AiM- Mobile Car Inspection Services

AiM Mobile Vehicle Inspection Services

AiM Mobile Car Inspection Service is a company that offers mobile vehicle inspection service, which is very well-known in the field of used car market.

AiM Mobile Car Inspection Service is a company that offers mobile vehicle inspection service. This is a revolutionary in the field of used car market.Used cars are more economical than brand new ones. More and more people are opting for used cars. But how safe is a used one? How safe is it? How to know if it has got any damages or kind? The answer to all these questions is, AiM- Alliance Inspection Management.

AiM Mobile Car Inspection Service provides an independent vehicle inspection that satisfies both the buyers and sellers in the USA and Canada. The professionals here are full time company employees and not any part time workers.


The professionals of AiM Mobile Car Inspection check the vehicle for any damage, repair needed or any previous collisions or accidents etc. Altogether the team inspects a car on 150 aspects both internally and exterior of the car. Simply call in to schedule an appointment based on the availability and the customer’s convenience. The team will arrive anywhere the customer prefers, like, at office, home or any other location. The car inspection is mostly required by the one who indent to buy a used car or those who wants to sell their old car. The inspection is different according to the aspect of the customer, whether buying or selling. For those who want to but that car, the inspection is more on the fault finding aspect. The car that is up for selling will be inspected to find any repairs that need to be done to make it fit for selling. The inspection also clearly finds any oil leakage, condition of the tyre, and document verifications as well.

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The report of the AiM Mobile Car Inspection will be sent to the given email id within 48 hrs. The inspection will award the vehicle with grade from A-F depending up on the condition. This certification makes it easy to sell the vehicle for the sellers and buyers are benefited by not having to worry about the condition of the vehicle. The pre-purchase inspection of $129 is only a nominal amount while investing for a fit and fine car.

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