Alternate for Continuing Education for Engineers

PDH Engineer for tutoring engineers

PDH stands for Professional Development Hours, an online educational site meant for tutoring engineers. is an online site for continuing education for the engineers. The PDH stands for the Professional Development Hours and these hours are relevant for the CE points on all fields of engineering. There are courses in all the field of engineering and there are webinars conducted online and whoever interested can attend them. These webinars are also conducted for corporate or in private. These courses and webinars meet the requirements for continuing education for every state. In case any state rejects this course as invalid, PDH engineer will return the money spent on the course. Read on all about PDHEngineer educational course.

How PDHEngineer educational course Works?

The PDHEngineer educational course is separate for each of the engineering discipline. Select the desired discipline and add it to the cart and go to checkout. Next step is to log in to the account which is already done or have to sign up for an account. The payment for the courses can be done with credit card, PayPal, or smart cards. Get the material and go through them thoroughly. There is no time limit and the review can be done in leisure. Once the individual is ready with log in to the account and attends to the online quiz. Complete the quiz and on passing with 70% or more is eligible for the certificate of completion. The results of the quiz is immediately known and if fail to get 70% the individual can go for a re test as many times as possible but only for the period of one year from the day of purchasing.

The certificate of completion will be available instantly and the record may be saved and printed later. It is also available from anywhere later as it is saved to the online account of the person.

Webinars at PDHEngineer educational course

Webinars are the live online seminars for the convenience and affordability for whoever interested. These webinars are interactive and can be attended from the comfort of one’s own place. To try them select the webinar before hand and go for the checkout for the payment from My Account. The payment can be done as per convenience by a card or PayPal. The purchase receipt will have the link to the webinar site along with the required password. Connect to the seminar from the email. The webinar can be followed by the audio and video from the phone and computer. Since it is an interactive session any doubts can be cleared instantaneously. Later the individual can complete the survey about the webinar and the feedback is much valued. After the survey the certificate of completion is available which can be saved and printed anytime later.

There is a list of webinars that will be conducted and the calendar for the dates it will be done. Webinars are not conducted on daily basis but only on selected days. This is why it has to be purchased beforehand and one can select the suitable day.

Private and Lunchtime Webinar

The private and lunchtime webinars are for the corporate world. The webinars will be conducted during the lunchtime or at a fixed time for the employees of any company. The private webinars can be attended at a gathering or individually from the employee’s desk. The main advantage of this is to have the training done for all the employees of a company across the country at the same time. The lunchtime webinars have more options. It can be conducted in public for the employees or have it conducted in private. At least 5 employees should have opted for this. There are several webinars for the engineering ethics credit.

Advantages of PDHEngineer educational course

There are many who have opted for this site for their continuing education and the advantages stated by them are that the convenience of being an online course which can be taken from anywhere as long there is an internet connection. There is no need to take an off or travel too far for that. The courses are available 24 x 7. Attending to the webinars of PDHEngineer educational course will enable the engineers to earn some credits. These webinars may be attended even from the desk at work. The webinars are conducted by experts so the credibility is high. The course completion certificate is available instantly. They are available in PDF format which can be saved and printed and also can be used for future. The money back guarantee assures that the certificates are accepted by all the state boards.

Corporate Discount

The corporate companies can avail discount when purchasing many courses. At this purchase do go for renewals as well. As a permanent discount for the companies they can receive a free session of one HR webinar for a maximum of 25 engineers. The permanent discount will be applicable for the company as well as any employee of that company for any future purchase for any courses. From there onwards all the employees can avail one PDH credit per year in future. Only professional engineers can avail this opportunity.

The e-learning library can be purchased by the corporate to make the courses customized with their logo and all. These courses can be delivered to the employees at the company’s convenience. For this purpose the course development team will work for the design, development, and management of these courses for the companies.

Courses by Mail

All the online courses can be corresponded by mail also. There is no need to attend the questions online. Simply calling the customer service team to get the paper at home and one can answer them with pencil. The completed answers can be faxed, mailed or send as email. Upon getting the required percentage, the completion certificate will be send by fax, mail, or email.

Course Writing, Evaluating and Presenting a Webinar

There are many ways one can partner with the PDH team. There are options for evaluating the course, write a course or present a webinar to earn some points. The evaluator can have free courses as well. Just fill in a questionnaire of interest and expertise. On matching the qualifications selection will be done and on mutual agreement some materials will be drafted. There are no obligations that you accept the course for evaluation. If time does not permit and one cannot do the evaluation the work will be passed on to the other person. PDH will get back when there is need in future.

As for the webinars, the subjects will be given as per qualification and experience. This type of webinars will be under the category of subject matter experts, where someone is better at their specified filed and would like to share the knowledge with others. The webinar can be conducted from anywhere there is a high speed internet and a phone. The content is presented as PowerPoint slides and the explanation over the phone. The call will be via toll free line. To join the team of webinar conductors, just send the resume, biography, qualifications, and interested areas in engineering.

Writing a course is lifetime money earning. Write a course and send it to PDHEngineer and sit back to have an extra income. The payment is for the royalty for the course on every purchase. There is no expenditure. All the expenses will be met by PDHEngineer educational course for development, marketing, admin, state approval etc. There is 50% off on other courses for the author.

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