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Boca Terry Spa Wrap

Boca terry’s spa wraps are easy to put on and take off. Each wrap is accented with an elastic band.

  • Made with 100% Combed Cotton Velour
  • Made with 67% Cotton, 13% Poly Waffle, and 100% Poly Microfiber with a French Terry lining
  • Men Wraps are 24” in length, and are available in white only
  • Women wraps are 32” in length
  • Wraps are available in larger sizes also


What is Boca Terry Spa Wraps?

Spa Wraps are great accessories for completing your guest’s stay. Boca Terry Spa Wraps are designed with convenience and comfort, ensuring your towel will never slip or fall off. Spa wraps can be used as a replacement for towels, for your guests to wear. They are the ideal companion whether you are lounging in the steam room or in your bedroom. Boca Terry is the trusted wholesale bathrobe and bath towel supplier. They supply for world class luxury resorts, cruise lines, spas, medical facilities and promotional product companies. Boca Terry specializes in designing and manufacturing custom bathrobes and spa accessories.

Their creative consulting team works closely with organizations of all sizes. Boca Terry work for promotional product companies and luxury resorts to celebrity personalities, to achieve a unique and custom design. They guarantee the best level of quality terry and microfiber products to their whole sale bathrobe clients. The product quality is guaranteed by their controlled manufacturing process. In addition to supplying luxury bath and spa products clients; they also sell to established procurement companies like Buy Efficient and Birch Street. They also offer custom embroidery on all bathrobes and spa accessories.

Boca Terry Product categories include, Bathrobes, Organic Bathrobes, Spa Accessories, Slippers, Towels, Lounge Chair Cover.

Boca Terry Spa Wrap Features

  • Made with 100% Combed Cotton Velour
  • Made with 67% Cotton, 13% Poly Waffle, and 100% Poly Microfiber with a French Terry lining
  • Men Wraps are 24” in length, and are available in white only
  • Women wraps are 32” in length
  • Wraps are available in larger sizes also

Boca Terry Spa Wrap with snaps

Here we are discussing Boca Terry luxury Spa Wraps with snaps which comes under the product category Spa Accessories. Boca terry’s spa wraps are easy to put on and take off. Spa wraps are equipped with snaps, to allow for securing the wrap and adjusting the fit to meet one’s preferences. Each wrap is accented with an elastic band. The band helps to keep the wrap in place as the wearer moves around. There are few differences between spa wraps for men and women

Boca Terry Men’s Spa Wrap

  • Held in place at the waist.
  • The wrap cover up to the mid-calf area to ease movement.
  • Men’s wraps are available, only in white in velour or basic waffle fabrics.

Boca Terry Women’s Wrap

  • Women’s wrap are secured at the chest.
  • Stop below the knees to assure a cozy fit.
  • Women’s wraps are available in velour, basic waffle, or micro fiber variations.

Boca Terry Spa Wrap/Microfiber – Women’ Style

Boca Terry Spa Wrap is the preferred choice of spas everywhere. It is the ultimate luxury bathrobe and is available in One Size, XXL, and XXXXL. This Spa Wrap is made of a machine washable, with high quality poly or cotton blend, and it stretches enough. It has tiny waffle pockets. The underside of every wrap is knit using a tumble dry process. It further enhances the elegant feel and softness. The wrap features an elasticized top with a 4-snap closure which assures an excellent fit and closure.


  • The material is 100% polyester lined with soft cotton knit fiber.
  • It comes with tiny waffle pockets on the right side for added convenience.
  • All sizes are adjustable with 3 snaps for different sizing.
  • The elastic bands provide maximum comfort and hold the wrap in place.
  • Length -32 inches for all sizes.
  • It is Washable or dry cleanable. Ironing recommended.

Boca Terry Spa Wrap Reviews

Miki was concerned about the proper size, but it fits her well. She have it at the tightest snap to make sure whether it is secure around her hips. Miki says, this is the wrap which she wanted, and she is very happy that it is elastic.

Angel says – It is a very good quality wrap and is not too heavy like others.

Boca Terry Spa Wrap Velour – Women’s & Men’s Style

This luxurious Terry Scrap Wrap is made of a high-quality blended stretch terry. It offers warmth, comfort,t and absorbency. This Terry Spa Wrap is light weight but durable. It features with an elasticized top with a snap closure. There is also an elastic back, which keep the wrap soft and secure. This Spa Wrap is comfortable for all ages.


