and keep it inside the closet or attic, until next time.

Converting The COPA Cargo Table Cart Into A Table

In order to convert the COPA cargo table cart into a table, first, you need to empty the cart. Then carefully remove the wheels. They are detachable and easily attachable when needed.

Once the wheels are removed, fold the handles sideways, parallel to the bottom part. Then turn the cart over horizontally.

The back size of the cart is sturdy material and the mesh cover is only towards the front side of the cart. This sturdy board acts as the table where you can keep your drinks, books, phones etc and relax.

When To Be Careful?

COPA cargo table cart has got larger wheels so you really don’t need to worry about the wheels getting stuck in the sand. It cannot happen unless you carry too much weight in the cart. The heavy weight can cause the cart to plow the sand which you don’t really need. It can also make the carting difficult. So keep the weight to only that is necessary. You can still carry totes for the essentials.

Remember to clean the cart before storing it. Wipe it clean of any dirt or moisture to avoid rusting or other damages. It is easy to clean so you don’t really need to spend much time for the maintenance.


Beach time is for relaxation and fun. This COPA cargo table cart is a sure stress buster as it makes the beach travel easy and convenient. Go for it!

Gifts For Poker Enthusiasts – Casino Night Poker Gift Basket

Gifts For Poker Enthusiasts – Casino Night Poker Gift Basket

Casino Night Poker Gift Basket

Casino Night gift basket is suitable for men and women, young or old. Age and gender is no bar for loving poker and this ideal gift also have no limits. You can choose this gift for any occasion or no occasion at all. Try this, and see that your loved one appreciate it!

Wondering what gift would be perfect for your friend or relative who is a poker enthusiast? The Casino Night Poker Gift basket is here to help you. This basket is full of interesting gifts for poker enthusiasts to survive one poker filled night. With the items like cards, poker chips, eateries etc, it makes one complete gift that you can be sure to be of use.

What Is Included in a Casino Night Poker Gift Basket?

The gift basket includes an assortment of snacks along with the necessities for a poker game.

  • Poker chips- the most essential item
  • Playing cards- obviously!
  • Planters peanuts for snacking
  • American Gourmet white cheddar popcorn
  • Xochitl tortilla chips
  • Fredericksburg farms chili con Queso poker themed caramel popcorn
  • American gourmet butter pretzels
  • Vision pack smoked almonds
  • Sweet and salty snack mix

The gift basket comes in a container with a size of 11.75 x 8.5 x 4.5 inches in width, depth, and height.

The Additional Items

These are the items that come in the gift basket by default. If you want, you can add a lot more items to the basket to make a complete entertainer gift. These additional do cost you more. There are a lot more options that are categorized into chocolates, on sale items, birthday specifics, message written balloon, stuffed animals, Boulevard DVD, and mugs and frames.

  • Chocolates: In this category, you can find many items that contain chocolate. There are wafers, almonds, mint cookies, biscuit, crème Brule truffles, peanut delights, and an assortment of chocolates.
  • In the on sale category, there are cheese straws, caramelized cookies, peach champagne jam, BBQ seasoning, cheese spread, brownie brittle, maple champagne mustard, dips, pasta salad, iced tea, cookies, nuts, jelly, chips, coffee collection, tea gift book with different flavors etc.
  • The birthday is for the gift items suitable for the birthday. There are happy birthday mugs, teddy bears, bookmarks etc.
  • The balloons are messaged. The balloons are 9 inches. The messages are for an anniversary, baby boy, simply love, baby girl, graduation, get well soon, thank you messages, valentine’s day, father’s day, Merry Christmas, and happy holidays.
  • The stuffed animal section has teddy bears, frog, monkey, puppy, and critter for you to choose.
  • Mugs and frames can add some message or come with designs like daisies, butterflies, balls, pictures of cats,
    dogs, baseball, golf, football, basketball, baby gift set and elephant photo album for either girl or boy.

Gifts For Poker Enthusiasts – Other Details

While ordering you can choose the occasion so that the gift wrap can be adjusted accordingly. The occasions available are love, Valentines, baby, birthday, best wishes, anniversary, congratulations, get well soon, graduation, housewarming, retirement, sympathy, thank you, and welcome home.

You also get to choose the color of the ribbon that wraps around the gift. The available colors are red, blue, green, black, pink and purple. You can also have some message on the chosen ribbon, the message should be within 45 characters.

