Ideal Shape Ideal burn weight loss supplements

IdealShape Weight Loss Supplements

Buy IdealShape weight loss supplements, meal replacements that helps you to shed pounds easily in the most natural way possible.

IdealShape products are the perfect supplements to help you lose weight easily. If you are planning to lose weight, then IdealShape comes with scrumptious shakes, bars and protein powders that will help you to get toned body in a simple manner. Read on to know more about Idealshape reviews, products, where to buy IdealShape products, side effects, and so on.

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It is easy to gain weight but very much difficult to lose weight. Now that you have gained your senses and made a wise decision to lose weight, IdealShape products are there to assist you in getting optimum weight loss without losing the muscle structure.

However, before you begin how IdealShape works for you, bear in mind that it is equally important to do daily exercise, have a good night’s sleep and eat rich foods that are predominant for your mind, body and soul.

Go ahead and get to know IdealShape products that have become a rage among many dieters.

Buy IdealShape Meal Replacement Shakes

Buy IdealShape meal replacement shakes that are absolutely nutritious!!! They not only taste good but are filled with nutrition’s that you lack every day. Busy lives have made us skip lunch or have meals at irregular times. This is not Christmas on your body.

Lack of proper meals at the lead to gas, ulcer and other side effects that can prove hazardous in the long run. Replace one meal of your day with IdealShape protein powder and the results are incredible. You will lose abnormal fat while preserving the muscle mass.

Ideal raw protein shake

The Ideal Shake weight loss meal replacement shakes come in different flavors – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, mocha etc. If you want to accelerate your weight loss, try replacing 2 meals a day with Ideal Shake.

Comparison – IdealShape Ideal Boost Vs. Shakeology Vs. Isagenix Vs. 310 Nutrition Shake  Vs. Ideal Lean Vs. Herbalife Vs. GNC Total Lean Lean Shake Vs. Medifast Vs. Advocare Spark energy

IdealShape IdealBoost

IdealShape is the right meal replacement shake who want to bring their weight under control. The product is not recommended for those who are trying to gain muscle weight or improve the digestive health.

IdealShape shake claims that by replacing one meal a day you will lose weight efficiently. You will also find a diet plan that comes with calorie controlled food that can help you set a goal to efficiently lose weight. Many meal replacement shakes come with 180 calories of serving. IdealShape gives you powder formula with 90 calories per serving.

IdealShape comes with Slendesta that is the key ingredient which blocks hunger for three hours. You can accelerate the weight loss by simply replacing two meals a day using idealshape. A kosher certified product, they contain only 1gram of sugar. Few of the idealshape products are gluten free as well. Idealshape retailers are online only which includes Amazon. Ideal boost is one of the users favorite as well due to its hunger-blocking capacity up to 3 hours.


Beachbody’s Shakeology has a pretty good fan following. It claims to have more than 70 ingredients that can assist in proper digestive health combined with a fat burning process.

The digestive enzymes of Shakeology are derived from natural sources such as papaya, pineapples etc. that delivers high levels of antioxidants inhibiting premature aging or any other degenerative disease. They also launched vegan formula for those who cannot tolerate milk products.

However, the price of shakeology is sky-rocketing among other brands in the market – 30 serving pack will cost you around $130 (shipping charges additional).


Herbalife has many products in its goodie bag – meal replacements shakes, snacks, vitamins etc. to promote a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife protein powder or shake comes with 21 essential vits and minerals. It also contains 9 grams of protein and is rich in fiber.

The product is quite affordable as the powder costs around $40 for 30 servings. The formula contains soy proteins as per the food chart. This makes it difficult to say whether the supplement can curb the hunger without whey protein. There are few GMO’s as well which can cause certain digestive issues leading to soy allergy in the prolonged period.

IdealFit Ideal Shake

IdealFit Ideal Lean meal replacement shakes is available in chocolate flavor that will help you lose weight effectively. High in calories, it is intended to help you lose weight by drinking healthy and skipping the usual food routine. The product comes with Whey protein, Casein and much more which will not only satisfy immediate hunger but also maintain the feeling of full for a longer time.

