Hurom Slow Juicer hu-100sb Vs Ambiano Juice Extractor

Hurom Slow Juicer HU-100SB

Get fresh fruit or veggie juice everyday with the Hurom Slow Juicer that gives you purest form of juice everyday for your health.

If you are a health freak and love gobbling up fresh juice everyday, then Hurom slow juicer hu-100sb is the perfect product for you. Get slow delicious nutrient rich juice everyday with Hurom slow juicer.

Mankind thrived on fresh fruits and raw edibles long time ago and back then they were leading a healthy life. Presently everything is in essence instant and all the so called fruits, come in jam-packed containers encumbered with sugars and preservatives. They don’t contain any trace of fiber, active enzymes and nutrients. All they have to offer is artificial colors, alphabetical abbreviations and numbers that denote the chemicals which are being used (obviously we are totally unaware of those mentioned in the ingredients list). In the underneath or the side of those packs you can read sentences written in small sizes which say about warnings which we hardly take note.

I mean after knowing everything why do we opt for such choices deliberately which are unhealthy? Why can’t we try to make changes slowly and swiftly if not altogether at a time? There is always another solution to every problem we face and it is high time that we start making right choices for a healthy mind and body.

So now tell me do you want to go ahead with processed fruit juices loaded with sugars or natural juice extracted with hygiene from fresh fruits?

Hurom Slow Juicer

Here is a range of slow juicers from Hurom that will help you to lead a healthy life if you have made a decision with the latter choice in the above question that I posed to you.

Keep your eyes fixed to know about the exciting technology and the unique brand called as HUROM that is revolutionizing the world of kitchen appliances.

About Hurom Before Getting Into Their Products

Hurom was established in 1974 with the aim of improving nutritional habits, diet patterns and the quality of life of people around the world. They have developed cutting-edge technologies and innovative products in the field of appliance industry. Their working principles include

  • Developing technology to transform human lives in a better way
  • Providing value based products that are same as what we get from the nature
  • Maintaining a standard of 100% in all the products and innovations
  • To improve health and dietary culture of the people around the world

Our Topic Of Interest Hurom Slow Juicers hu-100sb

Hurom slow juicers hu-100sb are one of its kind and an exquisite product developed to preserve nature as it is. Yes I am talking about relishing fresh juices which are extracted with its full potential and nutrients without any wastage. You get the pulp aside and fresh juice loaded with natural enzymes and nutrients at another side.

Construction Of A Hurom Juicer

Hurom Slow Juicer

Hurom Slow Juicer hu-100sb

by Hurom 4 out of 5stars (369 Customer Ratings)

Hurom slow juicers is a trending product that helps you to explore the real taste of fruits and vegetables as it is. It preserves all the nutrients and vitamins inside along with the pulp which means there is less to none wastage.

Best juicer ever!!!

4 stars out of 5 by Healthy Mom for Hurom Slow Juicer

As a mother, I always make sure that my kids get the best especially when it comes to food. So when Hurom slow juicer entered the market, I didnt think twice. I am glad I didn’t regret the decision. While I don’t know much technicalities, I love that there is no waste and the fact that I need not add any artificial sugar to it. The juicer delivers all the fruit properties exactly as it was. My kids love it and I recommend it to all.

It contains a hopper through which you can supply the fresh fruits which then jumps into the auger or screw to get squeezed out. The squeezed liquid then goes to the strainer and then to a collecting bowl. Now you can get the puree and the juice gets separated from two different outlets. Simple technique isn’t it? Want to see how the juicer works then check this video for a demo.

The auger is made of a highly durable material called as ultem which helps the slow squeezing process to go on smoothly. The squeezing strainer used can deliver two types of juice (thicker with pulp and pure juice with less pulp) depending on the strainer being used. There are two types of strainers available and they are fine strainer and coarse strainer.

Every juicer produces some noise and Hurom has found a solution to this by using condenser decelerating motor which operates in a very slow pace. Thus it helps in giving out less noise and vibration while extracting the juice.

Technology Behind Hurom Slow Juicers hu-100sb

Hurom slow juicers make use of a patented technology which squeeze out the ingredients thoroughly and in a slow pace. This innovative technology helps to preserve the natural taste and the nutrients present in the raw fruits intact. Hurom has managed to bag over 100 patents recognized worldwide and is still determined to develop new products and technologies for improving human lives.

