KD Smart Chair

KD Smart Chair offers you range of wheelchairs that have amazing features such as lightweight, easy mobility, high-quality & much more.

Wheelchairs have also gone for makeover with added features to attract customers as well as for their benefits while using. The KD Smart chair is literally a smart chair with comfortable seating with easy mobility. It runs the same on a smooth surface and a rough terrain.

The best feature of this KD Smart chair is that it is foldable to accommodate in a medium sized car trunk. This wheelchair measures to 13 x 23.2 x 33.1 inches in length, width, and height respectively. It is one of the compact sized wheelchairs with folding option.

Analysis of KD Smart wheelchair features

Weight: The overall weight of the wheelchair is 50 pounds. The wheelchair and support the weight of 265 pounds. The weight of the chair is one of the lowest figures. The supporting weight is not that great as it comes about the average only. There are other wheelchairs that can support heavier persons on it than the KD Smart chair.

Seat of the KD Smart chair is cushioned for comfort. Both the seat and back support are padded and the person can be at ease sitting on it. The seat is removable and washable. The hand rest is foldable. It is also the holding place of the controlling joystick. The seat also has a seat belt to secure the person tight on to the chair all the while.

Joystick: The joystick of the KD Smart mobility wheelchair could be fixed on either the left hand arm rest or on the right hand side. This is one feature I highly approve of. The flexibility to change the side according to the side the person prefers.

Brake system: Unfortunately there is no such system as a brake system. The wheelchair can be stopped with a motorized stopping only. Care must be taken while going down a ramp. There is wheel locks available to stop the chair from mobilizing other than that there are no safety measures regarding the wheels.


Leg rest is a connected fixed structure to the chair. It cannot be adjusted for convenience. It can just be flipped back when you don’t need, that hardly happens. Anyways, it is not adjustable. The only advantage is that it is set at a ideal height to be used by any person regardless of the height.

Turning: Another big advantage of KD Smart chair is that it has the narrowest turning radius. It has about 31.5 radius circles. Thanks to the 6 inch wheels on all four sides, it can comfortably turn around in the smallest of areas also. As for the climbing the slopes, it can withstand a slop of 12 degrees. Do not expect it to use anywhere in the San Francisco slopes, it may not work.

Battery: The KD Smart wheelchair works on two Lithium ion batteries that can be attached on either side of the seat. The battery is connected to the motor that is fixed on to the rear wheels. The charge can last for 15 miles for maximum. At a time, it can run along for 8-9 miles when used continuously. Once again the mileage is also on average for a battery operated wheelchair.

Standard KD Smart Chair

Standard KD Smart Chair

by KD Smart Chair 4 out of 5stars (415 Customer Ratings)

Price: $2295
The KD Smart chair is literally a smart chair with comfortable seating with easy mobility. It runs the same on a smooth surface and a rough terrain.

Truly a smart chair!!

5 stars out of 5 by Lewis for Standard KD Smart Chair

I purchased the standard KD smart chair for my dad who has trouble moving around. The functionalities are excellent. It was difficult knowing how it works especially handling the turning and brake system. But once you know the tactics, its a breeze. It is also quite sturdy and durable making worth every penny you pay.

Accessories: There are options to add many accessories to attach on to the wheelchair. The Smartphone holder, tablet holder, cup holder are some to name. There is also a storage basket fixed under the seat to keep the handbags of shopping bags. It is not large but should be ok for small purchases. The accessories come at an added price on the wheelchair and are not included with the purchase. The travel case that can carry the folded wheelchair inside can be taken for flight travels or cruise ships.

Price: that is the catch here. If you think that the price will be low for the light weighted wheelchair, you are mistaken. The price is still higher. The only solace is when you compare it with other leading wheelchairs, the price feels lower. It comes around 2 grants for the Smart chair.

Warranty and guarantee: KD Smart wheelchair comes with 60 day money back guarantee. It is one of the best advantages of having KD Smart wheelchairs. The satisfaction guarantee is something that is not popular among the wheelchair manufacturers. It is good to find it here. The warranty period is also less for KD Smart chair; it is only for a year as against up to 10 years from others.

Common complaints about KD Smart wheelchairs

  • No rear wheel replacement: The biggest flaw of KD Smart wheelchair is that the rear wheels are irreplaceable. There are no replacement wheels available in case of any complaint. You might even have to go for the entire package of the motor and wheels for a complaint.
  • Lack of a headrest is another inconvenience for the KD Smart chair. If the person feels like having some rest while sitting, there is nothing to help with that. That itself makes the biggest disadvantage, especially for those who are paralyzed in some ways.
  • Narrow foot rest: The foot rest is not wide enough to keep the feet inside. The toes would most definitely poke out of the foot rest. The no adjustability of it also bothers many. There is no option to flip the foot rest and can be quite a discomfort when used for longer while.
  • Going down the ramp is tricky as there is no brake system. You will need assistance to keep the balance of the wheelchair on slopes. The wheel locks are not good option either. Controlling the speed would be the only way but care should be utmost important while on a slope.

The bottom line

KD Smart wheelchairs have its share of flaws and drawbacks. If you are looking for a convenient mobility chair at an affordable price, this is your best answer. Of course there are higher options available in the market.

KD Smart chair is good enough for a person with mobility difficulty. The immobile persons may want to have an upgraded version with many more features than this wheelchair. It makes an easy hand over the mobility scooters with less stability. When compared to those, KD Smart chairs is the best upgrade they need. This wheelchair is just smart enough not overly so.