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Heartsmart Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs)

Heartsmart.com is one of the best online website to buy AEDs and all the associated accessories at a great price.

Heart Smart Technology is based in the USA and they are the leading providers of Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs) and all the accessories needed for these AEDs. They provide AEDs manufactured by top AED manufacturers. All AEDs supplied by Smart Heart are of the best available quality and at highly competitive prices. Heart Smart has trained staff to administer CPR/AED during emergencies.


Heart Smart have also associated with the American Heart Association and American Red Cross Instructors to provide training and certification to the public during emergency to administer CPR and use AEDs. AEDs are available in many crowded places like malls, golf courses and business establishments, airports and airplanes, casinos, schools and hotels etc. AEDs can also be purchased for personal use at homes. In emergencies, untrained staff can also use AEDs to help save lives.

The staff at Heart Smart is all well trained to assist customers to choose the correct product to meet their needs.

What are AEDs?

An automated external defibrillator (AED) is a small portable device to check the heart rhythm. It can send electrical signals to the heart to restore normal rhythms during emergencies. They are used to treat conditions called SCA or sudden cardiac arrest. This condition arises when the heart suddenly stops beating and the blood flow to the vital organs is affected. This can lead to sudden death if left untreated. Using these AEDs on the affected persons can save his life and improve his survival chances. The AEDs also have voice prompts to let users know when to send the shock signals to the heart. AEDs are generally used in situations where a person is unresponsive with no pulse or heart beat and requires CPR.

Heart Smart’s AED devices

Heart Smart supplies AEDs of leading manufacturers like Philips, Heart Sine, Defibtech and ZOLL. All products are sold at reduced prices to the customers. AEDs are provided to almost all categories of customers including hospitals, fire and police, corporations, airports, churches, schools, local, state and federal agencies, and homes.


Products provided by Heart Smart

  • New AEDs: These are very simple to use, portable and state of the art AEDs that come in a number of sizes. Some of these AEDs can be operated by inexperienced people. An example of one such product is the Defibtech Lifeline View AED which is interactive with a color view-screen and a voiceover which provides clear step-by-step instructions on how to use the defibrillator.
  • AED Pads and Batteries: All the AED require electrode pads which need to be replaced at specific intervals depending on the brand (usually once every 2 years) irrespective of use. These pads are available in adult and pediatric sizes. Batteries too need replacement, but can last up to 4 years in normal conditions.
  • AED accessories: All AEDs require accessories which will need timely replacement to be of use during emergencies. Product wise, model wise accessories are available at the Heartsmart.com to enable the customers to browse and choose the correct product. There are also wall cabinets and decals that are available to mount these units for easy visibility and use
  • AED value packages: Heart Smart supplies value kits with all the top brand AEDs. The value kits include all the accessories like spare pads, batteries, wall or window mounting units, wall signs, response kits etc. Heart Smart also offers a 10 year warranty on the defibrillator and a lifetime tracking option and update notifications during the life of the unit
  • AED wall cabinets: All defibrillator should be stored in visible places for easy identification especially in public places and other large establishments. They can also be marked. Wall cabinets are available to fit all brands of AEDs in various styles. The cabinets can come with or without alarms.
  • AED signs, Decals, Rescue Kits: For easy identification and use during emergencies, all AEDs should have clearly marked identification signs and instructions. All these are available at Heartsmart.com
  • Emergency Oxygen: Emergency, portable oxygen masks with or without straps and portable oxygen tanks and oxygen packs by Life Corporation are available at Heart Smart to be used during emergencies while administration of CPR during Sudden Cardiac Attacks
  • Training and Services: Heart Smart is an accredited provider of CPR classes for American Red Cross and American heart foundation. The trainers from Heart Smart also provide training on site to whoever requests for the same anywhere in the USA. A two year Red Cross CPR certification is also provided since qualified personnel are a necessity in emergency conditions.
  • Demo/Refurbished AEDs: Used AEDs which have been used only for demo purposes and not more than 6 months old are also available. They are fitted with new pads and batteries, pads and the latest software and are available at attractive prices with full warranty
  • CPR/AED response kits are also available in replacement kits. The kits contain items to be used in emergencies like hypoallergenic nitrile gloves, a pocket breathing mask for rescue breaths, chest razor, and extra absorbent paper towels in a pouch.