The gift delivery time is adjustable and can be pre-scheduled by you. The delivery is mostly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You can delay the delivery for up to the next 20-30 days. You can pick the exact day as well. Otherwise, you can start the delivery process as soon as you checkout.

Do not forget to write down the message that you want on the delivery card. Include the recipient’s, name, full, address and that who this gift is from. When you are done with all that is needed, rest assured that your gift will reach this poker enthusiast on the exact day that you chose and in the right condition, wrapped and tied with a ribbon.

Gifts For Poker Enthusiasts – Bottom Line

Casino Night gift basket is suitable for men and women, young or old. Age and gender is no bar for loving poker and this ideal gift also have no limits. You can choose this gift for any occasion or no occasion at all. Try this, and see that your loved one appreciate it!

Progear 275 Power Tower With Extended Capacity

Progear 275 Power Tower With Extended Capacity

ProGear 275 Extended Capacity Power Tower by Paradigm Health and Wellness

The Paradigm Health and Wellness Progear 275 Extended Capacity Power Tower Fitness Solution are for fitness freaks who are ever ready to build muscles and flaunt that perfect body. The progear 275 power tower with extended capacity gives you the perfect routine of gym workout right at your own home that too with a one-time investment.

How does progear 275 power tower work?

There are many who find it difficult to hit the gym. As the initial adrenaline rush tones down, people just stop going to the gym. Of course, there can be genuine reasons as well. But simply giving a good profit to the gym is not going to get you a good health. Whatever your reason, is time to keep it all aside and indulge in progear 275 power tower right at your home.

A complete workout station, it gives you the liberty to spend time at your own time without constantly keeping a track of time.

Priced below $250 that is combined with free shipping, this is a great piece of equipment that will help you to achieve fitness goals without asking for a big investment.

Features & Advantages of Progear 275 Power Tower

If you want to tone your muscles, strengthen the upper body shoulders, spine area, triceps, and biceps, then this is the product for you. The equipment has tools that will also benefit your lower body, thighs, hamstrings and gluts.

For those who want six pack abs, this is the right time to indulge in progear 275 power tower.

Let’s start with the workstation. The product is easy-to-assemble as they are already organized into certain areas. It takes the guesswork out of people since it is easy to figure it out which piece goes where.

What’s even better is that the company includes all the necessary tools to be included in the package. It takes less than an hour to assemble the progear 275. For those who love to DIY, this is as best as it can get.

The body of the machine is constructed with powder coated reinforced tubular steel that can stay put for a long time. The whole system can withstand the body weight up to 275 lbs. A compact yet handy product, it takes up less of floor space. This is mainly because all the workout sessions are on one side. People love the extended leg stabilizers that are designed with non-slip end caps. This enables users to workout efficiently without the fear of losing their balance and unstable position.

You will also find multiple hand grip for different hand positions such as pull-up, chin-up etc. From wide, medium and narrow hand grips, they make it workout a breeze and user-friendly. The D-shaped handle for pull-ups is one of the commendable features that is not seen in machines of such price range. The handle grips come with foam for providing additional safety and grip.

You will notice that an extra steel brace has been included in the main frame for optimum support. The small built-in step is to assist shorter people to reach out easily for chin-ups and pull up bars with absolute ease. It also supports them to get up easily to the knee raise position.

The parallel front hand bar is a versatile product that is set in proper distance from each other. They are angled down to support user’s wrist and elbow. However, the handles come with close grip for safely performing chin ups.

The two arm bars and the main vertical frame comes with thick 2-inch foam padding with two forearm cushion pads and back rest cushion for optimum comfort.

The exercises that can be performed with the progear 275 power tower are – dips, pull-ups, chin-ups, vertical knee, pushups and leg raise.

A genuine product to fight overweight and get back in shape, this is the total exercise equipment to build strength in your quads, abs, upper body, lats, biceps, and triceps.

The best feature is the main frame that is angled in such a way

  • that your spine can easily rest on the cushioned back support &
  • stabilize the body from any side to side movement
  • Progear 275 power tower comes with 1 year limited warranty.


Though only a few, the downside cannot be ignored. Few users report that the holes of the assembling machine do not line up correctly. While the handle bar can be locked in place during pull ups for giving some space, it cannot be firmly locked when it is in the bottom position.

People claim that the wrenches provided with the kit are useless and does not do much. They need to use a crescent wrench and a ratchet for assembling this machine. Few say that they hear a rattling sound in the upper handle bar during exercise.

