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The Wewood date watch creates a unique style statement.

Wewood watches are known for its wood design and its peculiar style statement attached with the watches. The design of wood watches is completely eco-friendly in nature and is available in 6 varieties. The aesthetic feeling of the watch is pretty much different and a refreshing one compared to traditional watches. The frame is made of wood which is chemical free and lightweight in nature making it a maneuver friendly device. The watches come with sophisticated technology.

Wewood Watches Reviews

Take a look at the Wewood watches review before running and buying the product.

Watches come in various sorts and designs and Wewood watches clearly packs a punch with its peculiar designing and characteristics. The watches come in a box with the company’s logo and create an appeal of its own which makes it a perfect choice for a gift. Some of the high end watches comes in wooden boxes which still raises the aesthetics of the watch. Wewood watches works on quartz miyota movement. The batteries of the watches can be easily replaced which makes it user-friendly for handling and maintenance. Wewood watches are also economic buys as many of the watches come under the price tag of $200.

Wewood watches however, might have allergic issues that are only provoked if the user has an allergy towards wood. The links of the watch is also made by wood only the clasp being metal for the strength it provides. The watches from Wewood come in a range of colors both light and dark genres. The wood used for the manufacture of the watch is Blackwood which gives the needed strength. Wewood watches are not water-proof or resistant and has a few disadvantages in that area.

The company is also involved in CSR activities where they take initiatives to plant trees as a counter for their manufacturing activities. The company has planned to invest 4.8 million trees through 43 projects spanning over 12 states and 10 countries worldwide. This plan was to contribute to the wildlife protection and for helping in the maintaining in the balance of nature.

There have been many online Wewood watches review which can be seen in various online websites such as amazon. Some of the Wewood watches review are mentioned here:

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credits: http://ackgr.com/

Wewood watches review No.1:

“My watch broke three months after I purchased it but its hard to get to a new which included many procedures such as photo of the broken watch, tracking number etc. They also charged me shipping charges (which is something a quality company won’t do). Be careful with your watch for it can break easily.” – June

Wewood watches review No.2:

“Got a second watch right now since the first broke in pieces. Though I got a lot of compliments on the watch but I feel like warning people against wasting their money.” – Johnson

Wewood watches review No.3:

“No problem, till now…as its working ABSOLUTELY FINE.” – Ernest

In conclusion, Wewood watches have certainly carved out a niche in the industry with its peculiar nature and structure. Wewood watches has been able to maintain a trade off between the aspects of style, make and durability which makes the company a success. But you need to take care of the watch as it tends to break easily. If you are ready to make the commitment, then ordering is a piece of cake.