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Eliminate the thought of undergoing painful gastric surgery with the Rena Greenberg’s hypnosis will power tutorial that helps you to completely heal without undergoing pain.

Rena Greenberg, the renowned hypnotherapist has developed the hypno-gastric band process that mentally enables people to lose weight in pounds.

This process has found to be much more effective than many of the die hard dieting and other ways. The services of Rena Greenberg are available in various ways so that one could easily pick the one that is most suitable for them. Service is offered as art-at home, face to face sessions, through phone call or on Skype.

Here is a little peek at all the offers, services, and additional facilities of Easy Will Power hypno-gastric surgery at Rena Greenberg.

Table of Contents

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  • Introduction
  • Rena Greenberg – Gastric bypass hypnosis surgery
  • The steps of Rena’s gastric bypass hypnosis
  • How gastric bypass hypnosis works?
  • Benefits of gastric bypass hypnosis surgery
  • Mind, body, and weight loss
  • Is weight loss without diet healthy and successful?
  • Who can try Rena Greenberg’s gastric bypass hypnosis surgery?

Rena Greenberg – Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is the process of dividing the stomach so that it has one large and a small pouch. A gastric band of silicone is used to create this small and larger part in the stomach. This band divides the stomach into a large and a smaller part. It creates a small sized stomach and bypass path for the food to reach the small intestine. The connection to the small intestine is given from the smaller pouch like part.

This reduces the stomach size and makes the person feel less hunger or rather, fuller faster. Thus this process leads to losing weight slowly but steadily. This surgery is done for those who have overly obese and has also got some good amount of side effects and after effects. Gastric bypass surgery is an ultimate treatment for morbid obesity, sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes etc. The same effect is said to achieve with the help of gastric bypass hypnosis surgery.

This is an illusion created so that the mind is twisted to believe that the stomach no longer has the same size and is reduced tremendously. A true image of a virtual gastric band is created in the mind and is made to believe it so. The hypnosis also forces the mind to reset itself to feel less hunger and fuller faster. Slowly, the mind gets adjusted to this new ‘state’ and the appetite is tremendously reduced that enables weight loss, without any real dieting.

Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Surgery

Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Surgery

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Rena Greenberg is a world renowned hypnotherapist who has developed the hypno-gastric band process that mentally enables people to lose weight in pounds. This process has found very much effective than other dieting methods. It also helps to curb expensive surgeries and treatment.

So far its working!!!

5 stars out of 5 by Amelia for Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Surgery

Apart from the helpful CD’s, you will also find motivational books that will support you to lose weight. I was at 175 lbs but with this books I am currently on 170 lbs. I am yet to go further but so far the journey has been fruitful. Will keep you posted.

The importance of gastric bypass hypnosis surgery is that the real surgery has many negative sides all which are eliminated with this hypnosis surgery. Here, there is no real surgery but has all the benefits of having a surgery. There are no cuts or stitches and precisely no threat at all.

The Steps Of Rena’s Gastric Bypass Hypnosis

Gastric bypass hypnosis surgery at Rena Greenberg’s is done in 7 major steps. Each step is made carefully, without any side effects, invasive techniques, or risks.

  • Step #1: Rena will help you relax your mind and take it to beyond the conscious state. A relaxed mind is one priority to have effective weight loss.
  • Step #2: The relaxed mind is then made to enter the hypnosis deep state to have the actual ‘surgery’ done.
  • Step #3: The relaxed subconscious mind at its relaxed best is then taken virtually to a medical centre. There the ‘mind’ meets the concerned medical team of doctor, nurse, and anesthesiologist to proceed with the so called surgery.
  • Step #4 is the most crucial where the surgery is performed. Rena who is controlling the subconscious mind of yours will lead the surgery to make the stomach smaller. The mind still stays calm and at peace all the while and there is no side effects or stress of the process.
  • Step#5: Your subconscious mind drifts through the process and completes the process of surgery and then goes towards the recovery. Under dim light and warm air the mind is brought back to reality. The anticipation of a new life with a healthier body is expected. Now it is all a simple wait, until next step.
  • Step #6: Before the mind is brought back to the real world, the mind is fed with all kinds of positive thoughts and feeds. It is made to believe that the gastric bypass surgery has been performed and that the stomach is smaller in size. Moreover, you no longer feel much appetite as earlier and will now onwards eat lesser food. There will be no more sugar cravings, dieting or other hardships on the way to a healthy weight loss. Certain life habits are changed for the good and some others are also forced into the life. Self confidence and better control over the life are also instigated.
  • Step#7: You wake up with a newer outlook for life. You eat less and indulge in healthier habits to have weight loss target achieved in a more surprising manner.

The gastric bypass hypnosis surgery stops there and then comes the follow ups and other training session to help you cope with the new lifestyle. Lots of suggestions and tips are provided later on to have faster weight loss.

Do note that these 7 steps happen on different days and not on the single day. It takes somewhere around 3-4 weeks for the entire process to complete.

How Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Works?

A hypnotherapist can relax our mind and flex it in any way that he prefers to. They can induce positive thoughts into the mind and make it bend towards goodness or the opposite. Under hypnosis, the subconscious mind of ours will be under the control of the hypnotherapist. Our mind will be free and open to suggestions, a fact that is being utilized for various treatments.

In the gastric bypass hypnosis surgery, this subconscious mind that is eager for suggestions in manipulated to believe that a surgery has been performed on the stomach so that then onwards, the person will feel less hungry and their stomach will be fuller faster. The mind is made to believe that a gastric band has been implemented on the person’s stomach, when in real nothing so has happened.

The feed to the subconscious mind is so powerful that anything that is made believe there would be more than real. The very behavior of a person can drastically change with hypnosis.