What Is Hurom Slow Juicer And How Is It Different From Any Juicers?

A slow juicer is also called as cold press juicer or masticating juicer. It operates at a very slow speed as low as 80 RPM with very less power consumption. Now on the other hand you must have seen the other varieties that run with a jet speed of 1500+ RPM and consume a lot of power. Such high power juicers make use of cutting blades to crush the fruits and grind them to extract the juice.

Hurom Slow Juicer

Hurom slow juicers are all different from centrifugal juicers which handle the fruits slowly and swiftly to extract more juice with high quality. You can cut the fruits into small pieces and put them inside the hopper for mastication process. But you can’t expect to get the output as fast as that of the centrifugal juicer. Masticating juicers are slow juicers that are time consuming but produce high quality juices without hindering the taste and nutrient levels. When you consider the quality of the juice it is worth spending some extra time with the slow juicer.

Before getting in to the Hurom product lists I’ll tell you why Hurom juicers are a lot better than centrifugal juicers.

Today our health is deteriorating because of our lifestyles and environmental degradation. Modernization has largely impacted our lives in a negative way that people are acquiring dangerous ailments like cancer and diabetes on a large scale. It is high time that we start making changes to our lifestyle by making the right choices and Hurom juicers can be the best option to start with. Want to know why?

  • Hurom juicers produce juice that is enriched with natural vitamins, minerals and active enzymes. They also help to preserve the composition of phytochemicals intact unlike centrifugal juicers. Drinking one cup of quality fresh juice extracted from Hurom juicers can help you to prevent many ailments and to develop a healthy dietary culture.
  • Either you eat a raw fruit or drink a juice extracted from Hurom you are going to get the same nutritional benefits. No compromise with the taste and helps in better absorption.
  • The nutrient rich juice helps to remove active oxygen from our bodies and purify the whole body.
  • No more preservatives and chemicals only nutrient rich juice with the help of slow squeezing technology.

Why Choose Hurom Slow Juicers?

Hurom juicers are priced high than centrifugal juicers but when compared to the quality of the juice produced it doesn’t really make a difference as far as cost and health is concerned.

Do you know that consuming live enzymes can help to lead a long life in a healthy way? Well you can get live enzymes from vegetables and fruits apart from those produced by our own body.

Doctor Edward Howell an expert in the areas of enzyme nutritional science says that the life span of human beings can be largely affected by the presence and quantity of enzymes in the body. According to him the enzymes produced by the human body has a limit and it has to be offered from the outside for survival and healthy life. Aging can decrease the production of enzymes and other essential elements. Can Hurom juicers rectify this problem? … YES and here is why it can help us solve this problem.

Experiment Conducted At Hurom Laboratory

Few pieces of chicken were soaked in a pineapple juice extracted from hurom slow juicer hu-100sb and a market bought pineapple juice. You won’t believe what happened next… the results were really stunning and would blow of the minds of people who heavily rely on processed juices. The experiment showed that there was lack of nutrients and especially enzymes in the market bought juice.

The chicken pieces soaked in hurom juice started to disintegrate within an hour and after 12 hours it was completely dissolved. WHY? It was due to the presences of abundance of enzymes and nutrients present inside the hurom made juice. The chicken pieces remained the same in the market bought juice clearly stating the results.
This proves the quality and efficiency of hurom juicers that are made to transform human lives.

