24K 6-Inch Gold Foil Rose

Gifting 24K 6-inch Gold Foil Rose

Give your loved one 24K 6-inch Gold Foil Rose that is a perfect gift for anyone – mother, sister, lover or friend.

24K 6-Inch Gold Foil Rose

Gifts are a token of love; it is a way of expressing that they are cared for. The value of the gift is increased when it is made of gold. Gold is the best friend of women but anyone would accept a gift made of gold.

The 24K 6-Inch Gold Foil Rose is a perfect gift for any occasion. Rose is a universal symbol and token of love and is accepted in any colors. This Gold Foil Rose is compact and beautiful and the foil is coated with pure 24K gold. Roses would dry but not this Gold Foil Rose that comes with purple box!!!! That’s why it is much more precious than real roses. It is more appropriate, perfect and memorable gift for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, wedding or any other event or occasion. This lovely little rose would make anyone happy. This may be given to anyone not just to a girlfriend or boyfriend. This 24k golden dipped rose is available at a wholesale price on Amazon online.

Golden Foil Rose Product Description

The Gold Foil Rose is a small 6-inch flower that would fit into a small bud vase. It is not much expensive so getting a few numbers of it and making it a bouquet will be more attractive and is highly appreciated. This would last forever and is not damaged or spoiled easily. Get this rose for the next Mother’s Day and see how her face lit up. This would be her most precious gift received. This will be a different gift from the same old red Valentine’s Day gifts. It is also a perfect gift solution without having to spend too much. The money is worth every penny since it will not fade or rust. This will be something that anyone will remember forever.

This unique make is made from Gold Leaf in Taiwan and the material is highly purified. It is handcrafted with care and is much more impressive than other similar products. Each petal is detailed and carefully made. The gift box is attractive and enhances the beauty of the gift. It has much higher quality when compared to its cost. It has got a certificate of authenticity and comes with a specially designed golden gift package. This single rose will replace a dozen or even hundred roses together. The kdlinks® 24k 6-inch gold foil rose is so unique that it is meant for that special person in anyone’s life. Whoever buys this Golden Rose would find it difficult to top it with another gift the next year.

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