Consumer Reviews

There are mixed emotions when it comes to progear 275 power tower fitness station with extended capacity.

A majority of the users love the product. They claim that the product is hassle-free and works efficiently to lose those flabby fats. The price too is affordable because of its durable quality. The instructions are quite clear and assist the user in assembling the parts without any trouble. For those who cannot afford to build a full home gym, this is the best bet.

On the downside, a bunch of users claim that the product is slightly wobbly upon assembling. A couple of users claim that they did not receive enough bolts to build the equipment. The packaging and delivery too were quite flimsy and under-quality. (Do note this review is based on third-party sellers on websites such as amazon, ebay etc.).

Here are few of the consumer reviews.

Mellisanicole – “It is a bit wobbly and we had to use a socket wrench to fix the issue because the included tools weren’t cutting it. My husband likes it though.”

Amazon customer – “Nice product but the rubber around the handles were damaged. The box too arrived with all the packaging damaged. When I stand it up, the whole thing wobbles due to uneven bottom.”

B. Bergquist – “Very solid and I am so happy with the product. A real deal for the money, this is the second product I have had. It is so better in quality than the earlier. I recently moved to Honolulu. The gyms here are so packed that I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I don’t have space or investment for a complete gym at home so I am relying on this.”

R. Morr – “A very sturdy piece of equipment for the price. It is a bit wobbly but absolutely fantastic performance for a 220lbs person who wants to exercise at home. The chin ups are quite solid and the nice stepper is a great help for those who are unable to hoist the entire body weight.”

Micheal – “The Progear 275 arrived with a gnarly single hole which is probably typical for these cumbersome boxes. All the tools are carefully protected using cardboard and packing tape. All the tools and parts are neatly packed and precisely organized with the instruction guide easily available for help. Long story short, the product does wobble a bit, but then that’s okay. This is a great tower for my home workout.”

Pros and Cons


  • Extended leg stabilizers featuring non-slip end caps for balance and support
  • Two-inch padded cushions for arms/elbows and back comfort
  • Multiple handles for grip and strengthen the major muscle points
  • Reinforced steel with powder coated finish
  • Versatile handle bars that assists users to do chin-ups easily
  • Extended weight capacity up to 275 lbs


  • Frame tends to wobble easily during workout
  • Complaints regarding missing tools and improper packaging


The product comes with one-year limited warranty. So make sure to keep the invoice intact in case you need help.

Shipping and Returns

Livewell sports offers you FREE SHIPPING on orders above $75 anywhere in 48 contiguous states of the USA. Products that are shipped to Hawaii, Alaska or US territories are not eligible for free shipping and need to pay a small shipping fee.

The company offers a 30-day return policy. Contact the customer support of Livewell Sports within 30 days from the date of purchase for returning the item. You will be provided with an RMA that needs to be enclosed along with the return package. Make sure they are brand new, unpacked, unused and resaleable condition. After due verification, you will be reimbursed.

Discount Codes and Promo Deals

Livewell Sports offers excellent promo deals for users so that they can get a good savings for themselves. The current coupon code is NEWYEAR5 that can be paste before payment to get 5% OFF on this equipment.

Subscribe to the newsletters from Livewell Sports for staying updated on exciting deals and offers. Also keep visiting blogs to stay healthy and fit.


To sum it up, the progear 275 power tower is an excellent product for those who love to build those six pack abs, lose some weight or simply stay healthy and happy. Excellent price, promising quality and dependable features make the product definitely worth your money!!!

Octane Fitness xR6000 For a Complete Cardio Workout

Octane Fitness xR6000 For a Complete Cardio Workout

Octane Fitness XR6000 Recumbent Elliptical by Octane Fitness

Presenting you Octane Fitness xR6000 that offers you a complete body workout by simply sitting. The best-seated workout regime, the Octane Fitness xR6000 Elliptical Recumbent bike is a hit among many fitness facilities and rehab centers. This is a complete guided review about the lean, mean, seated machine.

How does Octane Fitness xR6000 work?

For those who love a seated workout, here is octane fitness ride xR6000 seated elliptical machine that offers you a complete body workout by burning much more calories than simple seated exercise.

This power-packed equipment includes all the necessary features that claim to burn 23% more calorie burn than regular recumbent bikes. For those who hate going to jam-packed gyms, drive a long way to hit the gym every morning, need flexible timings for a workout, this is best advised.

