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Kinkoo all-in-one portable charger by Kinkoo international limited

Kinkoo portable mobile phone chargers will help you keep your mobile phones fully charged anywhere and for a long time. Kinkoo is an online brand and it offers high quality and durable portable accessories and gadgets to you directly. The products of Kinkoo are people oriented and develops the products to be thinner, safer and more efficient so that they deliver the best to you and your smart device.

Kinkoo portable mobile phone chargers Features

The Kinkoo portable mobile phone chargers are reliable with every aspect of it approached from the user’s perspective. This chargers have a stylish design and an efficient and durable core. The Kinkoo Infinite One Portable Chargers use a breakthrough rechargeable A+ class lithium polymer battery. They have real 8,000mAh capacity. It can charge the most popular mobile devices with quick charging speeds.

The Kinkoo portable mobile phone chargers can charge a mobile 3 to 8 times. The Kinkoo Infinite One is not bulky but sleek, small and sturdy. It can be carried anywhere with ease in your pocket, bag or just in your hand. The Kinkoo portable mobile phone chargers are 0.4 inches in thickness, weighs 5.72 ounces or just 162 g. The input voltage of the Kinkoo portable mobile phone chargers is 5V/2A and the output voltage is 5V/2.1A. The Kinkoo portable chargers have a life cycle that lasts for more than 5oo charges. It also has built in short circuit protection, over charge, over discharge and temperature protection. The Kinkoo portable mobile phone chargers have FCC, CE and ROHS certification.


The Kinkoo Infinite One portable mobile phone chargers are compatible with all Apple and Android smartphones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, gaming devices, USB charged devices, Bluetooth devices, etc. You can know that your Kinkoo portable mobile phone charger is charged by pressing the power switch. If the Led indicator on top doesn’t illuminate, your device isn’t charged and it will blink until the device is fully charged.

The Kinkoo portable mobile phone chargers are the best portable devices to use if you prefer your phone fully charged anywhere.

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