You can take 1 or 2 or as indicated in the meal plan.

Manufactured in the USA, it comes with one full year return policy. Yes, you heard it right. If you feel the product doesn’t work for you within the specific period, just return for a refund.

Ideal Fit Ideal Lean shake reviews have been mixed. However, overall reviews have been positive. People love the fact that the product actually works as claimed. The chocolate flavor is good. Be it brownie or pina colada, people love the taste and the quality infused. There are no side effects reported. But there are few users who claim that the shake is too sweet which does not go down well. Another user says that the product comes with only half full a container with the price so high.

Nevertheless, people still go for IdealFit Ideal Lean.

310 Nutrition shake

310 shake is a meal replacement shake offered by 310 Nutrition. Ingredients include milk protein, fiber, whey protein, vits and natural sweeteners. There is only a little info about the company. The 310 shake is available on the official website but there are other retailers as well from where you can purchase this product. The company has a great BBB rating. Even the customer support has been prompt.

But that’s not enough. The meal replacement shake must have good benefits without any side effects that too at an affordable price. The taste of the shake is by far the worst. I am not saying this but users out there who have actually used this product. On the contrary, there are users who love the taste as well. They just can’t get enough of the product.

Overall, there are 310 shake negative reviews and positive reviews available online. The company has not done any clinical studies or research. Just like any other shake, daily dietary regime and exercise play a good role in cutting down bad fat from the body.

GNC Total Lean Lean Shake (IdealShape Vs. GNC Lean Shake)

The main goal of GNC Total Lean Lean Shake is to replace one meal with 25 grams of whey protein. Lean shake is rich in vitamins and minerals that aids in healthy metabolism level not to mention maintaining the muscle mass.

GNC Total Lean Lean Shake is mainly targeted for those who need protein to repair their muscles after heavy workouts. It also helps people who want to cut cravings for their weight loss. The drink is not complete as it also depends on how much you are exercising and the foods you eat. There is no personalized plan from fitness coach, unlike idealshape that has a specially designed diet plan for you. In case of GNC total lean lean shake, you are on your own journey so you need to keep a check on the calorie intake etc.

GNC lean lean shake is basically a simple shake that can benefit you on a small level. There is no vegan option as well for those who do not want milk products.


A USA based company just like idealshake, isagenix isalean comes with natural ingredients that will help you to lose weight within 30 days. Rich in botanicals and vitamins, isagenix isalean shakes and supplements burns fat by cleansing the body completely. When your body is absolutely detoxified, all the repairs and cell rejuvenation occurs at a good speed without any hindrance.

Isagenix is a stimulant free product. The company also helps in reducing the stress on the body while helping many to build muscle mass. There is 30-day starter pack with other exciting packages designed for optimum weight loss. The product has received some good reviews from dieters who claim to have lost their weight successfully.


Medifast offers you different weight loss plans that suits your style. Choose from protein bars to meal replacement shakes to foods, soups, pastas etc. Heck, you can choose delicacies to soothe your sweet tooth that keeps in tone with the calories.

This is the perfect product for those who do not have time to cook and grab just about anything. Medifast ships their products absolutely FREE anywhere in USA. You will be provided with an everyday meal that is designed by experts for a healthy weight loss.

These foods have unique health benefits. They come with rich protein and fiber that will keep you charged for the day.

Medifast reviews are, however, quite mixed. A general group claims to have received positive results after trying out the Medifast diet. On the opposite side, few users are just not happy with the diet plan. The proportion is quite less to what the company claims to deliver and does not feel “satisfied”.

Even the customer support has been boo-ed upon. Few dieters complained that the customer support representative was very rude. This is something that the company needs to take a good look at.

Advocare Spark Energy Drink

Advocare is a company that offers you nutritional supplements for a healthy weight loss. In recent times many athletes and sports personalities have joined the bandwagon in promoting this product. Advocare spark energy is currently the trending product. The product is supposed to be a sugar-free product. It also helps in delivering long-lasting energy.

