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Massage Naturals Bolsters

Massage Bolsters for Spas & Therapies

Massage Bolsters from Massage Naturals are used for those who are in the field of therapy, spa or chiropractic.

Massage Bolsters from Massage Naturals are used for those who are in the field of therapy, spa or chiropractic. Massage Naturals is an online store for the massage essentials from the oils, cream and to the tables, chairs etc. one of the essential thing to have at every spa is the bolsters. Massage Bolsters from Massage Naturals are an addition to the comfort of the customers who come to have some relaxation. The massage bolsters from Massage Naturals can be kept under the neck, back or the knees. They are round or half circle long pillows that are sturdy and comfortable. At Massage Naturals the bolsters are available in 6 types that differ in shape and size.

Massage Bolsters from Massage Naturals

The full round bolsters are 26” long and the diameter is either 6 inches or 9. The three quarter jumbo round bolsters will be 4.5” or 7” high and with the same measurements as the round bolsters depending on the size. The half circles bolsters are also available. The bolsters are available in many colors. The round Massage Bolsters from Massage Naturals are ideal for under the knees or supporting the arms. The padding will provide the extra support needed for the body. The half circles bolsters and the three fourth round bolsters are for using under the neck or lower back to have the support perfectly without disturbing the body balance.

What is Massage Bolster made of?

The Massage Bolsters from Massage Naturals are made of 100% polyurethane vinyl and the foam is of good quality for both support and comfort. It is durable and the colors add beauty to it. They are sturdy and will not slip off easily. It is made in China. All the bolsters are included with a white colored bolster cover that can be removed for washing. The bolsters are available as singles or as a pair. Discounts are available when purchasing more than 3.

How to use Massage Bolsters?

The bolsters are used to have comfort for the clients while lying in those uncomfortable positions for massaging. The bolsters can be placed under the neck, arms, lower back, or knees. Bolsters under the knees will support the back when lying on one’s back. It helps to align the back bones in the right way. The half circle bolsters are a blessing for the pregnant ladies when going for a massage. These Massage Bolsters from Massage Naturals will support their bulging tummies while lying on their sides. The bolsters are comfortable enough that it will not be hard on them. One can place them even between their knees when lying sideways.

Massage Table and covers

Bolsters are also performance boosters for the massage. Keeping them at the right positions will allow easy access. Some muscles are available for massage only when the body is positioned in some particular ways so the bolsters are not just the comfort accessories but also the massage accessory as well. They are washable and easy to dry. They can be kept hygienic by removing the oil and sweat easily.

The bolsters must be chosen by an expert otherwise it can cause trouble instead of comfort. A massage therapist will know which one will be comfortable to whom.

Massage supplies are usually costly because of the high quality it uses for the betterment of the skin and health of the client. Massage supplies cannot be afforded to be sub quality ones. Massage Naturals, an online store for massage supplies, offers the high quality spa and massage products at a discounted and affordable price. The same products when purchased from anywhere else will be much costlier. So why go for the expensive ones when they are available at lower prices and have them shipped to you? Yes, the products ordered at Massage Naturals will be shipped to the given address and one just need to set them up the spa.

Massage Supplies at Massage Naturals

All the necessary chiropractic supplies and accessories to start a spa or massage parlor are available at Massage Naturals. From the massage tables, its accessories, covering sheets and all the necessary creams, gels and oil are available. They all come in the wholesale price and there are no third parties you will have to pay for. Order online and have them shipped to you. The local stores facilitate the customers to have a pickup of the ordered products if needed.

Massage Naturals

The products for all kinds of massage and therapy are there. The products are for dry, oily, or normal skin range. The products are made of natural ingredients to have a healthy and glowing skin. The accessories also play their roles in the massaging. A good massage will require a comfortable massage table with proper head rest and comfortable cushioning. Bolsters are available for extra support. The chairs and tables are height adjustable and are collapsible as well. They can be collapsed and stored when not in use. The linen sheets, pillows and pillow covers, face rests and their covers etc are all soft and comfortable. The linens are easily washable and no oil will stick to it. The sheets are unbleached and there is no worry about allergies.

Green Products at Massage Naturals

The sheets and the linen products at massage naturals are unbleached and because of this can be called green products. There is an impression that green products can be expensive but when it is bought directly it will not cost much as from retail stores. Massage Naturals provides these green products directly and so the discounted rate is applicable as there is no one else to be paid.

Ingredients in Massage Naturals Therapy

The ingredients in the creams, gels, or oils are safe on skin and are beneficial also. They contain beneficial vitamins, herb extracts to have a healthy skin without any allergies or reactions. the essential oils from the plants are also used in the preparations. The natural properties of these extracts are used in these products. They form non sticky, easily washable, and unscented products.

There are stones and their heating facilities for the stone therapy. They come as a basic package or with extensive supplies for a wider range. There are other package products that includes some essential necessities for a spa and accessories to accent the room or to keep the supplies in while massaging. All these come at affordable price that it will be apt to call the Massage Naturals Massage Supplies as the discounted massage supplies.

Natural Massage Table covers

Discount massage supplies is one of the offers from Massage naturals that paves a way for happy customers. Read on to know more.

For a professional masseuse, a luxurious hotel running a spa, it is vital that you get discount at massage supplies for instance, Massage Bolsters from Massage Naturals. While some may order it wholesale, some just want to try it at home. But whatever be the reason, Massage natural offers discount massage supplies.

Massage Naturals features a lot of accessories that suits your daily requirements such as face rests, tables or lotions, creams etc. Discount massage supplies gives rate cutting offers on clippers, tweezers, hand & foot supplies, linens etc. There are many products that come under discount massage supplies such as thermal basket, massage stone heater, basics package and many more.

Discount massage supplies from Massage naturals are completely manufactured and packaged in USA. The face rest, fit covers are made out of 100% cotton flannel and does not contain any allergens.

Any products, be it Discount massage supplies, Massage Bolsters from Massage Naturals or anything, comes with 90 days of purchase. This means if you use the product and are not satisfied, simply give it back within the said period and get your money absolutely reimbursed. In case you do not open the product or do not use it, you can return it within 30 days and get your money back.

Massage Naturals

There are many massage naturals discount coupon codes or promotional offers in many websites. This will help you in further discount of the product you chose. Currently trending offers are:

  • 20% discount warm and cool therapy massage supplies of Massage Naturals
  • 49% discount off spa robes
  • $66 discount massage supplies on Marble Tool Cold stone
  • 10-20% off on Oakworks massage tables of Massage Naturals

Note that these discount offers on massage supplies of Massage Naturals may tend to vary. These discount massage supplies are easy to avail. All you have to do is paste the coupon code during check out and your amount will be debited only after proper discount.

Overall, the success rate of discount massage supplies is quite good as many have actually found it successful and have received their share of discount on Massage Naturals products.

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