Practical Reviews in Infectious Diseases

The Geographic Spread of Infectious Diseases

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Practical Reviews in Infectious Diseases keeps the specialists updated with important research findings published monthly

Infectious diseases are any disorder caused by the micro-organisms like bacteria, virus, fungi etc. They can affect any part or organ of the body from top to toe. Some diseases are passed from person to person. The infection may be through air, water, other animals or insects or even touch. There are infections that can be prevented by many vaccinations. Thorough cleanliness and hygiene is very important to keep these kind of infections at bay. The doctors who treat these infections are called Infectious Disease Specialists or ID Specialists. Since the symptoms of many infections can be the same, the assistance of a specialist is very important to identify the real cause. Each infection is detected by specific tests so knowing about tests, which one for which infection is essential and the ID specialists must be in constant touch with the newest research and know about all the new strains of the microbes.

Practical Reviews in Infectious Diseases 

Infectious diseases practical reviews cover most of the clinical application of the findings. It takes only a weekly 20 minutes to stay up-to-date on the latest developments. These are issues with various articles on the new happenings and some critical reviews by the experts. These reviews are recorded in MP3 format and it gives a clear idea on how to apply this knowledge in the daily practice and discuss the methods on innovative strategies for treatments. The reviews are available by subscription and the format is a choice given, as CDs, email or as downloadable MP3. The audio reviews are user friendly to be played with any audio device and the reviews may be listened to while doing any work.

Practical Reviews in Infectious Diseases

The reviews make the aspirants capable of attending the CME quiz online and this must be answered within 24 months of its publication. On passing the quiz with 70% or more can earn the specialists some valuable 4 credits in the Category 1 of the continuing medical education. Apart from gaining the CME credit points these reviews and the CME are helpful for any ID specialist to keep them updated on all the new immunizations even for the adults. They will be able to advice people who will be travelling abroad on the kind of vaccinations they are to administer and recommend any prophylactic drugs. They will be able to distinguish between a suspected infection and a multidrug resistant microbe. And most of all they will be able to take necessary preventive procedures against hospital acquired infections.

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