Whatever be your reason, the seated machine offers you guided and programmed workout sessions for melting away those pounds.

A step through compact design, it is easy to get in and get out of the machine.

Features Offered (Advantages)

The Octane Fitness xR6000 comes with a back-friendly support, unlike standing elliptical trainers. This makes calorie burn much more efficient than a reclining bike or ellipticals that wear down the energy level of a user within few minutes.

The simply-sit-and-start-workout machine can be customized in multiple ways that suit your posture, style, and comfort. For instance, the back-friendly seat contours itself at your discretion. It adjusts in two directions – up/down for lower body comfort AND tilt adjustment for upper body comfort. This adjustable seat offers you optimal body positioning for a better performance workout.

The Octane Fitness xR6000 is a one-size-fits-all machine so irrelevant of your shape and size, you can simply get in on the gear and have a great workout session.

This machine is built using all the right components that are exceptionally gentle on the body, knee joints, versatile to any strength combined with enhanced using modern technologies. A power-driven machine, it encourages you to engage more on muscles thus burning more calories.

Other Features of Octane Fitness xR6000 include

Contrary to the functionalities of a normal recumbent bike, the Octane Fitness xR6000 claims to burn 23% more calories and activate glut up to 343% and produce 22% more mechanical power. All this at the same exertion level of a typical recumbent bike. This means high energy levels, more calorie burn for a faster and effective weight loss.

A total body trainer, the Octane Fitness xR6000 Elliptical trainer comes with a touchscreen to choose your desired program of a workout.

The power stroke pedal motion provides you a great range of motion over other recumbent machines that results in great calorie burn. It comes with efficient workout programming not only for the lower body but also for the upper body.

The cardio workouts include handlebars, grips and chest press program for maximizing the upper body torso. For lower body workouts, simply use the oversized pedals that come with versatile height positions and tilt positions. This is to assist users of petite structure to peddle through.

Octane Fitness xR6000 comes with touchscreen features that not only guides you through proper workout session but also comes with entertainment to keep you focused and fun.

For instance, the electronics offers you modes such as Leg press, Chest press, Pull Arms, Push Arms and Xmode. The large LED display comes with integrated capacitive buttons that display your calories burnt (via Wi-Fi), pulse rate and variety of user-friendly features. A complete cardio workout equipment, it also features Octane programs such as 30-30 program, workout boosters, heart rate etc. Once you get an idea of how it works, there is a self-powered mode for you to customize the workout session.

Added features of Octane Fitness xR6000 Seated Elliptical include

  • Charging your iPhone
  • On-demand TV and videos
  • Connect to social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  • Bluetooth connectivity &
  • Personal viewing screen to simply view your videos on smartphone, attend calls and so on

You can upgrade the Octane elliptical trainer, you can upgrade it with entertainment centers such as wireless radio or TV. So burn away those calories while staying updated with the latest information on the internet.


Any rider will love Octane Fitness xR6000 recumbent elliptical, however, there are a couple of downsides to note.

  • It is of commercial use and certainly not a practical product for a shopper.
  • Since the Octane fitness xR6000 parts are hard-core quality components and not some cheap quality plastic seen in recumbent ellipticals, it weighs more than 300 lbs. This means it is not quite easy to move around.
  • The starting Octane Fitness xR6000 price itself is around $5000 (high amount) and many shoppers would think twice before investing in such high-priced machine. Even if they do, they will definitely look for the expensive and enhanced version such as xR6000 Smart Console than the base model.

Octane Fitness xR6000 Reviews

So far, the reviews have been great for Octane Fitness xR6000 (though there are only a handful of reviews available). We, humans, are lazy and tend to shrug away from taking the time to pen down a review. Take time to write down a review, it will help others in making a decision. Yes, your opinion matters!!!

People claim that the product is excellent and works amazingly. A great product for those who are looking forward to a great body, the Octane Fitness xR6000 is a must-have in your home or fitness centers.

The official website – carries a wide range of testimonials from fitness freaks whole for Octane ellipticals. Price is inevitably a matter to be considered and if you are vigilant, you might notice that majority of the testimonials in Octane Fitness website, are owners of health clubs or gym. There are a couple of sports enthusiasts as well who need to stay in fitness due to their profession.

As said earlier, this is a commercially meant product that makes a common man think about investing in this machine. Nevertheless, there are a group of users who have purchased it and absolutely adore it to the core.

