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Cancer is one of the few dreaded diseases in humans and animals. When you hear the word, a chill passes through your spine. An experience with cancer for our loved ones is a feared concept in general. When you hear that your dog is indeed suffering from cancer, chances are most people would lose hope. We tend to think of death in the near future, the loss and the pain after which. Unfortunately, there is no clear remedy for cancer in dogs. Natural remedies could control its pain and extend its life for a period. Unfortunately, there is not a cure in natural remedy which would work for dogs. Chemotherapy and surgery have been found successful in some dogs below the age of 10 but to only 10% of the dogs diagnosed with cancer. the cost involved in treating cancer with prescription drugs are usually way higher , usually giving dog owners the idea of putting their pet down.

Cancer Support Kit for Dogs help your dog with a natural way to combat cancer to a good extent. They are natural and have no side effects. More over the cost of medication is way lesser than any other treatment. Natural remedies are not one of the most preferred in today’s scientific world, but if you understand the cause of cancer, you would blame science for most of it. Pesticides, chemicals, preservatives are not what our dogs asked for. Their food contains all these ingredients and to make it worse, even their household has chemicals which are directly linked to some sorts of cancer. From the normal Home cleaners to detergents, these are triggers for cancer in our pets, not to name the diet of Commercial food. Buy cancer support kit for dogs today to treat Cancer efficiently and without a lot of pain for your dogs. Try it if you have to believe it.

Cancer Support Kit For Dogs

Similar to humans the dog cancer is also the uncontrolled growth of cells. These lethal cells form cancerous lump and kill the healthy cells. They spread to the other parts of the body through the blood. Some of the symptoms are reduced energy level, breathing difficulty, stiffness, unhealed sores, discharges or bleeding from body openings, lumps formation that are hard to go, urination troubles or defecation and unusual foul odors. The different types of cancer found in dogs are skin cancer, breast cancer, mouth cancer, abdominal tumors, testicle tumors and bone cancer.

The Cancer Support Kit from Petlife consists of Life Gold drops and Nu-Pet antioxidant wafers. Life Gold is a herbal preparation for dogs with a suppressed immune system and is at the risk of the increased effects of oxidative breakage of the cells. Nu-Pet Wafers are a collection of herbs and vitamins that fight against the free radicals that damage the healthy cells. The added nutrients also ensure that your dog’s diet is supplemented in the time when his body needs it the most. This product is engineered using all traditional and recent scientific research on herb extracts from around the world.   The Kit consists of a mix of herbs, vitamins, and antioxidants that helps in curing the dog cancer. It provides support in immune system, detoxification of vitally organs and systems, reduces oxidative stress, eliminates free radicals, ensures antioxidant function, and promotes a long term health for your pets. The kit contains a one month supply for most dogs:

Directions to sue

Administer the Life Gold drops orally two times a day.  Dosage depends on the weight of the pet, the ratio is one drop for every one kg or 2 lbs of body weight for up to 50 lb, which means approximately 25 drops each serving. If the dog weighs over 50 lb, add one drop for every extra 4 lb or 2kg. The bottle must be shaken well before every use. The drops may be given orally, or mixed with food or water. The Nu-Pet wafers are given twice daily. The number of wafers per serving varies from ½ -6 wafers with increase in the weight. For senior dogs or weak dogs double the recommended use for 4 weeks and reduce it to the recommended dose.


Life Gold drops contains the following herbs. Chaga (Inonotus obliquus):  The antioxidant content maintains better immunity; Blessed Thistle herb (Cnicus benedictus): Used for detoxification and cleansing; as well as for its antioxidant components and cell regeneration; Burdock root (Arctium lappa):  For a healthy appetite, and maintain healthy cells; Red Clover flowering herb (Trifolium pretense):   Purifies the blood, and stimulate the appetite; Sheep Sorrel herb (Rumex acetosella):  Used for health of the digestive tract, and as a detoxifier; Slippery Elm (Ulmus fulva):   used for soothing the digestive tract and absorbing toxins; Turkey Rhubarb root (Rheum palmatum):  Cleanse and normalize bowel movements. Nu-Pet Antioxidant Wafers contains various vitamins like Vit C, A, E and minerals like selenium, wheat sprout/Grass complex, desiccated liver, barley grass powder, alfalfa, protein, crude fat and fiber.


In case of worsening the ailment, stop the drug and consult the veterinarian as soon as possible. This product is meant only for animals.

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