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Nutri Vet Bladder Control Dog Chewables
Bladder Control Dog Chewables is a product developed under the brand Nutri Vet and is widely used by dog owners for promoting better bladder control for their dogs. It is a natural remedy and constituents all homeopathic ingredients.

Incontinence or Bladder control problems in dog arise due to various reasons.  Bladder control in a Puppy is different from dog bladder control problems in adult dogs. while in a pup this may be considered as a behavioral problem and proper training could avert the incontinence , there are other reasons why an adult dog will have loss of Bladder control. Dogs with Cushings Disease is commonly seen to have incontinence problems. Old age dogs in general tend to show problems with Bladder control too, without specific reasons.

An Overactive bladder in dogs indicate certain problems and hormonal differences in their system. A proper check for kidney related diseases and other check ups would be in place for dogs with incontinence. An incontinence dog will often tend to drink more water. This is directly related to its inability to control itself when it wants to take a leak. Dog bladder control problems could also indicate problems in adrenal glands. How,ever there are natural remedies and treatment for dog urinary incontinence available online.

If your dog is unable to control its bladder issues, a Trip to the vet should be in place. A natural remedy to get you started would be the Bladder Control for dogs by Nutri Vet. It is a herbal remedy, holistic in every way and free of all side effects. Nutri Vet Bladder control is one of the few remedies which can help you with dog Bladder problems.

Dogs can be infected by urinary infection, chronic inflammatory diseases, and bladder disorders and so on and one such disorder is being unable to control the bladder movements. These issues should be diagnosed and treated well for the healthy life of the dog. One such remedy for curing the bladder irregularities problem is the NutriVet Bladder Control Chewables.

What is Nutri Vet Bladder Control Dog Chewables?

Bladder Control Chewables is a product developed under the brand Nutri Vet and is widely used by dog owners for promoting better bladder control for their dogs. It is a natural remedy and constituents all homeopathic ingredients, this why it is known to be one of the safest product for dogs. A proper and healthy urinary system and bladder activities are provided to the user of this product. It eliminates the toxic waste from your dogs body and thus alleviating risks of UTI. These products are manufactured in an FDA-registered facility and also have a cGMP- compliant pharmaceutical facility for the manufacturing process.

NutriVet Bladder Control Dog Chewables is a homeopathic remedy for bladder control. It is an effective remedy for promoting bladder control. It contains 100% homeopathic ingredients that are known for relieving incontinence and strengthening the bladder. Nutri Vet Bladder Control for dogs is used internally for treating acute symptoms like frequent accidents, leaking, while supporting the urinary system and helping to maintain bladder control.

Ingredients of NutriVet Bladder Control for Dogs

Nutri Vet constitutes 100 % herbal ingredients and the benefits of these are explained as follows:

  • Pumpkinseed – strengthens the bladder muscles and supports normal emptying of the bladder.
  • Rehmannia – a herb that works for urinary incontinence
  • Wild Yam – comes with phytoestrogens that relaxes the urinary tract muscles
  • Soy Protein – rich in isoflavones, it maintains the good health of bladder muscle after spaying.
  • Saw Palmetto – is an immune boosting herb that also helps in good prostate health.
  • Cranberry extract – helps in acidifying urine.
  • Vitamin C – an antioxidant and immune modulator, it supports the overall health of the dog while improving better bladder control.

Dosage of NutriVet Bladder Control for Dogs

The recommended dosage is one chewable per 25 lbs of body weight twice a day. You can continue as needed. The product is recommended for elderly spayed dogs who are dealing with incontinence. For puppy dogs who have bladder control problems, consult the Vet before providing this supplement.

Nutri Vet Bladder Control Reviews

Overall, the reviews have been positive. This product has received 4.0 out of 5-stars from users. NutriVet Bladder Control is treated as a best remedy for dog incontinence by many users. They see positive results without any adverse reactions. Within a week of the dose, they notice improvement in the health of pets and better endurance towards UTI infection or incontinence.

On the downside, few pet owners are unhappy and claim that the product doesn’t offer any results as claimed. Also, the taste of the product does not seem to go well with dogs.

That being said, here are few of the Nutrivet better bladder control reviews (both good and bad).

“This supplement has completely resolved Molly’s bladder control issues. Since we adopted she’s peed in her sleep. First I thought it was because of her being young (9 months) but even after turning two, things didnt resolve. We found about spay related incontinence. We have been using this product since a month and she is not peeing in her sleep. It took 2 weeks of accident free nights. Then none at all. We are happy and so is she.”

“This product has helped me take my dog from Pronin 25 mg bladder pill. She loves the taste and I give her two pills a day as per the dosage. I will buy it over and over again. It did take it over a month to see results so give a chance to start working for your dog.”

“Great product. I gave as per the directions and it worked well for my 8-year old Rottweiler. If I skipped a dose, it wouldn’t work so I give exactly by the dosage.”

PetAlive Better Bladder Control Vs Nutri Vet Bladder Control for dogs

PetAlive Better Bladder Control

The ingredients of Better Bladder Control are homeopathic. It is known to help dogs fight urinary incontinence and its symptoms naturally. There are no side effects of this supplement.

Better Bladder Control is available in both granules and spray formula. You can choose the one that works well with your pet. Better bladder control granules has received 2.9 out of 5 stars in Amazon out of 16 reviews while the spray formula has received 1.0 out of 5 stars and has received a single review only in

Nutri Vet Bladder Control for dogs

The ingredients of Nutri-Vet Bladder Control for dogs is a blend of herbal and natural. It is available in chewable formula with bacon flavor which many dogs love. The product, though works slowly, (being a natural product), does not trigger any side effects. Bladder control for dogs has received 4.0 out of 5 stars out of 274 reviews from Amazon.

Available at Amazon for best price, Nutri-Vet Bladder Control for dogs is a great formula for your pet. The price of Nutri Vet Bladder Control is economical and is definitely worth a try if you are looking for natural formula. Being a natural formula, you may not see overnight results. Just be patient and give both the supplement and your pet some time to deliver results.

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