Advocare offers many health supplements such as protein shakes, capsules and so on. The 24-week challenge comes with cleansing rituals that completely detoxifies the body and rejuvenates any damaged cells. It also speeds up the healing process of repairing body cells.

Sadly, Advocare vanilla meal replacement shake reviews have been negative. Many users noted side effects such as ulcers, headaches, irregular heartbeat, liver inflammation, glycemic control in diabetes etc.


What are Idealshape products?

Idealshake is everything you need to lose weight without any crash diets that can lead to prolonged health hazards. Ideal shake, when combined with workouts, are profit. How? While you are getting your daily nourishment it is vital that you move your body. It will help you to burn more fat than more.

Ideal Shake comes with only 100-110 calories with only 2g of sugar. It controls unwanted hunger and cravings up to 3 hours. This is because of the ‘secret’ key ingredient called Slendesta.

The content Slendesta is derived from the protein extract that is found beneath the potato’s skin. Studies show that this compound has the power to release cholecystokinin or CCK. When you consume IdealShape meal replacement shake, it sends out a signal to the brain that the stomach is full. This will curb unwanted hunger in your body. Note that Slendesta is not a stimulant and won’t give you jitters like caffeine based shakes.

Apart from Slendesta, Ideal Shake meal replacement drink comes with whey-protein, fiber and 22 vitamins, minerals etc. that boosts your metabolism level keeping you energetic all day. These vitamins and minerals when combined “completes” you and rejuvenates your body completely.

Idealshake is tested gluten-free. However, the Cookies N’ Cream flavor is yet to be termed. Idealshake is certified Kosher product.

IdealShape meal replacement shake reviews have been well-received. Many IdealShape shake recipes can be found online. This takes away the deprived feeling of mouthwatering food. The IdealShape shake nutrition fact can be found in the official website.

IdealShape is NOT vegan since it contains milk and soy. The product is NOT ideal for those allergic to soy.

The 30-day ideal weight loss plan includes –

  • 2 Tubs of IdealShape meal replacement shake (30 servings per tub)
  • 4 IdealShape protein bars (7 servings per box)
  • 1 Idealshape Smoothie recipes Volume 2 ebook
  • 1 Idealplan Nutrition guide
  • 1 Idealshape shaker bottle

You can choose the flavor as per your taste buds. The 30-day challenge will give you an idea of how IdealShape weight loss plan works and what you can expect with this diet.

How does IdealShape really work?

IdealShape offers you weight loss supplements that will move the immobile fat and convert them to energy. Combined with exercise you can lose weight easily.

IdealShape shakes come with 21 different vitamins and minerals that improve eyesight, boost the immune system, support heart health and bone health. The ingredients are also known to reduce cholesterol, support nerve cell, regulate brain function and improve your mood. It breaks down the chubby fat and assists in breakdown. This keeps the energy level up and burns the existing fat as fuel. It is also known to curb hunger thus assisting you to lose weight.

IdealShape Snack Bars

Ideal Shape Ideal Bar - Hunger blocker protein bar

Whenever hunger strikes grab an IdealShape snack bar. This low cal protein bar is the perfect snack to curb unwanted appetite that pops out of nowhere. Ideal Shape protein snack bars come with three-hour hunger blocker that is the perfect product for those who are desperately trying to lose weight.

Whenever hunger strikes grab an IdealShape snack bar. This low cal protein bar is the perfect snack to curb unwanted appetite that pops out of nowhere. IdealShape protein snack bars come with three-hour hunger blocker that is the perfect product for those who are desperately trying to lose weight.

Idealbar comes with only 140 calories and less. Available in different flavors –

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • Cinnamon Caramel Crunch
  • Double Chocolate

So what exactly does idealbar has compared to other protein bars? The key ingredient is Slendesta that releases CCK (a hormone) which tricks the brain to think you are full. It also contains hunger blockers such as protein, fiber that helps in easy digestion and high energy levels. You can check the idealshape ingredients list on the website.

Idealbar from IdealShape is best incorporated into the 5 meal a day plan. With the busy lifestyle, many people are unable to meet with daily nutrition. The fluctuating eating habits can throw the bodily functions haywire.