If you have the economy to invest in Octane Fitness xR6000, then it’s absolutely evident that the product is definitely worth every penny you pay.

Jerry abrams – “quality machine, great workout and can put the machine anywhere in the house.”

Deborah – “Fantastic equipment. It’s easy to use and delivers great workout. Low impact with heavy cardio, am recommending to all fitness freaks out there.”


Octane Fitness provides a lifetime warranty on the frame of the product. All parts of the xR6000 are warranted for three years from the date of purchase. Labor is covered for one year from the actual date of purchase.

Shipping & Returns

Livewell sports offers you FREE SHIPPING anywhere in contiguous states of the USA. For states such as Alaska, Hawaii or any US territory, you need to pay a small shipping fee.

The company comes with a 30-day return policy. Ensure that the contents are new, unused, and in resalable condition. Contact the customer support to get an RMA and enclose it with the machine for an eligible return and refund.

NOTE the company will take 10% restocking fee from your reimbursement amount.

Discount Codes and Promo Deals

Octane Fitness xr6000 offers many promo deals and discount coupon codes for users who love a good saving. You can subscribe to newsletters as well so that you can stay updated on any good deals and offers as and when released by the company.

The current coupon code is 5% OFF on purchase of the Octane Fitness xr6000. All you have to do is punch in NEWYEAR5 during checkout and you can avail of this offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Octane fitness xR6000 manual?

While you will be provided with the instructions, here is the online manual of xR6000 –

Can I use Octane Fitness xR6000 club recumbent elliptical cross trainer at home?

Though meant for the commercial purpose, there are people who use this product at home.

Is octane fitness xR6000 available for sale on amazon?

Yes, octane fitness xR6000 is available for sale on amazon.

Will the company send octane fitness xR6000 assemble tools?

Yes, all the necessary tools to assemble the machine are included in the package.

Where can I find octane fitness xR6000 instructions?

How to use octane fitness xR6000 are available in the instruction manual. There are also several videos available online at


To sum it up, Octane Fitness xR6000 is an excellent workout equipment for all skill levels. It offers custom-tailored workouts. Those who are looking for cardio and strength boost, this model is much more effective than other recumbent ellipticals or reclining bikes. There are added features as well such as listening to music, videos, connecting with your friends/family etc. The Octane Fitness xR6000 is definitely recommended to shoppers who seek a reliable state-of-the-art elliptical for long-term use.

Brenthaven Zero Impact Edge II Laptop Case

Brenthaven Zero Impact Edge II Laptop Case

Brenthaven Edge II Laptop Case by Brenthaven

Brenthaven is a popular computer bag company. The Brenthaven Zero Impact Edge II laptop case is designed for Apple Mac Book Pro computers. But it can also accommodate 15.4-inch laptops with a similar profile. The Zero Impact Edge II Laptop Case now features and also functions as a laptop station. These Laptop Cases were designed for laptops up to 16″ and MacBook 13.3 to MacBook Pro 17.
Its retractable handle helps to carry the bag. The bag can also carry over your shoulder or across the chest using the removable shoulder strap. The Zero Impact Edge II Laptop Case series bag is ideal for daily use by commuters. They can keep a spare power adapter at work. An AC adapter pocket is available as an optional accessory. The 15.4-inch laptops are secured by Brenthaven’s CORE Protection System. It includes padded protection for all four sides. The front zipper pocket can accommodate discs and instruction manuals.

The bag’s rear pocket provides storage for magazines, booklets, and papers, and is secured with a 2-inch strip of Velcro. The Zero Edge II Laptop Case has four rubber patches which help to hold the notebook in place. The Zero Impact Edge II Laptop Case is X-Ray Friendly. So it gives you the convenience of leaving your notebook in the case while going through airport security. The Edge II embodies Brenthaven’s zero impact strategy. It means they promise to invest in Green projects, that offset any impact their products, have on the environment.

