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Eagle-Eyes Eye Supplement

If you are having trouble with driving, reading books or notice an increase in your eyeglass prescription, Eagle-Eyes will be of great support.

Eagle-Eyes Vision Health by Uniscience Group is best recommended for those who are having trouble with their eyesight and are looking for natural remedies to have a healthy vision. This is our review of Eagle-Eyes.

What Is UniScience Group Eagle-Eyes?

Eagle-Eyes is one of the many health supplements by Uniscience Group. This product, however, is to help people who are having trouble with their eyesight.

The manufacturer guarantees that it can help you improve your vision within few months of use. It contains all-natural 16 holistic ingredients that will keep you maintain a clear and sustainable eyesight. Eagle-Eyes works on the central vision and improves the macular pigment density thus restoring healthy vision.

As per the company website, almost 87% of the users report improvement in their eyesight within 3 months of using Eagle-Eyes. That’s an impressive number. Nevertheless, you will see many more benefits of Eagle-Eyes and how it works in restoring sharp vision.

Uniscience Group has got a pretty infomercial website that helps the customers to know what are the core reasons behind the poor vision and how you can take immediate measures. There are many Eagle-Eyes testimonials, reviews too from actual users who seem to have benefited from the product.

How Does Eagle-Eyes Really Work?

It is a well-formulated supplement that is designed to improve your eyesight. As we age, it is natural for the eyesight to deteriorate. While the bodily functions tend to slow down, having to deal with poor eyesight is definitely one of the difficult situations you may have to deal with. Be it driving to the nearest grocery store or reading your daily newspaper, even the lack of proper vision can be scary. Here is where the features of Eagle-Eyes kicks in.

The manufacturer claims that Eagle-Eyes targets the core problems that are causing poor vision right at an earlier age. Uniscience Group Dr. David J. Blyweiss claims that today’s food doesn’t contain the right amount of nutrients which the earlier generations had. This is mainly because many companies are making chemical and synthetic versions of vegetables and fruits that deteriorate the nutrient level and increases the side effects. Without sufficient nutrients, the body is unable to perform its daily duties to the optimum leading to health hazards such as heart conditions, poor eyesight etc.

Eagle-Eyes comes with all the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that are necessary to maintain optimum eye health. Best sources of nutrients are available in leafy greens such as spinach, kale, broccoli etc. that contribute a lot to eye health. They contain rich carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin that help you to see clearly at any given time. However, the inclusion of pesticides and harmful fertilizers have lessened the nutritional value.

Uniscience Group claims that regular dosage of Eagle-Eyes will help you in

  • Protecting your eyes from strain and glares
  • Better vision when you are driving at nights
  • Confidence to see clearly while driving
  • Alleviating headaches due to eyestrain

Uniscience Group Eagle-Eyes Ingredients

The reason Eagle-Eyes work is because of the clinically studied ingredients that are formulated together in a quality control environment for optimum potency. These ingredients are available in powerful concentrated dose to improve your eye health. They contain a high number of lutein and zeaxanthin that promotes impeccable eyesight.

  • Bilberry Extract – boosts the collagen strength in your eyes that is crucial for night vision and adjusting the eyes to dim light and glare when you are driving.
  • Ginkgo Biloba – improves the blood and oxygen flow even to the hard-to-reach areas of eyes while maintaining a healthy retina.
  • Eyebrite – helps fight fatigue and strain on eyes by strengthening the blood vessels.
  • Vitamin A – is necessary to maintain a healthy retina. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that helps you maintain clear, sharp vision during night times.
  • Omega-3 fish oil – improves the clarity of your eyes by enhancing the rods and cones of the retina.

Apart from the above ingredients, Eagle-Eyes also includes amino acids and antioxidants such as –

  • N-Acetyl Cysteine – protects the eyes from free radicals that attack them. It also flushes out unwanted toxins from the body and supports healthy liver function. Note: Since the liver is the main organ of the body that holds many nutrients, it is mandatory to keep your liver fit and strong.
  • Taurine – supports the nervous system, optic nerves and makes it easy for the digestive system to supply the necessary vitamins such as A, D, and E.
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid – protects the DNA of your eyes, optic nerves and boosts oxygen circulation in blood
  • Goldenseal – soothes any inflammation or soreness in the eyes. It is also an excellent remedy to get rid of eye fatigue, bloodshot eyes etc.
  • Vitamin E – an excellent eye saver, vitamin E safeguards the eyes’ cell membranes and deliver clear, crisp vision.

