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Tyent uses solid/mesh hybrid plates for electrolysis where as EOS uses Patented Slotted Plate Technology. Tyent has the larger plate surface area than EOS (Tyent is said to have the largest plate surface area in the industry).

This is an article about alkaline and best alkaline water machine reviews 2014.

Today we hear a lot about the alkaline water and its benefits. There are many ways to obtain or to convert tap or bottled water or any water into alkaline water but, what can be the best option than an automatic system that provide alkaline water with just a touch?! These automatic machines called alkaline water machines are becoming popular with each passing day. Though theses machines are gaining popularity, but the questions whether alkaline water is good for health and whether alkaline water obtained through machines are good for health are still prevalent among the people. There are many companies that currently reign the market with their innovative ideas. So here are some of the Best alkaline water machine reviews 2014.


Before that have a look at how alkaline water machines work. Alkaline water machines uses the process of electrolysis for transforming normal water into alkaline water, so the water is purified electrically(using electricity) and the water thus obtained is electrically charged. To pass the electric current through the water metal plates are used.

Alkaline water machines produces water whose ph level is high(more than 7), this water is said to be alkaline or basic in nature. The water from alkaline water machines contains anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants are very important to keep our body healthy and to improve our resistance power towards diseases. The anti- oxidants neutralizes the effect of free radicals. Free radicals are trouble causing ions that damages healthy cells in our body and have the capacity to cause cancer and diabetes types diseases. Alkaline ionized water improves metabolism and promotes healthy digestive functioning. It is also very efficient in lowering the acidic level of our body giving relief from acidity and acidity related problems like heart burn, constipation etc.

The body cells finds it easy to absorb Alkaline water and it tastes better than the normal tap or bottled water, it is water in its purest form. People who use alkaline machine water for cooking found that the natural flavor of the food is maintained and the food tastes tastier than it used to while cooked with normal tap water. Alkaline ionized water is a very good source of oxygen to your body. Brain and other parts of your body when pumped with oxygen start functioning more effectively and efficiently and you will experience a high in your energy levels and concentration ability. Water from alkaline water machine are also very efficient in flushing out toxins from our body, which will greatly help in keeping our internal system healthy and our skin glowing. It is also said to contain anti-aging properties and that is alkaline ionized water is called as “fountain of youth”.

There are many companies in the list of best alkaline water machine reviews 2014 that have entered into this field of production of alkaline water machines. Among the toppers stand NewCell water ionizer, Tyent water ionizer, Kangen water ionizer and many more. The distinctive features that put them in the best alkaline water machine reviews 2014 are their distinct features and the great services they put in for their customers.

Tyent 7070 turbo vs. Enagic (also known by the name Kangen)

We will see below the main features of Tyent 7070 turbo vs Enagic and what differentiates them.
Tyent 7070 and Enagic, both do not use chemicals.

Both Enagic and Tyent 7070 model have very good electrodes for ionizing water and both have seven plates. Enagic plates are grouped together and use a wattage of 230. The Tyent 7070 has a mesh configuration to increase the surface area. It uses 250 watts of power for ionization.


Enagic uses an ‘electrolysis enhancer’ to boost the pH level. Tyent scores on this point in that it uses electrolysis with larger surface area of the plates and does not use additives.
Tyent uses two filters for water purification, the first a carbon filter to remove water contaminants like chlorine, lead etc. and a second 3-tier ceramic filter to filter almost all impurities found in water. Enagic on the other hand uses only a single filter. Recently Enagic has included calcium sulfite in its filters to enhance the purification process but the down point of using Sulfite is that it is banned in many countries in the world except the US.
Enagic offers a 5 year warranty for its parts and labor whereas Tyent offers lifetime warranty for its parts and labor. In both cases, we have to pay the shipping charges.
Enagic is priced slightly higher at $4,000 while the cost of Tyent 7070 is $ 2,495.

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