Features of Brenthaven’s Zero Impact Edge II Laptop Case

  • Ultra Slim, Fully padded, Protective, and PVC free
  • Helps to hold the notebook in place with the Rubber airlifting spacers and elastic strips
  • Rugged Ballistic Nylon with Jet Black exterior and Steel Blue liner. The Rugged Fabrics keep the bag looking good for many years
  • It has Removable padded shoulder and Retractable handle that lies flat when not in use
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap and additional pocket on the backside for files, folders, magazines, etc
  • Durable metal hardware, stress point reinforcements, and coated oversized zippers
  • Zero Impact Policy- made possible by Brenthaven’s promise to invest in Green projects that offset any impact on our environment

Brenthaven Zero Impact Edge II – Customer Reviews

  • Darren says I recently upgraded my Mac Book Pro from the 13 inch to the 15.4 inch. This Laptop case is of good quality and keeps your Mac well protected.
  • Howard says the Zero Impact Edge II Laptop Case is the perfect bag to accompany his new Mac Book Pro Retina.
  • Weenson says Brenthaven Edge II is slim, light and easy to carry and protect the Mac Book Pro during transit. The high-density of the Brenthaven offers more protection.
  • Overall customers have given 4.3 out of 5 stars.

About Brenthaven

Brenthaven was formed in 1980, making wilderness packs. The products were made aiming at explorers and adventurers, who needed to survive extreme conditions in the outdoors. But today, they are the leaders in the design and manufacture of innovative cases, with superior protection for mobile technology. The new slogan of Brenthaven is Zero Impact, which is divided into three claims.

  • Zero Impact on your Computer – The patented protection systems protect your notebook from damage.
  • Zero Impact on your Health – Since carrying extra weight may always have an impact on your health. Brenthaven’s, ergonomic and lightweight designs and cases, make it comfortable to carry even heavy loads.
  • Zero Impact on our Environment – The Company promises to offset any negative impact their products has on the environment. Brenthaven Zero Impact applies only to their newer bags.

However, the main aim of Brenthaven is the protection of your valuable notebook. Not only their bags are extremely durable, but they offer the best protection out of any comparable product. They design their bags, in such a way that it should be able to survive, being submitted to bumps and scrapes. Their patent-pending HDF Protection System uses a lightweight cradle system and a layer of high density foam. This helps to create both physical distance and protective padding between the device and the exterior of the bag.

Brenthaven Cases Feature

  • Brenthaven’s, award- winning protection, shields your laptops, from the bangs and bumps of the digital lifestyle.
  • The Ergonomic padded shoulder strap and handles distribute weight comfortably.
  • The Rugged Ballistic Nylon and Durable hardware keep bags looking good for years.
  • Brenthaven invests in green projects that offset carbon footprint. Their 2009 collection is zero impact.
  • Brenthaven offers Life Time Guarantee for their products.


Brenthavens Zero Impact Edge II Laptop Cas vxe is the perfect solution for the mobile professional who wants a slim, lightweight, and multifunction Security Checkpoint Friendly. Brenthaven offers a huge selection of shoulder cases, back- packs, and sleeves wheeled cases and messenger bags. They are available in almost every size and configuration. Brenthaven claims to such highlights as the highest stitch count in the industry.

Brenthaven bags are made using Ballistic nylon, a high- quality rugged material. This is one of the factors, which made them to confidently offer an international life-time warranty. Of course, it’s hardly the only company to do so. Since 1980, Brenthaven provides customers an ownership experience, by offering a 100%Lifetime Guarantee on their products.

Prepac Vasari corner TV stand/LCD console

Prepac Vasari corner TV stand/LCD console

Prepac Vasari corner TV stand

Prepac Vasari flat panel plasma/LCD console tv stand is one of the best picks and it has a sleek look. It will fit into any home décor easily

Are you looking for a compact furniture piece especially the one that accommodates your TV and other accessories with style? Prepac Vasari flat panel plasma/LCD console tv stand is one of the best picks and it has a sleek look. It will fit into any home décor easily and blend with the rest to give a complete finishing.

To know more about this LCD console keep reading below and maybe you will find your right pick here.
Coming to the point Prepac is a famous brand and the Vasari Flat panel plasma is a creation that is an archetype laminate furniture piece with style. This TV Stand easily gulps in your audio/video components with total comfort without any mess. This LCD console can hold large-sized TVs up to the size of 150lbs. To provide extra room for storage this stand has four storage components where you can stow away your electrical gadgets and other accessories.

If you have a collection of DVD’S, gaming gadgets, and other similar components then you need not look further. This stand has exactly everything that you want that too with cable cutouts. The best part is that with the help of cutouts you can pull the wires neatly and plug it to the power hub without scattering here and there. These cutouts act as ventilation holes keeping the whole console odor free. Each single compartment has cutouts and it is something not all TV stands offer.

