CTD Sports Noxivol by CTD Labs

Noxivol from CTD labs offers muscle fullness, vascularity, and awesome pumps. If you are looking for lean muscle growth then this product is the right pick. Other benefits that the makers claim are healthy joints and ligaments that are necessary during any training session. In addition, you get increased strength and endurance as there happens a reduction of the lactic acid formation. Well, CTD Labs Noxivol is something credible and offers amazing results.

Want to know more about the product that offers increased stamina and improved lean muscle mass then go through the details below.

What is CTD Labs Noxivol?

Noxivol is a pre-workout supplement that belongs to the category of vasodilators. This strength enhancing vasodilator claims to offer muscle fullness and vascularity. If you want improved strength and great joint health then use this product.

Again, if you are not sure of the term vasodilators, then here is a simple explanation: vasodilators are those classes of substances that help to widen the blood vessels. The ingredients work up to pump more blood into the muscles and increase the performance. To know more read the working mechanism of this product.

How Noxivol Works

Noxivol is a product from the CTD Labs, and this company has a line of products that intends to cater athletes worldwide. All the products have their own benefits and help each athlete to maximize his or her performance with their powerful ingredients.

Noxivol, as I mentioned, is a vasodilator that works by widening the blood vessels. This widening causes extra blood to gush into the muscle groups. Better blood circulation leads to better performance and quick recovery. After using this product, you will get an extra boost and the extra pumps without doing much training. Your muscles will bulge and look huge like as if you have done an intense workout. This product works extremely well and offers promising results.

CTD Labs Noxivol Ingredients

CTD Labs Noxivol is a proprietary blend of amino acids and herbs that help athletes in building healthy muscles. This product also helps to recover quickly after indulging in an intense training session.This vasodilator has various amino acids in different dosages. The company lists all the key ingredients but the information regarding the doses are vague. Anyways here is a breakdown list of the key features of each ingredient.

  • L-Arginine Alpha-Ketaglutarate (AAKG)): This is a salt made from the amino acid, L-arginine, and alpha-ketoglutarate. These amino acids are naturally present in the body and they support the functioning of the kidney and liver. Both these ingredients are present in many bodybuilding supplements as they help to improve performance and improve blood circulation.
  • Beta Alanine: this is a non-essential amino acid that helps to build lean muscle mass and to provide enhanced stamina. Again, this ingredient is commonly participant in many bodybuilding supplements for superior performance.
  • L-Ornithine: this amino acid helps to improve athletic performance and helps in quick healing after an injury or a wound.
  • L-Norvaline: this one supports muscle growth and offers stronger pumps. Each pump lasts long as this ingredient enables the production of nitric oxide and inhibits arginase. This mechanism helps in a quicker recovery after every training session.
  • L-Histidine: this amino acid is also found in the body naturally and is very helpful in treating various ailments. It is a great remedy for treating allergies, rheumatoid arthritis, ulcers, and kidney ailments. Along with muscle pumps and energy, you get a load of other benefits while using this supplement.
  • Cissus Quadrangularis: this ingredient is actually an alternative to anabolic steroids as it safe. It is basically a vine that is native to the Asian and African continents. Recently this ingredient has garnered much attention is now a part of most of the bodybuilding supplements.
  • Rutaecarpine: this ingredient is an herbal compound extracted from a tree, native to the Asian continent. This herbal ingredient has a number of health benefits like improved digestion, better moods, relief from migraines, reduces inflammation, and helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Black Pepper Extract: this ingredient is well known for its abilities like helping the body with assimilation process. Black pepper helps the body to absorb nutrients optimally.
  • Vanadyl Sulfate this ingredient supports weight-training performance.
    Other ingredients include soy, carbopol, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, choline, croscarmellose sodium, silicon dioxide, and pharmaceutical glaze.

Noxivol recommended dosage

Even though the product is very effective, the dosage really sucks. You have to take around four tables twice daily and that equals to eight pills a day. A single Noxivol bottle contains 180 pills and it will last for 45 servings. Had not been the product so effective this dosage is a great turn off. In addition, make sure to take the dosage at least an hour or 30 minutes prior to your exercise routine. The second dose of the same day should have a space of at least 6 to 8 hours. For best results, use this supplement consistently for around two to three months.