Advantages Of Owning A Hurom Juicer

  • Has a sleek design and fits into your kitchen even if you have space constraints
  • Can be stored easily and handled with utmost comfort.
  • Doesn’t make sound and vibrations that irk the nerves
  • Consumes less power and saves bucks on bills.
  • You can literally juice anything from hard to soft with the juicer. ( only veggies and fruits of course)
  • High output and extracts the last drop out of the pulp providing more yield than its counterpart centrifugal juices.
  • Dry pulp that comes out of the outlet (I use this dry pulp to scrub my face and use in face packs)…
  • Nutrient loaded juice without any wastage and with rich color.
  • Only five minutes to clean the juicer. Open you tap and direct the water through this masticating juicer which will quick clean every nook and corner. If you want to do it manually you can remove all the parts and rinse thoroughly. The interesting part is that unlike other juicers the pulp doesn’t stick all around and is ejected carefully through the outlet making it easy for removal. No need to use any chemical or soaps to clean the juicers and just water is enough to do the job. Remember to keep the parts to dry out before stacking it for storage.
  • Durable materials are used and the plastic used is BPA free. Great to make juices for babies and adults equally.
  • A full 10 year warranty of the condenser motor.
  • Vivid design and style that you can show off to your guests.
  • Transparent and can look inside while all the juicing process takes place.
  • Easy to setup and assemble

Although not a great issue but I think I need to mention it for a better understanding – disadvantages (not really though)

You will have to chop the fruits into small pieces for better results and easy juicing process. I know we all are used to tossing the whole fruit into the juicer (because we are lazy). You will have to feed the hurom juicer for extracting the juice but you don’t have to push real hard from the top. Also make sure not to overload the hopper with fruits as it can cause the blades to get locked. Go real slow to prevent jams especially while dealing with hard veggies and fruits.

Now the main aspect to be considered is with the cost factor. I must admit that hurom juicers are costly and they don’t come in cheap prices unlike centrifugal juicers. When you consider the quality of the juice that is delivered with all the nutrients and the warranty of the condenser motor then cost must not be a problem. It is surely affordable and a great choice as far as our health is concerned.

Here are the specs and different products from Hurom

Squeezing type 2nd generation SST™ 2st generation SST™ 1st generation SST™  1st generation SST™  1st generation SST™
Chamber type 2nd generation chamber 2nd generation chamber 1st generation chamber 1st generation chamber 1st generation
Chamber capacity 16.9 oz (500 ml) 16.9 oz (500 ml) 11.8 oz (350ml) 11.8 oz (350ml) 11.8 oz (350ml)
Cap type  juice cap type juice cap type  juice cap type juice cap type juice cap type
Colors available White Wine/noble silver Dark gray/ivory Wine/green/white White
Cord length 4.5 ft 4.5 ft 3.2 ft 3.2 ft 3.2 ft
Dimensions 6.6 x 9.3 x15.7 in 9.4 x 7.3 x 16.1 in.


6.3 x 8.5 x 15.9 in.


6.3 x 9 x15.9 in


6.3 x 8.58 x 15.9 in.
Weight 14lbs 13.4 lbs 14 lbs 14 lbs 14 lbs
Motor Single phase induction(AC) Single phase induction(AC) Single phase induction(AC) Single phase induction(AC) Single phase induction(AC)
Power consumption 150 watts 150 watts 150 watts 150 watts 150 watts
RPM 43 45 70-80 70-80 70-80
Voltage 230-240v 230-240V 230-240V 230-240V 120 V
Warranty 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts 10 years on motor, 2 years on parts 5 years on motor,1 year on parts 5 years on motor,1 year on parts 10 years
Fuse 125 5A-250V 8A 125V 5A -250V 8A 125V 5A -250V 8A 125V 5A -250V 8A 125V 5A -250V 8A


How To Use Hurom Slow Juicer hu-100sb

  • You can use the juicer continuously for around 30 minutes and not more than that. After all you will also need some rest along with the juicer.
  • Clean the strainers using a brush or a sponge both inside and outside with ample water
  • Chambers can also be cleansed with a brush and rinsed with water thoroughly
  • Avoid deep cleaning in chamber packing, juice cap packing and the silicon brush also there is no need to disassemble them.
  • If you want to sterilize the juicer parts then you can soak them in baking soda or natural disinfectants for a quarter of the day. Remember not to use boiling water or anything of that sort.

Summary Of Hurom Juicers

Hurom juicers are the best products that are of high demand among the customers and the best selling ones in the world. There are different types of slow juicers from different brands but hurom juicers stand apart for the quality and elegance it has to offer. I must say they look so awesome on the kitchen counters and the juice flowing out of the juicer is so attention-grabbing to watch. To every kitchen that looks to concentrate on health and style this slow juicer is a must. Turn the tables and grab your choice of product from the hurom range.