If you are at work or traveling, Idealbar protein bar from IdealShape is the perfect buddy when hunger pangs attack!!!

IdealShape bar reviews are excellent. Dieters claim that the protein bar actually blocks hunger. The idealshape protein bar is the right alternative to random sugary bars that claim to be protein bars and frankly quite bad for the health as well.

IdealShape Weight loss Drinks And Supplements

IdealShape Ideal boost weight loss drinks with different flavors

IdealShape Weight loss drink

Presenting IdealShape weight loss drinks and supplements that contain powerful ingredients to speed up the weight loss process.

IdealShape weight loss drinks are available in different flavors such as Pineapple strawberry, tropical punch, raspberry citrus and so on. These low cal weight loss drinks come with Slendesta and Fibersol that are two main ingredients to fight unwanted cravings.

They also come with vitamins (b3, b6, and b120 that not only improve your overall health but also uplifts your mood. Have it guilt-free as it is low in calories. A refreshing glass of idealshape weight loss drink will rapidity your weight loss procedure easily.

The IdealShape shake ingredients block your hunger and come with low calories as low as 5g. A sugar-free product, carry idealshape whenever you are on the go.

IdealShape weight loss supplements ignites the body’s fat burning energies. They move the rigid abnormal fat and converts them to metabolism. The result is a healthy side effect free weight loss.

There are two Ideal weight loss pills

  • Idealburn – contains thermo oxidation blend and neuro energy blend that comes with caffeine and green tea. The natural caffeine converts the fat to energy. When combined with green tea, notice reduced waist size, body fat and reduced weight.
  • Idealtrim – contains the famous Garcinia Cambogia that is famous for weight loss. It is also a mood soother that calms your mind. It replaces feelings of hunger with satisfaction till 3 hours. Other herbal ingredients such as Buchu leaf, Dandelion Root, and Uva Ursi etc. detoxifies the body completely. The result is a cleansed system and a healthy weight loss. Since certain herbal ingredients contain diuretic benefits, you may be visiting the loo more than often.

IdealShape Books And CD’s

IdealShape also offers motivational ebooks such as –

  • Idealplan ebook
  • IdealShape smoothie recipes volume 2 (ebook)
  • Think: User your mind to shrink your waistline ebook

You will also find CD’s that works subconsciously to lose weight and look for a positive life ahead. There are many people who lack the willpower to complete a diet plan. They give up mid-way unable to control their hunger. The result is a bloated body all over again.

If you are one of them, then this is the best motivator for you.

IdealShape Diet Plan

IdealShape complete weight loss program

IdealShape Idealplan

The IdealShape 12 week challenge is a complete fat loss plant for you from idealshape. In this kit, you will find the complete equipment’s to lose weight faster than you think.

The IdealShape 12-week challenge is a complete fat loss plant for you from idealshape. In this kit, you will find the complete equipment’s to lose weight faster than you think.

No need to count calories or think what you have to eat at every meal. There are different plans for both men and women.

The idealshape diet plan will consist of

  • Nutrition guide
  • Meal replacement shakes
  • Snack protein bar
  • Weight loss drinks

The quantity will differ based on the diet plan you opt for.

Every meal provided with the IdealShape diet fat loss plan comes in perfect proportion. They are adjusted in such a way to replace your daily meal without making you feel lethargic or irritated.

IdealShape also presents mouthwatering recipes and smoothies. You can even make idealshape ice cream. It will take the pain of not having your favorite food while simultaneously maintaining your weight.

Unlike what many think, starving will not help you lose weight. In fact, you will gain more weight. Worst, you will put your body in a lot of danger. As per a clinical study published in “The International Journal of Obesity”, Harvard experts claim that people tend to lose weight if they consumed good calories before 3 pm than those who had food later.

Having small proportions of healthy meals will keep you safe from hunger zone that can make you gobble anything you can lay your hands on. The idealplan is the simplest and convenient way to lose weight easily.

The product comes with a money back guarantee. In case you do not find it meets your standards, simply return unopened packages and get your money back.

