Comfort Gold – Natural Remedy For Dog Pain Support

Comfort Gold

Comfort Gold – Dog Pain Support

Dogs cannot speak and so they are not able to “tell” us when they are in pain and discomfort. But here are a few symptoms that indicate that your cuddly pet is in pain. Reduced activity, reluctance in walking, trembles often, not wanting to be held or touched, are a few symptoms that he or she is in pain and discomfort. Sometimes the dog might be limping or might be lying most of the time. Giving them a few drops of the wonder drug Comfort Gold can relieve them from those discomforts. Comfort Gold is a combination of different herbs that helps the canines’ soothe the pain gently and comfortably. It is a natural dog remedy that supports a healthy movement and flow of blood with no side effects. All the ingredients are organic and ethically yielded ingredients. It contains no additives and is smooth on the stomach. One bottle can last for a month.


The Comfort Gold contains natural ingredients like Corydalis tuber to support good sleep and normal circulation of blood.  Fresh Turmeric rhizome supports joints, the digestion, and for skin and also supports the body’s natural responses. Blue Vervain herb (Verbena hastata):  A gentle support for the nervous system and physical uneasiness, and bring on calmness and positive temper. Ginger rhizome (Zingiber officinalis):  For physical responses maintanence that may affect muscles. Rosemary herb (Rosmarinus officinalis):  A remedy for the entire nervous system. It provides antioxidant properties, calms muscle pain and supports the body’s natural immunity.


Give it orally not more than four times a day for first 72 hrs and later give it twice a day as long as the discomfort prolongs. The dosage is one drop for every 2 lbs for dogs weighing up to 50 lbs. Give extra one drop for every extra 4 pounds. Comfort Gold comes in a tasty bacon flavor.  The drops may be given orally or mix with the dog’s food or water. Remember to shake well before every use.

We are not sure if you can mix this supplement with raw dog food. Consult the Vet before trying something new on your dog’s diet.

An assessment with your dog’s physician is suggested before using this product. A veterinarian must be consulted immediately if situation worsens. Do not use with blood thinners and not on pregnant dogs. It must be only for animal use. The product comes with a 90 day money back guarantee which can be utilized if unsatisfied with the use. Though many customers are satisfied with the product, the outcome may fluctuate from one dog to another.

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