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CycleVin Motorcycle or Car Check
CycleVIN is an online website that helps you clarify whether any motorvehicles are genuine or comes under theft. This way you can save yourself from buying a stolen bike.

Want to purchase a bike? Unsure whether its genuine? Then, CycleVIN can assist you. CycleVIN is an online website that will help you verify second hand bikes and detect its genuinity. Read on to know how it all works for you.

What is CycleVIN?

Just like Carfax offers you proper scrutiny while purchasing automobiles, it is a resourceful website that provides you with apt VIN information on sport, leisure, off-road and touring vehicles. Since a person/company is not able to detect the genuinity of a vehicle, they are unsure whether the vehicle has a background of thefts, recalls, motorcycle accidents etc. With the help of this website, you get a searchable database through which you can get to know the history of a vehicle.

The website has a huge searchable database that offers valid information of any vehicle manufactured or sold since 1981, anywhere in USA. This is the best way to know when you are trying to sell or buy a vehicle.

The site gets weekly or monthly reports from DMV of Federal Motor Vehicle Associations, salvage yards, insurance companies or any repair shops. These information are used to create a history report that is known as Motorcycle VIN Check.

Cyclevin Vs Cyclechex Vs. Carfax Vs. Autocheck – Which is the best?

CycleVIN Cyclechex Carfax Autocheck
Primary Focus Motorcycles only Motorcycles, Truck, Cars etc. Cars, SUV Cars, Motorcycles
Price <$30 <$30 <$70 <$30
Complaints Often termed by people as a scam Few users complain that the company does not provide actual report. The amount too has been debited from their account. There are over 577 complaints registered in the name of Carfax. People claim that the company reports false mileage, improper payment methods, incredible reports and so on. There are 58 complaints lodged on contrary to 30 positive responses in Better Business Bureau. However, the company has closed all the complaints effectively.
Reviews & Overall Star Ratings 5 star ratings based on 28 reviews 4.7 star ratings based on 12 reviews 3.7 star ratings out of 8 reviews 3.36 out of 5 stars based on 30 reviews

The ratings says it all that CycleVIN is a clear winner.

Why should you use CycleVIN?

When you punch in a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), the website allows you to gather all the information that is based on facts instead of advertising or personal reviews. The site report contains all the data regarding stolen motorcycles, salvage purchase so that you can know if the motorcycle has been stolen re-branded.

Of course, you can get such similar report from AutoCheck or Carfax. However, the information is limited because CycleVIN focuses more on motorcycles. This is why it has much more useful resource in their database as compared to the ones that focus on all type of vehicles.

How should you use CycleVIN?

Every motorcycle comes with 17 standard digit VIN number. Punch in this number in the search toolbar. You will be able to access the database and derive full CycleVIN report. It costs less than $30 to pay for the report. However, if you are skeptical, there is always a sample report that will give you an idea of what information does CycleVIn carry in the report. The customer service is always there for your help so that you can contact them in case you have any additional questions in mind.

CycleVIN Reviews

The site has received mixed reviews from users. Few claim that the site is excellent and has actually helped them from getting duped into buying a wrecked bike. The customer support is helpful and the report contains all details of a vehicle such as –

  • if it had undergone any fire damage, water damage or collision
  • vehicle specs
  • Title records as per state
  • Junk, salvage or any insurance records
  • Theft records and so on.

On the downside, there are people complaining that cycleVIN is a scam website. They are on the list of Users claim that the company fake calls as customer, direct you to the site and then disappear. This is a way of promoting and minting money from people. However, the company is yet to come with a rebuttal. Currently, there are around 5 complaints registered in by users.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cyclevin a scam website?

A contradictory question, there are many users who support CycleVIN as a genuine website. This is because they have been protected from getting conned while purchasing motorcycles. Nevertheless, there is another group claiming that the company uses craiglist into making fake calls and pretending to a buyer.

Are there any cyclevin coupon codes available?

Yes, many websites offer CycleVIN promo code and discount coupon code. You will be offered discount in price or any other deal offered by CycleVIN.


Bottomline, it seems like a genuine website that has a decent amount of fan following. But like other products, this website too has received some good bashing. Timely info can save you from lot of headaches and the mistake of buying a fraudulent motorcycle. For those who are planning to buy motorcycle and need a complete report, check the site Now!!!

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