IdealShape Side Effects

Minor to none side effects have been noted that can be easily waived off. Few users complain of gas, nausea, diarrhea during initial idealshape usage. However, it fades away within a week. If not, make sure to consult your medical practitioner. Make sure to stick with IdealShape directions and don’t overdo it.

Till now, however, there have been no reports of IdealShape side effects. In fact, many users love it and claim that the results are actually showing.

IdealShape Reviews 2017-18

If you check google for this product, you might be confused regarding the search results. Some people call it IdealShape while others call it ideal shake. IdealShape is the company while Ideal meal replacement shake is the product. There are other health idealshape products as well.

“Just received my first order of Strawberry Ideal shake. I love the taste and can’t wait to have my next one every day. Sadly, it makes me bloated and gives me diarrhea every time I take. I have noticed many other people have said the same thing so I will wait.”

“I ordered the 60 day plan and split it half and half with my wife. We have completely altered the eating habits and are in the process of becoming healthier. In an effort to lose weight, I did a lot of research and decided to go with Idealshape shakes and bars. I also did have lot of lean proteins, fruits, and veggies. We have both lost 10 lbs and starting to notice a difference in my clothes. We will be sticking with IdealShape and will be ordering more.

You can see more IdealShape reviews online at the official website.

IdealShape Taste Reviews

Though the company claims to have the only low amount of sugar, many people did not find it appealing. In fact, they claim that the product is overly sweet.

On the opposite side, dieters loved the taste and claim that it actually wards off hunger attacks. Another IdealShape testimonials claim it is cheaper and better than Shakeology.

“Just received my first order of Strawberry Ideal shake. I love the taste and can’t wait to have my next one every day. Sadly, it makes me bloated and gives me diarrhea every time I take. I have noticed many other people have said the same thing so I will wait.”

“I ordered the 60 day plan and split it half and half with my wife. We have completely altered the eating habits and are in the process of becoming healthier. In an effort to lose weight, I did a lot of research and decided to go with Idealshape shakes and bars. I also did have lot of lean proteins, fruits, and veggies. We have both lost 10 lbs and starting to notice a difference in my clothes. We will be sticking with IdealShape and will be ordering more.

You can see more IdealShape reviews online at the official website.

Idealshape complaints

Few people complain that the product contains lead. However, upon contacting the company, they report that lead is not an ingredient that is used in the shake. Instead, it is naturally occuring in the ingredients as they come from the ground (where it is easily available in the soil). Hence, the company gives out a warning to shake the canister due to the Prop 65 law out of California. Jamie, CA is the only state that requires it to mention it specifically.

Another group reported diarrhea after using these shakes while few report weight loss. Some also report feeling dizzy and fuzzy after having the shake.

We recommend that you check the ingredients label and check for any ingredients you are specifically allergic to. Also, if you are under any medication, consult your medical practitioner before taking this.

IdealShape weight loss reviews

There are many IdealShape reviews in amazon. And it’s quite mixed. The pros side claim that idealshape shake works excellent and curbs hunger. The taste is excellent and works better than shakeology. There are users who switched to IdealShape after trying out other meal replacement shakes.

Now the con side. Few users claim that the product does not really fill the tummy unlike what the company claims. IdealShape bad reviews say that the shakes flavor are just too sweet and you need to dilute the product by adding something (water, almond milk etc.) to cut the gritty taste.

IdealShape real reviews

The price of meal replacement shakes and other products certainly calls for a big pocket. They are expensive than other products on the market. The benefits are certainly better but for some money does not grow on a tree.

IdealShape can fight diabetes as well. As the weight comes down diabetes level improves dramatically. However, make sure to consult your doctor before trying out any new product if you are under any medication.

Overall, the IdealShape meal replacement shake and diet reviews seem to be on the better side. When compared to others, IdealShape seems to be working far better. If you are looking for a planned diet plan for weight loss, then this is a reliable product for you.

IdealShape Ideal burn reviews

IdealShape ideal burn reviews are mixed. Of course, it leans a bit on the positive side more than negative. Users have loved the product and claim that it really boosts the energy level. The IdealShape customer service and shipping have been praised by few users.

