is an online store of supplements by Dr. Mark hyman.
This store has a unique collection of high quality and very effective supplements that is not found in general medical shops or health stores. Theses supplements help to compensate for the nutritional deficiency of our body.


The diet that most of the people follow today is of high acidic content and low in nutritional value. The excess use of chemicals in the production process diminish the nutritional content of the crop, so even if you have included veggies and fruits in your diet still you are not able to provide your body with the required essential nutrition. In such conditions supplements are one of the remedy. Understanding this condition; to help people suffering from deficiency problems because of the insufficient supply of certain nutrients Dr. Mark Hyman came up with an online store where people can buy super quality supplements that only physicians have in their kitty. The other best thing about buying supplements from this website is that whatever profit will be earned from the sales, a part of that will be contributed to aid professional education and research work.

An Intro to Dr. Mark Hyman

A man of intellect and talent Dr. Mark Hyman is a physician and also an author of many books on health and diet. He founded the UltraWellness Centre and is the MD of the organization. He has written columns in an online American blog named ‘The Huffington Post’ and also an active contributor of the talk show ‘Katie’. He has also worked as editor-in-chief and editor to the medical journal named ‘Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine’. And he has one more feather to his cap, The Functional Medicine Institutes’s Chairman position! also contains books, different types of shakes and snacks. Online classes let us take a step by step look at the various stuffs and facilities provided by this online store.

 Dr. Mark Hyman Supplements

The supplement section has been divide into five different categories

  • Daily Wellness Vitamins: this include vitamin supplements. Vitamins plays a very important role in the growth and health of an individual. They are a vital source of energy and strength to the body. Their deficiency leads to various health problems. The vitamin requirement in men, women and children is different, so this section is again divided into three more categories namely Essentials for Men, essentials for Women and essential for children.

Essential for Women includes

  • Essentials kit for women
  • Wellness essentials women

Essential for men includes

  • Essential Kit for men
  • Wellness Essentials men’s vitality

Essential for children includes

  • Essential kit for kids (Capsules form )
  • Essential kit for kids (liquid form )

10 day detox by Dr. Mark Hyman

  • 10 Day Detox Diet Supplements: these supplements contains detoxifying agents and helps in accelerating metabolism and helps in balancing the sugar level in blood and the level of cholesterol. These supplements can be used on a daily basis.
    The available detox supplement in the store
  • 10-Day Detox Basic Supplement pack- PureLean
  • 10-Day Detox Basic supplement pack- Wellness Essentials healthy balance kit
  • 10-Day Detox Combo pack – PureLean pure pack kit
  • 10-Day Detox Combo Pack – Wellness Essentials healthy balance kit
  • 10-Day Detox Diet Complete Toolkit
  • 10-Day Detox Step-Up kit
  • Leanne Ely 10-Day Challenge – Gold package

Targeted health Solution kits by Dr. Mark Hyman

The kits included in this category are specially designed for specific health conditions. The aim at improving certain health condition and and strengthening certain systems. The below given are the different health related kits that you can buy from

Immune Support kits By Dr. Mark Hyman

Advance immune Support kit (with Essentials support)
Advance immune Support kit (without essential support)
Basic immune support kit (with essential support)
basic immune Support kit (without essential support)
Capsule Immune Support for kids (over 4) with essentials
immune Support for kids (under 4) with essentials
Kaprex Al
Liquid/Powder immune Support for kids (over 4) with essentials

  • Healthy cholesterol support kit w_Essentials: A healthy cholesterol level means a healthy heart. The healthy cholesterol support kit contains a set of supplements that will aid in balancing the cholesterol level and will help in keeping the amount of sugar in your blood levelled.
  • Craving Control support kit : Craving for certain food is not a new thing, everyone experience it, but not everyone is able to control it. Craving for sweet items is very common among stressed and over tensed and depressed people. If not controlled, then this will lead to excess of junk supply into your body system, which you is not that good for your body. This kit includes a combination of various effective supplements like L-Glutamine, Glucomannan fibre, chromium and a mixed blend of tryosin, 5-HTP and different effective herbs. All these supplements will together help in controlling the neurotransmitters that generate craving.
  • Skin care support kit: This kit is a combination of Zinc citrate, vitamin A, Evening primrose oil and Vitamin E. these supplements work together to promote a healthy and lovely glowing skin.

Your healthy Foundations by Dr. Mark Hyman

The below mentioned stuffs forms the base of our health. All these are very important for maintaining the vitality and smooth functioning of the various systems of our body. This section of the store includes supplements related to the following.

This section is divided into nine sub sections of supplements which are as follows

  1. Amino Acids: Amino acids are very essential in keeping our immunity system strong and enhancing the working performance of anti-oxidants. These prevent unhealthy build-up of fat.
  2. Probiotics: these are health benefiting micro-organisms which when supplied to our body in adequate amount will do wonders to our health.
  3. Antioxidants: these helps in destroying the power of harmful free radicals and neutralizes them. Anti-oxidants are also very beneficial for maintaining eye and skin health and aslo strengthening the immunity system.
  4. Essential Fatty Acids : essential fatty acids has various health benefits like regulates hormone production , helps in proper functioning of glands, aids in constructing healthy membranes for cells etc.
  5. Vitamins : Vitamins play a very crucial role in the overall growth and improvement of our body. There are various vitamins and each has its own effects and benefits for our body.
  6. Minerals: Minerals like vitamins are also a very essential part of the nutrients category. It helps in improving the overall health and vitality.
  7. Multivitamins: the products under this category consists a compound of various vitamins.
  8. Enzymes: Enzymes are already present in our body but they might not be enough to fulfill the requirement of our body. Their deficiency can cause disruption in the functioning of our body system, thus affecting the overall health.
  9. Healthy Fiber : healthy fibers promotes a healthy heart, helps in controlling the blood sugar level, aids in weight loss and managing weight. They enhance metabolism and skin health.

Optimizing your health with Dr. Mark Hyman

To be healthy and to remain healthy both are important and to maintain the healthy state of mind and body Dr Hyman has put some really good supplements in his stores. The list of supplements is large, some of them are brain boosting supplements, energy enhancing supplements, promoting healthy immunity system supplements etc. All the supplements that has been included in this category are all very effective.

Shakes and Snacks

You will find in this section a number of Tasty and healthy shakes and snacks like nutritional shakes and green drinks of various flavors, healthy fiber and yummy nutritional bars.

Books and Multimedia

Dr. Mark Hyman has written many best selling books on health and diet. Every book he has written has seen great success in the market because of its valuable content. He has also produced health related DVD’s and CD named.

Coaching and online Programs

In the coaching program you are provided with information and advice from expert nutritionist. The nutritionists are specifically trained by Dr. Hyman and you will get quick responses for your questions , the best part is you can ask unlimited questions. For customers convenience the coaching programs has been divided into three different plans, a monthly plan, a 6 months prepaid plan and a 12 month prepaid plan.

Specific Program Solutions

This section contains books and DVD’s and CD’s on how to overcome and relieve yourself from different health problems. Blood sugar, metabolism, hormone balance are some of the main topics of this section

Return Policy

You can return your order if you are not happy with the product. You have to return the product within 30 days of purchasing. They guarantee a 100% refund for Dr. Mark Hyman is so much confident about his products quality and effectiveness.