Smith’s CPES Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer

Smith & Co CPES Penetrating Epoxy by Smith & Co

Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer™ or CPES™ is a solvent blend that has the capability to dissolve the sap, oil, and moisture that harms the wood. Smith’s cpes clear penetrating epoxy sealer is a tough flexible resin system that protects the wood from losing its charm. The resin system is an extract from the natural wood resin and works as a chemical adhesive bond to join the wood fibers.

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How does CPES epoxy sealer work?

The Smith’s cpes clear penetrating epoxy sealer strengthens the wood and allows normal expansion & contraction according to the changes in the climate. The wood stays strong and in good condition even when there is a change in the temperature and humidity. CPES also prevents the growth of mild dry rot in the wood caused by fungi and bacteria. Applying CPES will turn the natural cellulose of wood into epoxy-coated cellulose. Bacteria and fungi dislike the epoxy-coated cellulose and thus they are forced to abandon the wood for the better.

Instructions Smith’s cpes clear penetrating epoxy sealer

Epoxy penetrating sealer has a long pot life and it continues to retain its abilities such as moisture dissolving for long years. The long working time of this sealer makes this the best choice to prevent wood rot.

You need follow a few instructions while applying this sealer. Do not allow rain or dew anywhere along those areas where you apply CPES until the solvents evaporate out of the wood. If you press the wood and if water is present then the wood is unfit for treatment. You need to dry it before application. It takes around one day to a week or more depending on the condition of the wood. Certain other factors like the extent of deterioration, temperature, and humidity levels also determine how fast the sealer settles down. You can apply the sealer using a brush, roller, or even an immersion tool. Spraying is not a great idea, as it will cause the solvents to evaporate into thin air.

Applying directly to the wood will provide better results. In addition, if you are planning to use a roller on a vertical surface, then make sure to hold the roller horizontally and work upwards. This will create a great finish and long lasting effect. After application, providing enough time to diffuse and evaporate is the key to achieving great results. Later you can apply fillers or glues, as you need to get a greater coverage.

CPES formulations and cure time chart for both the formulas

Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer comes in two formulations

Cold weather formulation

Pot Life At Temperature Cold Weather Formula

  • 86°F/30°C Not Recommended
  • 68°F/20°C 2 hours
  • 50°F/10°C 4 hours
  • 32°F/0°C 8 hours
  • Full Cure Time Required
  • 86°F/30°C Not Recommended
  • 68°F/20°C 2 days
  • 50°F/10°C 2 days
  • 32°F/0°C 4 days

Warm weather formulation

Pot Life At Temperature Warm Weather Formula

  • 86°F/30°C 4 hours
  • 68°F/20°C 8 hours
  • 50°F/10°C 16 hours
  • 32°F/0°C Not Recommended

Full Cure Time Required

  • 86°F/30°C 2 days
  • 68°F/20°C 4 days
  • 50°F/10°C 8 days
  • 32°F/0°C Not Recommended

Shelf life of CPES

Unused and unmixed CPES in closed can’s stays over 5 years when kept above freezing temperatures. In any case, you mix it, then you have to use it else it will be wasted.

Customer reviews

The majority of the customers have been using this product for decades and they say it is the best ever made. However, they also say that you need to follow and carefully watch a few instructions before deciding how much CPES is needed.  Many customers agree that the drier the wood the better the results and absorption rate. This product is a highly favorable pick for those who want to treat their wood to extend its life.

Smith & Co CPES Penetrating Epoxy

Smith & Co CPES Penetrating Epoxy

by Smith & Co 4 out of 5stars (36 Customer Ratings)

Price: $39.99
This epoxy sealer reinforces the wood and restores it back to the normal condition.

Great Pick

4 stars out of 5 by Jane for Smith & Co CPES Penetrating Epoxy

You need to decide what type of wood, the condition of the wood etc before applying the epoxy.


Smith’s cpes clear penetrating epoxy sealer is an excellent product that is been catering the needs of the people since many decades. It is a trustworthy product with outstanding results. CPES is a highly recommended product by its loyal customers.

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