Manic-Panic Semi Permanent Hair Dye

Semipermanent Hair Dye

The semipermanent hair dye from Manic Panic is a gentle hair dye that can be used by people who want a more vibrant and lasting hair color. The Manic Panic Amplified Semi-permanent Hair dye gives an even more lasting effect. It is supposed to be gentle for the hair and comes as a classic cream with all natural ingredients. The Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye is not tested on animals and also doesn’t contain any animal products.

The Manic Panic amplified semi permanent hair dye is available in 4 ounce bottles and they are of a wide range of colors like Atomic turquoise, Cotton Candy Pink, Electric Lizard Green (glows under Black light), Pillarbox Red, Ultra Violet and Vampire Red. These amplified semi permanent hair dyes are eye catching. To use the semi permanent hair dyes, shampoo your hair first.


The quantity to be used it, ½ bottle for short hair and full bottle for long hair. A color tint brush can be used to apply the cream onto your hair. The semi permanent hair dye is not to be used directly on the scalp. Use the brush to saturate the hair thoroughly and comb through till the hair becomes frothy with the semi permanent hair dye. Leave the cream on the hair for 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly and do not allow contact with eyes.



The Manic Panic semi permanent hair dye works best on hair that is pre-lightened. The color may fade gradually with each shampoo wash and may stain clothes. The semi permanent hair dye is not to be used on eyebrows or eyelashes and do not mix it with peroxide. Remember to wear protective gloves while applying.

One of the problems with semi permanent hair dyes is that they start fading after sometime and with frequent showers. The Rainshow’r CQ1000 Dechlorinating shower filter from Evolution Hair Institute turns chlorine into harmless, soluble chloride that uses crystalline quartz for energy enhanced shower feel and better lathering. The Rainshow’r works on hand held showers to be used on the body and semi permanent hair dyes, the polyester filter promotes the cartridge performance through sediment removal and no-head models are available as well. The replaceable cartridges last 6-9 months.

This Rainshow’r can be used to reduce the fading of the semi permanent hair dyes and it activates lathering for maximum cleansing. The water is made about 90% chlorine free. This has many uses for the skin and hair and also protects the semi permanent hair dyes.