Leading Brands promoted by Heart Smart

Philips AEDs

Defibrillators made by Philips are easy to use and are very safe and reliable. Step by step voice instructions are provided to guide the user on how to use the AEDs and even coach the users on how to do CPR. Training videos are also provided. These AEDs can also determine by itself when a electrical shock is required in emergency situations and can deliver the shock to the user. Else, it will not deliver the shock. The Philips AEDs can be used for daily self tests.

Heart Sine AEDs

The Heart sine Samaritan Defibrillator are one of the smallest and lightest defibrillators available in the market. It weighs only 2.4 pounds. Because of its portability and light weight it is a life saver. Once switched on during emergencies, these AEDs provide clear instructions on how to use it, from attaching pads to delivering shock if needed. The AED can even give instructions on how to administer CPR. All Heartsine products are very sophisticated and uses a technology called SCOPE (Self compensating output pulse envelope) waveform which can adjust waveform in all phases for 4 variables like voltage, tilt or duration (D1 and D2). The low waveform is safe for all categories of patients.

Defibtech AEDs

The AEDs from Defibtech are easy to use with clear instructions and are also reliable. They have easy to carry handles and a good grip to increase durability. All available advanced features are available in the range of Defibtech defibrillators. The Defibtech AEDs are of two types, the Defibtech Lifeline Auto AED and Defibtech Lifeline View AED. The auto AED can analyze heart rhythms and deliver shocks at a press of a button. The Lifeline View AED has a video option which shows the user how to use the device and also gives voice instructions on how to use the product making it extremely easy to use. Both of these models have no lids or moving parts to avoid any delay in use.


ZOLL AEDs are designed to help patients even when no shock is required. While most AEDs are designed to give CPR commands, ZOLL AEDs also provide CPR assistance. Two types of ZOLL AEDs are available, the ZOLL AED Plus and ZOLL AED Pro. The ZOLL AED plus provides instructions during CPR to correct any wrong moves. It has something called a metronome which times compressions during CPR and can also suggest to the user to give stronger compressions making it a complete lifesaving device. The ZOLL AED Pro is for professional rescuers who need rugged and portable defibrillators. Along with the CPR assistance, this AED can allows rescuers or doctors to view the patient’s cardiac rhythms even when administering CPR. It helps in the complete management during emergencies.

AEDs at discounts and other rewards

Heart Smart offers AEDs at a discounted rate for use in Churches, schools etc. Select models are available which are best suited for use in Churches and Schools. Heart Smart helps schools and churches choose the best available model and requests a quote. Once it receives the quote, the AED and accessories are supplied at a discounted rate to them. Heart Smart will provide complete lifetime support and also discounts on future purchases. The also loan AEDs if for some reason the existing AEDs are sent for repair or service.

Heart Smart also donates AEDs to deserving people. All you have to do is like their page on face book. A person can recommend the Heart Smart page to his/her friends. The person who recommends the page to the most number of people will have the donation given in his name.

Heart Smart also recognizes people who have saved people using CPR or AEDs or helped call for AEDs. Just contact Heart Smart at heros@heartsmart.com. You can also recommend friends or others who have helped save lives.

Heart Smart has a large number of satisfied customers for their competitive prices and excellent service. Since All AED devices deliver shock based on the patient’s heart rhythm, anyone can use these machines without fear. All purchases also help in donating AEDs to deserving people.

Discounts are available at Heartsmart.com at different times of the year for certain models. When a particular discounted model is selected, discount coupons will be mailed to the customers directly.

AED Management

Heartstart Ref M5070A

Heartstart Ref M5070A

by Heartsmart 5 out of 5stars (356 Customer Ratings)

Price: $1199
The Heartstart Ref M5070A battery is made up of Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMno2) which gives the battery a long life, high energy, power density and good storage life.

Worth the price

5 stars out of 5 by Morris for Heartstart Ref M5070A

The Philips Heartstart Ref M5070A battery has stable performance. Very easy to use and Simple voice prompts and CPR coaching.

All AEDs require regular maintenance. Free service is offered for AEDs purchased through Heart Smart for 1 year. At very affordable prices, Heart Smart offers year-long services to maintain the AEDs. The main services offered are,

  • help to create user logins and also create a hierarchy of users from program management to site coordinators
  • it send reminders every month to check the AEDs
  • receive critical AED updates
  • get notifications regarding the expiry date of batteries or pads
  • get notification on the expiry of CPR/AED certification
  • to record the monthly checks done on the AED equipments
  • to log and record incident reports
  • order replacement parts or accessories
  • receive all the available discount offers

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