To have this gastric bypass hypnosis surgery work, an initial consultation is required where the past weight loss attempts are discussed and try to find out where the mistake has been or what went wrong to have no loss of weight at all. These facts and suggestions have a lot to do while under hypnosis and the hypnotherapist could act accordingly to get you a new and better lifestyle that suits more weight loss than blind eating.

Benefits Of Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Surgery

Consider the gastric bypass hypnosis surgery a crash course on the subconscious mind how to control the physical appetite to benefit in actual weight loss. Many a times, the efforts we take in controlling the diet has little effect on the mind and we still feel hungry or starved that blocks the weight loss. Through the hypnosis, the mind can be controlled and make it work to have real weight loss.

Hypnosis re-educates the mind about the advantages of healthy eating and physical exercises benefits. Believe it or not, it actually works for many. It helps the so called mental block that has been the main obstacle for weight loss in many. The gastric bypass hypnosis manages to remove these obstacles and make the mind clear and sensible.

The main benefit of gastric bypass hypnosis surgery is that there is no real surgery, invasion or the side effects of the actual process or the complications that might happen. It is a really harmless effort that can bring major changes. It is as good as a natural process. It is nothing but having some sort of dream while the person is forced to make asleep.

It is by all means, a better alternative to most crash diet or starved weight loss processes or rigorous workout sessions, just to be a pound or two lighter. There are no side effects and nothing is lost even if you don’t get to lose some weight. You will be benefited with a healthier lifestyle and the weight loss will happen naturally. To summarize the benefits

  • Hypnosis is a safe way to weight loss
  • Brings positive changes in life
  • Good for weight management
  • Make you feel good about healthy diet and exercises
  • Reduce stress on the various failed attempts at weight loss
  • A good image of yourself is brought into the subconscious mind that you feel better and confident about yourself
  • Takes the focus away from the weight loss and make it happen as a side business

Mind, Body, And Weight Loss

According to many reports, the body weight has a lot to do with our mind. If we can assure our mind that we are slim eventually it will be. If you are stuck at a constant body weight and it doesn’t budge even an ounce, blame it all on our mind. The diet, calories, and exercises come only secondary. Our mind should be the primary target to get rid of some pounds from the body.

  • Hypnosis and weight loss: This is where the hypnosis processes like the gastric bypass hypnosis at Rena Greenberg’s gain its success. The mind can influence the body and get it work in any way it wants. In order to achieve this, the mind has to get away from the obsession of weight loss. It has to happen naturally one cannot force it upon.
  • Weight loss tips for mind: The top tips to lose weight are to believe that you are thinner, slim. Set only limited goals. Thinking bigger will only bring failure for weight loss efforts. One must train the mind to look for the smaller goals and work on to get it right. Simply eating little or healthy food does not work. One has to make sure that the body you are feeding is really in need of what you are eating. One must be aware when it is really hungry and when it is faked.
  • Key to successful weight loss: You need to know that eating less is not the key, eating the wrong food in lesser amount is the key to weight loss. How are we to know these ‘good’ and ‘positive’ things? We do read and grasp things but how are we to plant these seeds in our brain and nourish it to grow into fruitful trees? By changing our thinking! In order to install such thoughts into the core of our mind, hypnosis is the easy and safe way. This is exactly what the hypnosis weight loss efforts done by the hypnotherapist Rena Greenberg.
  • Rena Greenberg the hypnotherapist: At Rena Greenberg’s one will get the hypnosis treatment for weight loss and also the various supportive materials to get you in the track and also various other helping books and products to get you going. There, first you get the mind on track and then help yourself physically through this route to achieve successful weight loss.

Is Weight Loss Without Diet Healthy And Successful?

Yes, weight loss without diet restrictions is possible. The reason why that is the body weight increase or lack of weight loss has nothing much to do with what you eat and what you don’t. It is a common misconception from our part. Why do you think you are not getting any success after all the diet control you have tried? Its mental block! The mind is playing tricks on you and stopping you from losing any more weight. So the way out is to play tricks on the mind! If you can do that, half the work is done.

Yes, it is also successful. Evidence is the many successful stories of people who have tried. There are at the clinic treatments and the hypnosis done at home system at easy will power. You can select any way you prefer like. Not only is this kind of weight loss without any diet is successful and healthy, it is also a permanent loss as well.

The lost weight is hard to gain back as the mind is now reset to the lighter feel. There is no reason whatsoever that can trigger any weight gain. So one has to be feeling happy and feeling permanently light- weighted after this process.

Who Can Try Rena Greenberg’s Gastric Bypass Hypnosis Surgery?

Almost everyone can benefit from Rena Greenberg’s gastric bypass hypnosis surgery. For real gastric bypass surgery one has to be obese with a BMI of over 40. People who are lesser in weight cannot undergo this surgery. The gastric bypass hypnosis surgery is welcomed for all. There are no side effects also. So there is no age bar, gender preference or weight limit to have this virtual surgery done.

Rena Greenberg’s gastric bypass surgery is tailored to individual’s need. The goal’s and requirements are all different from one another. The ultimate aim is weight loss and the only way is hypnosis. How and what happens in between is all depending on the individual.

As for the success, it is guaranteed. A new body, new life, and a completely new YOU are out there to welcome you. There is no harm in trying. If you are skeptical about this HYPNOSIS, there are other ways to have weight loss at Easy Will Power. There are all sorts of mental educating and empowering self-help CDs and DVDs available at Easy Will Power at low prices. You can try them instead of a real hypnosis session.

You want weight loss; Easy Will Power can be your ultimate destination. Try it to now it!