What are the best products that can go well with Noxivol?

Noxivol supplement is a great product and works well when taken alone. You can also stack this supplement along with CTD labs Noxipro chrome and BCAA-3750. For best results, take this product at least for 3 weeks on a consistent basis.

Does it support joint health and ligaments?

Noxivol contains nitric support matrix, which is a blend of special ingredients like black pepper and many others. This matrix helps to improve joint health by reducing the production of lactic acid. When there is less lactic acid formation, you will not feel weakness in your muscles and joints. You will feel all energetic and powerful.

Why buy Noxivol

Noxivol is a great product and it contains natural vasodilator agents. Not all pre-workout supplements contain such quality ingredients and Noxivol is the best pick of many athletes. In addition to the proprietary blend of amino acids, this supplement does not contain any stimulants that are harmful to the body. If you are looking for stimulants then this product is not your cup of tea. This product purely offers muscle endurance, increased strength, and extra pumps that last long.

Disadvantages of Noxivol

There are mainly two issues with this supplement even though it has promising results to offer. There is no doubt that this product is the best pre-workout supplement but every product has its own flaws. The main problem is with the dosage. Eight pills a day will make you go nuts with counting and taking with the right timings. In addition, this product does not come with a money back guarantee or any trial pack. However, I found that most of the customers do not find these problems as major issues and they bet that this product offer kick ass results.

Side effects of Noxivol

Noxivol contains a list of ingredients without the actual dosages displayed anywhere in the bottle. Most of the proprietary blends do not list the exact dosages so it is difficult to make a conclusion. There are many amino acids and I guess most of them are in safer doses, at least that is what experts are saying. It is generally safe for all as there have been no incidents reported until now. If you follow the exact dosages then nothing to worry about, but overdoses may cause certain side effects.

Where to Buy Noxivol

Noxivol is available online with many retailers and affiliate sites. Most of the bodybuilding supplement sites have this product in stock due to its huge demand. Every bottle contains 180 pills that will last for 3 weeks.

CTD Sports Noxivol

CTD Sports Noxivol

by CTD Labs 4 out of 5stars (61 Customer Ratings)

Price: $33.15
CTD Sports Noxivol offers loads of muscle energy as it helps in the reduction of lactic acid.

Great Pre- Workout Supplement

4 stars out of 5 by Ben for CTD Sports Noxivol

This product is one of the best supplements for obtaining pumps and vascularity with the help of any stimulants.

CTD Labs Noxivol Customer reviews

CTD Labs Noxivol is a powerful vasodilator and many positive reviews highlight the usefulness of this product. The majority of the users are happy with the results and they say that they got what they expected. Some customers are also happy that they could get this product at cheaper rates while there were others who complained about the pricing. The problem is, there are many sites who sell at cheaper rates and many others who sell a bit higher. You can opt to buy from hihealth.com that sells quality supplement at discounted prices.

  • Blake says “ I like this product a lot and these pills are just awesome. The only problem I felt worried about was the dosages. It is really a pain in the ass to take 8 pills a day. However am satisfied with the results and I feel that I am getting a boost at the gym with extra pumps. I would recommend this product to others.”
  • Gordon says, “these pills are awesome and I make them into powdered form and mix with my favorite beverage. I really hate swallowing and this supplement is easy on my stomach. I feel that I am having more stamina and my muscles are looking bulged. And I can feel the blood gushing in my muscles and am getting all the needed pumps.”

In short,CTD Labs Noxivol is a great product is you want to get a better pump while training or at the gym. Users are happy with this product and a few lots are not happy with the dosages.


From the customer reviews and feedbacks from online forums, CTD Labs Noxivol seems to be a great pick for increasing strength and stamina. It also offers extra pumps at the gym and improves lean muscle mass. If you are looking for a product that is useful for bodybuilding purpose alone then this supplement is a great add-on. Every individual is different and not every supplement suits your body and needs. At the end, it is your own discretion whether to buy a product or not. Overall, this product seems to do fairly well with consistent reviews from customers.