Girolle Cheese Scraper

Girolle Cheese Scraper by Swissmar

Welcome to the Girolle! Girolle is a cheese scraper that is traditionally used with Tete de Moine. It is used for making yummy cheese rosettes. Further, read on to know more about Girolle Cheese Scraper and its reviews…

Swissmar Girolle Cheese Scraper

Girolle Cheese Scraper is a special creation for making beautiful cheese flowers. The product is made in Switzerland. It is designed for use with Swiss tete du moine cheese. This special cheese has a perfect consistency for making unique cheese rosettes. It has a metal shaping knife and a base plate made of solid maple wood. Besides, there’s no need to worry as the Girolle only uses 100% FSC certified wood. Similarly, the central shaft and the shaping knife are made of stainless steel in an alloy.

Girolle Cheese Scraper – Features

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  • This is 100% swiss made product.
  • It has been created to use with a special cheese from Switzerland called as Tate de Moines.
  • Can be hand washed with soap and warm water.
  • Wooden base is 8.5 inch in diameter.
  • Swissmar Girolle Cheese Scrap 8.5 inches in diameter and 5.75 inches in height. All you have to have to turn lever to shape the cheese into beautiful rosettes.
  • The rosettes are delicious appetizer.
  • Equally gift boxed.

How to use Swissmar Girolle Cheese Scrap?

First, place your cheese on the center of the wooden platform over a steel rod. Then, turn the sharp blade to scrape off the top layer of the Tete de Moine and form curly rosettes.

Cheeses to use with a Girolle

Tete de Moine is one of the best cheese that works good in this Girolle Cheese Shaver.

Girolle Cheese Scraper – Reviews

The Swissmar Girolle Cheese Scrap is good for accenting cheese platters with exquisite cheese flowers. Altogether, it has received 4 stars out of 5. Thus, the product is in great demand in the market. Moreover, there are very useful reviews from the users. Most of them are happy with this product. They are saying that one should definitely try this if they are living in Switzerland. Further, here are some honest reviews for your reference. Do have a look at them…

“I received a good impression from my guests with this Tete de Moine cheese scraper.”

“Very happy with this product. It arrived in just 5 days.”

“Love this scraper. It features clean sharp blades, fine quality wood and above it is easy to assemble as advertised.”

“Worth the money. The product was exactly as we expected.”

“Excellent machine. Recommended this to all my friends.”

Girolle Cheese Scraper

Girolle Cheese Scraper

by Swissmar 4 out of 5stars (28 Customer Ratings)

Price: $99.95
Girolle Cheese Scraper is specially designed to use with Tete de Moine. The curler is made in Switzerland and is used for making cheese rosettes.

Good Quality Product

4 stars out of 5 by Rayon for Girolle Cheese Scraper

The cheese curler is great for parties. I bought one for my sister and she loves the scraper very much. Thank you Girolle for this creation…

Girolle Cheese Scraper – Where to buy the product?

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use other cheeses on this wheel?

No, it is not possible to use other cheeses on this wheel.

What is the contact email address of Kitchen Universe?

The contact email address is

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