Organize your electronics thanks to cutouts in the sturdy MDF backer that provide cable management, as well as ventilation, for each compartment. In a single look, the product seems to durable and economical choice. If you need something sturdy, then pick this product to store your io/video components.

Features of Prepac Vasari flat panel plasma/LCD console STAND in a glance

  • Manufactured in North America and tip tested to stringent UL 1678 STANDARDS
  • Can carry load up to 150 lbs
  • Made of durable deep black laminate
  • Laminated composite woods with a durable MDF Backer for support
  • CARB compliant composite wood used
  • Has four spacious storage compartments
  • Includes ventilation facilities
  • Cable management easy with cutouts in each compartment
  • Neatly packed and needs assembly
  • Includes an instruction manual for quick assembly
  • Comes with a five year limited warranty on parts
  • Product weight: 68 lbs
  • Dimensions: 48”W x 22”H x 15.75”D (assembled table)
  • Top compartment dimensions: 21.25”W x 8”H x 14”D
  • Bottom compartment dimensions: 21.25”W x 9.75”H x 14”D

Customer Reviews on Prepac Vasari flat panel plasma/LCD console

The overall ratings for this LCD console are excellent. The majority of the customer reviews are highly positive and everyone seems to be happy with this product. The buyers have given positive feedbacks and have written highly satisfactory reviews. I found many such reviews at Amazon and eBay, which clearly mentions the worthiness of this product.

The only negative point I found was about the assembly time required. Many have advised that it is better read the instruction manual before getting your hands on the product. This will help to avoid confusion and you will get tools along with this product for assembly purpose.

Richard says, “I was searching for a black corner TV stand and this LCD console caught my eyes. I never preferred glass stands that highlight all the messy wires and stuff. This TV stand has great shelving and it easily takes in my receiver, Xbox, and gaming console. I have a 46 “TV and this stand extremely hold its well and have a perfect height. The stand is classy, reasonably priced, and easy to maintain.”

Heller says “Very pleased with the purchase. Assembly was way quick than expected and the assembled piece has a stunning look. This piece is functional and way more cheaper than any stand I could find locally.

Prepac Vasari flat panel plasma/LCD Console tv stand Conclusion

TV consoles and stands are available in various dimensions and sizes. Some of them are costly but may be unworthy when it comes to its functionality. Yet there are worthy products like Vasari flat TV Stand that is affordable and has ample room for accommodating your stuff. It has a classy design with black finish and highly durable. Talking about the price factor this stand is easy on the pocket. Overall, this one is a groundbreaking product that is the best value for money.

Pimped Out Hoveround – Smart Chair Power Wheelchair

Pimped Out Hoveround –  Smart Chair Power Wheelchair

KD Smart Chair hoveround wheelchair

Buy Hoveround power wheelchair by KD Smart Chair that is absolutely lightweight and versatile for easy mobility.

Buying a wheelchair is a bit complicated process. A lot of medical issues and other myths can affect the mobility of an individual. Equally, disable persons and people who have difficulty in walking need a reliable wheelchair. The normal wheelchairs are lightweight mobility chairs suitable for moving around. But, they are purely meant to be pushed by a caregiver or by a family member. Since it is occupied by small wheels making it difficult for the user to propel herself. Buying a quality KD Smart chair has many features over the normal wheelchair. It offers greater freedom and independence as compared to the normal ones. In short, this will let you get around your house and the outdoors in a quick and easy manner. Read this article on KD Smart chair and Pimped out hoveround to know more…


  • KD Smart chair
  • KD Smart chair – Pros
  • Heavy duty KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchair
  • Customer reviews on Heavy duty KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchair
  • Pimped out hoveround – KD Smart chair
  • Features of Pimped out hoveround for physically challenged individuals
  • Where to buy these KD Smart chairs?
  • KD Smart chair – Discount, coupon and promo offers
  • KD Smart chair – Frequently asked questions
  • Conclusion

KD Smart chair

This KD Smart chair is one of the lightweight and versatile electric wheelchairs in the market. It is extremely lightweight, can travel long distances (around 15 miles) on a single battery charge. Thus, making the transportation simpler. The Smart chair includes many features like seat belt and wheel locks. Besides, it can be folded down to a compact size. Thus, making it easy to store in your home or to transport in the back of a vehicle.
KD Smart Chair foldable electric wheelchair

KD Smart chair – What are the Pros

  • This Smart chair is a lightweight model.
  • Greater ability to travel.
  • Tight turning radius.
  • There are a variety of seating options.
  • Higher stability.
  • One can travel long distances.
  • Comes with beneficial accessories.
  • It has the ability to handle tough terrain.
  • Easily fits into a car trunk.
  • Options like a variety of wheel styles available.
  • A variety of battery choices.
  • Equally, moves with just one touch of your hand.

