Delirious (1991)


Delirious is romantic comedy which includes a mixture of reality and the fantasy world create that romantic humor. The movie revolves around a sweet and gentle writer of soap opera named “Jack Gable” portrayed by actor John Candy. ‘Delirious’ is a reminder of the harsh reality of life and how a person is able to express himself through his writing and the characters he created. This movie contains all the necessary mix for a true family entertainer as the movie is filled with innocent humor and a fine portrayal of creative love.


Now plot of the story is completely around “Jack Gable” who is a New York based lead writer and producer of the soap opera “Beyond our dreams”. Immersed in to his work, he develops a silent admiration and love towards the Character “Laura Claybourne” who is selfish by nature and does the lead role of “Rachel Hedison” in his drama. Everything is going normal till the point where “Jack “has a meeting with his co-producers who are not satisfied with many aspects of Jack’s work. The co-producers want to eliminate his loved character of Rachel Hedison which is done by his love interest Laura Claybourne. Emotionally troubled Jack plans to leave to Vermont when Laura approaches Jack as she had broken up with her boyfriend Dennis and decides to join Jack to Vermont. On the day of the journey when jack was loading the luggage he heard Dennis calling out for Laura and as he glanced he saw them kissing passionately, just then the trunk of the car snaps and smashes to Jacks chin. On awakening he travels alone to Vermont heartbroken and not too far crashes. Next thing he knows is that he wakes up in his fantasy world of his soap opera. From here it’s a thrill ride where everyone believes that he is the hero.

This is a movie filled with laughter, fantasy and a touching story line and shows his struggle to make his love interest to love him. There are sequences which will make you burst into laughter and also has scenes where you will be emotionally touched. Overall it is one of the best entertaining movie after a dinner for the whole family.

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