KD Smart chair

Smart Chair by KD HealthCare company, an FDA cleared mobility aid device, is the original lightweight and easily foldable power wheel chair which can provide weight support to passengers of up to 265 lbs.

This article is all about KD Smart Chair, features, reviews/customer testimonials and more.

“I feel bit independent now as I can move around easily and do my own stuff”, says Jessika Kattah Delatorre. “Of course, I need someone around me to fold and place it in the trunk but otherwise, I am all set”.

Well, she is talking about her new power wheelchair that weighs only about 50 pounds. KD smart chair is an initiative from KD Healthcare Company.

Being dependent on someone is not the best feeling in the world. It tends to put pressure on people both physically and emotionally. But thankfully today’s technology has motivated many to come out of their shell and “breathe” a new life. KD SMART CHAIR is one of such initiatives that has changed the outlook of many.

Features Of KD Smart chair

Few of the prominent features of KD Smart chair include:

  • Absolutely portable feature makes it easy for you to go anywhere you want
  • A fully charged Lithium ion battery can last upto 15 miles
  • A lightweight product – weighs only 50 lbs
  • This foldable power wheelchair can support 396 pounds (depending on the type of chair)
  • Easy storage due to the above foldable feature
  • FDA APPROVED DEVICE (Yes, it has received an FDA Clearance, so you are good to travel at peace)
  • Wheels come with lock so that they stay intact
  • Can easily climb or move at slope or high inclined roads
  • Maximum speed of the KD smart chair foldable electric wheelchair is around 5 MPH

How Will I Benefit?

Why won’t you benefit? It’s the best thing that’s gonna happen to you. This is your get-up-and-go ticket that will kickstart your life to do things you feel you have missed out on. From little things to big adventures on your life, you can be your own drive force. Let’s take an instance. Your office is in your vicinity. Earlier you had to voluntarily move the chair or have a help. But not anymore. This motorized wheelchair helps you to drive yourself thanks to the joystick that smoothly assists you.

You can use this smart chair from KD healthcare for both indoor and outdoor uses. Heck, you can even climb hills at a 12 degree angle. This is one of the steepest angles one has ever seen with such a product.

KD healthcare smart chair has a turning radius of 31.5 inches which is by far the wider radius that you can see on many wheelchairs.

Comfort is a crucial point and hence KD smart chair comes with sufficient padding that will give you comfort to rest for a prolonged period. It also comes with a seat belt that resists body movement and stays intact when you drive. You will also find wheel locks to lock the chair in place.

Anti-tilt wheels, foot rests, arm rests etc. are few of the functionalities that enable easy manuevering without straining your body. This also benefits persons who are having spinal cord injuries.

Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchair

Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchair

by KD Smart Chair 5 out of 5 stars (438 Customer Ratings)

Price: $2695
The heavy duty KD smart chair is powerful and durable that will help you to move around easily not only in smooth turns but in rough roads as well.

Strong and Durable Power Chair!!!

5 stars out of 5 by for Heavy Duty KD Smart Chair Power Wheelchair

I was doubtful how the product will work for me but I was amazed with its powerful manuevering ability. You can easily rotate and spin around. The brakes are efficient while the wheels can cross any barrier on road easily. Love it!!! Definitely recommended.

Does The Price Fit My Budget?

Now this is a factor which we tend to re-think at least 10 times before we zero in on a product. At least I tend to think a lot. That’s because I am on a budget. As I am sure many of us are.

So does KD smart chair fit the budget? Yes. The basic model falls in alignment with the price. But I assure you won’t regret the purchase of higher models as well that has myriad functionalities as well.

The manufacturer’s warranty of 5 years is one of the assurance for your money. For comparison sake, however, the best warranties for the frame arrive with 10 years and more. Even the electronic components of KD smart chair are covered for one year.

Another assurance is the 60 days trial run. This means use it for a month or so. If you feel the product does not stand to the expectations, simply return and you will get your money back. This is a guarantee that is not available in many motorized wheelchairs.

There are KD smart chair coupon codes and promo codes that will give you a further discount on the product you choose.

Any Good Reviews Out There?

KD smart chair and its accessories have received mixed reviews from users. Here are few of the critical points noted FYI straight from the consumers’ heart.



  • Having been using for more than 2 years and still gives optimum performance
  • State-of-the-art Li-on batteries that lasts a good time
  • Easy to assemble and replacements are much less costly than others while giving higher efficiency
  • Easy to manuever around even at crowded shopping stores or airport
  • Alleviated spinal issues noted after using this chair


  • Customer assistance is quite poor and needs to be fixed ASAP by the company
  • Rear drive wheels need a vigilant watch as they tend to wear down easily
  • Footrest is quite short. It does not protect when you bump into things.
  • Joystick is quite slow and doesn’t respond well
  • Lack of headrest that can put strain on neck and head when sat for extended time

Final Verdict

KD smart chair is a verstile product for those who love experiencing with the latest gizmos plus hunting for a perfect transport support. It gives you a good 5mph run on a single charge than its competitors such as Golden Compass Sport or Drive Medical Titan. A compact wheelchair with money back guarantee, overall KD smart chair is a good choice that you can rely on.