Heavy duty KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchair

This is a smart folding power wheelchair which is more durable and lightweight. It is made from aluminium alloy capable of supporting the passenger’s weight (up to 396 pounds). Similarly, the chair weighs around 59 pounds. Thus, making it easy to transport, travel and storage. It can fold and unfold in a second with the push of a single button.

Features include

  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 396.8 lbs
  • It is foldable for easy storage.
  • Tight 34.5” turning radius.
  • The presence of a fully charged battery (which can last up to 9.3 miles).
  • Climbs slopes of up to 8 degrees.
  • Li-Ion rechargeable battery.

Foldable electric wheelchair


Wheel material It is a mix of Polyurethane and rubber (especially for shock absorption).
Battery 16 Ah ternary lithium ion polymer battery, 24 DC output.
Charger Input: AC 100V – 240V , DC 29.2V – 2A
Distance on full battery 15 miles
Sitting height (from ground) 20.25 in.
Armrest height (from ground) 29.95 in.
Turning radius 34.5 in.
Motor Type Brushless Motor, 24V DC, 250w x 2
Brakes Electromagnetic brakes

Customer reviews on Heavy duty KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchair

Overall the product has received 5/5 stars from its users. Here are some honest reviews for your reference. Let’s have a look at some. This can surely help you in making a right decision.

“I love this product. Since it has met all my expectations both on quality and performance.”

“Absolutely, this is a fantastic chair for the price.”

“Thankyou KD Smart chair for making this life changing product.”

“I bought it two months before and it works exactly as said.”

Pimped out hoveround – KD Smart chair

Pimped out hoveround is the most customized wheelchair. It has become increasingly popular and is in great demand in the market. There are many kinds of pimped out hoveround.

Diamond Wheelchair

One of the best choice for the girls. This diamond-studded wheelchair looks pretty glamorous. Moreover, you will get plenty of attention in this brilliant pimped out wheelchair.

The 35MPH Wheelchair

This is a custom made Pimped out hoveround. It can travel in the range of 35 mph. Equally, it comes with many safety measures. Thus, it is safe and visible by others.

Powertrike Wheelchair

This is an amazing KD Smart chair that is combined with a bicycle. The model comes with a water bottle holder. With this wheelchair, one can enjoy the benefit of riding a bicycle.

Race Car Inspired Wheelchair

This race car inspired wheelchair has a comfortable seat, harness, and mag wheels. Moreover, the vibrant color and the personalized design lets you move around in a style.

Solar Power Wheelchair

This solar power wheelchair has two large solar panels fixed to the back of the chair and to the roof. In order, to provide shade and protection from the outside debris. Equally, there are no worries as you can charge the batteries by tapping it in the sun.

Features of Pimped out hoveround for physically challenged individuals

  • The hoveround is lightweight and durable.
  • There are marked controllers with easy to understand symbols.
  • It is easy to operate with the amazing design.
  • These chairs come with simple assembly instructions.
  • Moreover, the price is good and is worth the money.

Where to buy these KD Smart chairs?

The above-mentioned products are available for sale at and at amazon. You may purchase them at an affordable price with many discounts, coupon and promo offers. Further, you can also visit the concerned website for more information.

KD Smart chair – Discount, coupon and promo offers

With the KD Smart chair coupon and promo code. You can avail $100 off on the Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair, $700 – $1300 off on standard KD electric Smart chairs. Along with free shipping offers within the USA.

KD Smart chair – Frequently asked questions

Can I get some information on the return policy?

KD Smart chair comes with 60 days money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with their products.

What is the contact number?

The contact phone number is 1-877-827-6278.

What is their email address?

The email address is in order to clarify all your doubts and queries.


In conclusion, KD Smart chair and Pimped out hoveround are the best option for a compact wheelchair. It’s very lightweight and can be easily transported to many places. Equally, the turning radius is relatively wide and a headrest is added features with these chairs. Thus, they are a versatile option to get around. So, buy them at the earliest…