Idealshape IdealBoost Energy Drink reviews

IdealBoost is an excellent product that suits your taste buds perfectly. A great way to stay energized and curb your appetite, it helps you achieve your weight loss goals easily by blocking unwanted hunger pangs. As per Idealshape, one glass of Ideal Boost can give you 3-hour of appetite control. It also keeps your energy level up without wearing you out while helping you lose weight. The best part is it comes with only 5 calories and 0g sugar.

Idealboost energy drink is available in 4 different flavors – Peach Mango, Black Cherry, Hot Chocolate, and Pineapple Passion. Many users claim that Peach Mango is their favorite.

It comes with 4.72 out of 5 star ratings from users. So far, the user reviews have been positive with only a minor amount of people claiming that the product is not worthy. Here are few of the Ideal boost reviews.

Shelly says – “Delicious and addicting. 1 pouch is enough for 3 24 oz of containers of water. I even add it with my green tea instead of honey, sugar or truvia.”

Carole says – “I have tried many flavors but Peach Mango is my favorite.”

NicoleAS says – “It’s fantastic. Curbs my hunger control. It is great in helping me drink more water in the afternoons. I get a great boost of energy too.”

IdealShape 12-week challenge reviews

There are many comments in the idealshape 12-week challenge reviews on facebook. Users are in the continuous process of reaching their ultimate goal. So far, the 12-week challenge review seems to have a positive impact on dieters. The end result reviews are yet to be seen.

Idealshape 12 week challenge to lose weight

Shipping & Returns

IdealShape products come with 30-day return policy. If you are not satisfied with the product, make sure to return it within 30 days from the date of purchase. The company will provide you a full refund within 4 weeks.

The company DOES NOT offer free shipping. However, there are IdealShape shake coupon code and promo code that offer free shipping. However, Alaska and Hawaii are excluded from free shipping offers. Check out IdealShape meal replacement shake coupons for more info.

IdealShape Discount Coupon Codes

There are many IdealShape coupon codes available online. Punch in the coupon/promo code before making the payment. The end total price will be the discounted price after the cut-off promo code offer. There are IdealShape free shipping codes available as well.

Warnings and Instructions

IdealShape for pregnancy and breastfeeding

Many women ask if idealshape is best for pregnancy. The answer is YES. You are NOT SUPPOSED to diet during pregnancy. Gaining weight is part of pregnancy. Of course, having babies is a magical journey but weight gain is an understandable and unnecessary side effect.

If you want a healthy baby, stay away from unnecessary diets. Eat healthily and make sure to exercise (with a nod from your gynecologist). Compromising on food can lead to a nutritional deficiency on your growing baby.

However, you can always include idealshape in your daily life. During pregnancy time your nutritional need changes. Idealshake can be a huge help as it controls the craving. Add more nutrition and calories to the shake (which is vital during nursing).

For safety measures always consult your medical practitioner before trying out new health supplements.


IdealShape Daily Probiotic supplement

IdealShape Weight loss supplements

The IdealShape weight loss supplements help you transform your body to a much more healthier and slimmer look.

IdealShape Frequently Asked Questions

Does IdealShape offer any money back guarantee?

IdealShape comes with 30-day money back guarantee from the date of purchase.

Can I buy IdealShape shakes in stores?

No, idealshape is available online only. You cannot find IdealShape on Walmart or any other retail stores.

Where can I find IdealShape instructions?

You will find the instructions along with the ordered package.

Where can I buy IdealShape meal replacement shakes for sale?

You can click on the link below to order your IdealShape meal replacement shake. The link will take you to the official website from where you can order the product.

Can I get a free sample of IdealShape shake?

No, there is no free sample available for idealshape shakes.

Is IdealShape kosher?

Yes, idealshape products are kosher certified.


To sum it up, idealshape is a genuine company that has helped thousands of people achieve weight loss using natural methods. Price is a point to be considered since the idealshape health supplements and shakes are quite expensive.

But if you are genuine about losing weight, then you won’t find a better product than idealshape.

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