You will also find other natural eye supplements such as

  • Rutin – contains bioflavonoid that boosts the effect of vitamin C and slows down it’s breaking down the process.
  • Zinc – is an efficient mineral to nourish both the retina and the macula
  • Selenium – is an excellent antioxidant that neutralizes the effect of free radicals and protects your eyes, especially the lenses.
  • Vitamin C – maintains healthy and clean lens and inhibits toxic formation up to 77%. It is also necessary to support the blood vessels and maintain proper oxygen supply.

The recommended dosage is three tablets a day early in the morning along with your meal. You can also split it between the routines such as one tablet thrice a day.

If you are taking any medication, always consult your medical practitioner before taking Eagle-Eyes.

Uniscience Group Eagle-Eyes Side Effects

One user of Amazon reported that he suffered from temporary side effects such as nausea, blurry image, etc. These symptoms faded away once the consumer discontinued its use. There are no other Uniscience Group Eagle-Eyes complaints regarding any adverse reactions.

Eagle-Eyes Supplement Reviews

Overall, the reviews for Eagle-Eyes has been quite great with only a handful of disappointed users. On the positive note, people are really happy with the results of Eagle-Eyes. They claim that the product has been recommended by medical practitioners claiming it one of the best supplements for eyesight.

Customers who constantly have to work 10+ hours a day have reported optimum benefit after using Eagle-Eyes. Elderly people who were suffering from dry eyes, poor vision report that Eagle-Eyes helps them much better than other remedies over-the-counter. One user even said that apart from crisp vision, he noticed an improvement in hair and nail growth as well. Now, that’s something you don’t hear every day.

For the downside, few consumers report not seeing any improvement even after using it for a month. However, they didn’t notice any side effects either.

“My eye doctor recommended me Eagle-Eyes for curing my dry eyes. Upon follow up, she noticed an improvement in my eyes. I took 1 gram a day for 8 weeks and the results are simply amazing.”

“I have tried many eye remedies but Eagle-Eyes is the best. It takes some time to work but I have noticed a change in my eyesight. Will keep taking it every day.”

“My vision was restored within 24 hours.”

“This product didn’t work for me. Won’t order again.”

“I am still bumping into walls so might take some time to see results. I will keep you updated if I can read the keyboard.”

Apart from the above reviews, there are many testimonials available at the official website of Eagle-Eyes. It clearly states how much Eagle-Eyes have helped users to recover from poor vision.

The manufacturer mentions that the product is for older and younger people with reference to customers who are in their 70’s and above. As a matter of fact, many of the consumers of Eagle-Eyes are former military members which explain the name – “Eagle Eye”.

Uniscience Group Eagle-Eyes Price

One bottle of Eagle-Eyes comes with 90 capsules that last a month. There are three packages available – Trial Offer, Good Value and Best Value.

The trial offer is basically an introductory offer that comes with a single bottle of Eagle-Eyes at best price. The second program is a Good Value that comes with a 3-month supply of Eagle-Eyes and 2 FREE gifts valued at $30.

The third one is Best Value that provides you with an auto-ship program with 6 bottles of Eagle-Eyes that will ship every six months. The subscription gets renewed automatically and you don’t have to pay any shipping and handling charges. You will also be eligible for two free gifts worth $30.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy Eagle-Eyes supplement for sale online?

Order Eagle-Eyes supplement for sale at best price from Amazon or from the official website. However, it is not currently available on eBay, Walmart, Walgreens etc.

Is Eagle-Eyes a Scam?

No, it is not a scam. It is an actual product manufactured at an FDA-registered facility in the USA. Uniscience Group follows all GMP guidelines that ensure optimum potency for all the ingredients and supplements.

What is the return policy for Eagle-Eyes?

Uniscience Group offers you 90-day money-back guarantee. In case you don’t notice any improvement, simply return the unused bottles within 90 days from the date of delivery. You will be reimbursed completely and that is the 100% satisfaction guarantee that Uniscience Group offers to its customers.


Summing it up, Eagle-Eyes is an excellent natural supplement with herbal and vitamin support to enhance your eyesight. Compared to other supplements on the market, it is a tad expensive but it’s definitely worth a try. Especially since it is backed by numerous testimonials and risk-free guarantee.

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