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Massage Naturals Holster

Massage Naturals Bottle Holsters

At Massage Naturals, you will find not only massage skin care accessories but also holsters (holders), face covers & much more. Read on to know more Massage Bottle Holsters.

Very good quality bottle holsters are available from Massage Naturals. They are two varieties available, single bottle holsters and double bottle holsters. They are very useful for massage therapists. Waist extenders are available to tie the holsters to the waist while massaging.

About Massage Naturals an online company specializes in supplying superior quality and comfortable products for the massage industry. They supply all products required for the massage industry, spa and chiropractors like sheet sets, blankets, tables, lotions, oils, creams, bolsters, bottle holsters, bolster covers and other spa products. They believe in providing products for all customers with comfort, care and quality.

Discount Massage Supplies

Massage naturals is a manufacturer of long lasting massage linens, fleece pads, bolster covers and face rest covers. The company is a division of the Utah based All Together Enterprises which was started by Dennis Fredrick during the 1990s. The company also has ensured that all the manufacturing of the products results in lesser impact on the environment. The company gives emphasis on green buying with its environment friendly products which has no side effects on the users in any sort. The company offers US made Sheets which are unbleached and which is sewn by expert seamstresses from Utah. The company also provides services where it imports sheet sets in many fabrics and colors.

Products of Massage Naturals

Massage naturals provides a wide range of products which is broadly classified into the following:

Massage naturals is clearly a specialized and elaborate dealer of massage products and has the image of a massage supermarket with wide varieties of products both in brand depth and length.

Single Massage Bottle Holsters (Product code – MAS:BH8)

Holsters are useful to keep the lotions ready while massaging. So while massaging, it helps avoid going up and down to pick up supplies. The holsters have a 1” wide belt and heavy-duty edging make this holster belt very durable. The Single massage Bottle Holsters from Massage naturals are available in three colors, black, navy blue and purple. The holsters cost only a little above $3.00 for a holster.

Massage Naturals Lotion Holders

Rapport Double Holsters for Massage Bottles (Product code – MAS:BHDB)

The double bottle holsters from Massage Naturals have a unique design which cannot be found elsewhere. These double bottle holsters can hold either two bottles or 1 bottle and 1 jar. The lotions can be carried in these holsters by the massage therapists and they do not have to move away from the clients during the process of massaging. The double holsters are available only in one color, black.

The bottle holsters are made from durable cordura weave, the same fabric that is used to make backpacks. Hence these holsters are very durable. The waist size can be adjusted and range from 26” to 40”. Belt extenders have to be used if the waist size is larger. The belt is 1” wide and has heavy duty edging and hence can be fixed very comfortably on the waist. The belts are provided with easy-clip buckle and sliding adjuster for easy fitting. They cost around $5.00 a piece. Currently, there are no Massage Bottle Holsters reviews available online.

Rapport Belt extender for Massage bottle Holsters

The massage bottle holsters usually fit waist sizes from 26 to 40 inches. For waist sizes above 40 inches, adjustable waist strap extenders are available. These extenders can add another 12-20 inches. The extenders are also black in color to match the belt straps and cost less than one dollar.

Shipping and warranty

All orders such as bottle holsters are made from Massage Naturals are shipped by UPS. There are a number of shipping options available like UPS ground, and third day, second day and next day air services. Shipping charges apply for all products and are depend on the weight of the order and location. International orders are also accepted but additional customs and duty charges might be applicable. Call orders are also acceptable.

Massage Naturals guarantees all shipped products from manufacturing defects and will be exchanged within 90 days of purchase if found to be defective. If the quality is unsatisfactory, the products can be returned within 30 days of purchase, but the products should be unused and unwashed.

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