  • Made of 100% combed cotton velour.
  • For Women, it is available in One Size, XXL and XXXXL, for men available in one size & XXL
  • This wrap has an elastic bond, which provides maximum comfort, and holds the wrap in place.
  • For Women, Length – 32 inches for all sizes, for men Length – 24 inches for all sizes
  • The wrap comes with a pocket on right side for convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone know if this spa wrap is very see through since it is white? I can’t figure out how thick it is?

Not see through at all, it is thicker than a standard towel and made of terry cloth.

What are the dimensions of the one-size?

It is approximately 47 inches wide and 33 inches long.

What is the width of one size?

It is 62”across.

What is the length in inches of the longest part of the wrap?

The one size is 60” and has three adjustable snaps.

Boca Terry Spa Waffle Wrap Reviews

Sunny says, the wrap arrived on time and packing was well. It is nice, heavy and found it to be a good length.

Cambella says, this spa wrap is absolutely beautiful and definitely spa quality one. She ordered the 4*l because t is 100% combed velour cotton. She wanted it to be able to put in the dryer, to dry so that it would be fluffy.Cambella thought that it might have shrunk one size but it didn’t.

Boca Terry Spa Wrap Basic Waffle – Women’s & Men’s Style

Spa Wraps are great whether you are lounging in the steam room or bed room. These wraps are secured with 3 snaps for an adjustable fit. It also has an elastic back, which keeps the wrap soft and secure.


  • Made from Poly- Cotton, and are available for women in One Size, XXL and XXXXL. Available for men in One Size and XXL.
  • All sizes are adjustable with 3 snaps for different sizing.
  • The wrap has an elastic band, which provides maximum comfort and holds the wrap in place.
  • It comes with pocket on ride side for convenience.
  • For Women, Length – 32 inches for all sizes and for men Length – 24 inches for all sizes.

Customers Question and Answer

At spa, the wraps they use have snaps that are snapped in two different locations around the chest. Does this do the same?

Yes, this has two different snaps so can adjust the size.

Boca Terry Spa Wrap Basic Waffle Reviews

Kathryn says, it is little bigger than expected, but ok, there are multiple snaps so it can make tighter.

Another customer says, the snaps can be adjusted to fit correctly for any size and the length is perfect.

The negative review, made by a customer was that the package arrived broken and was used. It is not absorbent as needed.

Boca Terry Spa Wrap Knit Waffle

Knit Waffles are characterized by their modal fibers, one of the world’s softest textiles. These fibers are three times softer than cotton and ensure long lasting comfort. The wrap is piped in self color and is lightweight but durable.


  • Made from 45% cotton, 45% modal and 10% polyester and are available in One Size, XL, and XXXXL.
  • Modal Fibers are soft, rich and have unique attributes.
  • The Women’s Spa Wrap is 32’’ in length and some styles are available in larger size

Boca Terry Luxury Spa Wraps

If you own a hotel, or spa, or hoping to create a spa atmosphere, at home, Luxury Spa Wrap is the best option. It is the perfect companion to the day of relaxation and rejuvenation. By using this spa wrap, customers can feel a complete comfort. Towels rarely stay wrapped properly, luxury spa wrap solve this problem. Boca Terry’s wrap stays in place, no matter how much you move because it is crafted with elastic and secure snaps.

Luxury spa wraps are made of the softest and most comfortable materials. The materials include velour and microfiber, so the wraps never get itchy or irritating. These wraps are not only comfortable but also practical. Boca Terry’s luxury spa wraps are available at both wholesale and retail prices. They are offered in both men and women’s style. It starts only $16 for an individual wrap. Boca Terry Spa Wraps add an excellent touch and provides the highest quality spa wrap. They offer the perfect Spa Wraps.


Boca Terry takes the full ownership of the design and manufacturing of each of its whole sale bathrobe and spa accessory products. They source their product all over the world. Their products come up with the quality standards and competitive pricing. All fabrics utilized for the products are woven at their factories. Manufacturing high -quality products is not only the part of their manufacturing process.

Guaranteed supply distribution of wholesale cotton products world -wide is one of their specialties. Boca Terry’s long lasting relationships with fabric suppliers enable them to acquire the best quality product and well- executed production at competitive prices.

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