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Invitation Box is an online invitation card store where there are numerous options for the invites for all kinds of get together and parties. For high class parties making an impression o the guest even before the beginning of the party is essential. For which the invitation card has to be unique.

There are all types of cards available at the Invitation Box in classic, modern, or contemporary designs. The occasions for most parties are bridal shower, anything that has to do with kids, announcements of all sorts, wedding, business invitations, gift cards that are personalized, greeting cards etc.

For any occasion the guests are intimidated by sending them the invitation card that states the purpose, venue, time, type of occasion etc. all the attraction lies in the design and make of the invitation card. One should have a lot of choices for these cards before deciding on the best one for the occasion. There are any number of occasions to throw a party and some people just need the slightest trigger to have them. Whatever be the case an invitation card says much more about it than words. So here are some of the varieties offered by Invitation Box reserved for your special occasions. Read on to know more on Invitation Box Reviews here.

Invitation Box for various occasions like

  • Bridal Shower: Bridal shower are of many types, BBQ, around the house, around the clock, stock the bar, garden & tools etc. All the themes have different purposes and the invitations also are different. The kitchen shower demands to fill the kitchen cabinet of the bride-to-be with appliances and utensils, BBQ party is just a get together at the back yard and people may bring the apt ingredients for cooking and anything that has to do with the barbeque. The invitations from Invitation box for each type stand alone and speak out loud about what is going to happen there.
  • Wedding: Wedding cards hold a special place in the heart of anyone and the invitation for such precious occasion has to be as unique and special. There are various designs of invitations to choose from at Invitation Box. The wedding section here includes all the functions that lead to the marriage and anything that need a card during the occasion. Right from the engagement, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding announcement cards, bridesmaid gift cards etc. are all included under this category. Each item from Invitation Box has many options that can help make them unique and closer to heart.
  • Announcements & Greeting Cards from Invitation Box: Many people think that the birth, graduation, and moving announcements also need cards. All occasion and seasonal greeting cards can be personalized at Invitation Box. The holiday cards and other occasion cards are also available to make here.
  • Baby & Kids: Kids will have all sorts of reasons to have a party right from they are born. The birth announcement cards, baby shower before they are born, all the birthdays they will be celebrating, and the baptism and religious occasions for the kids require a invitation card. So why wait? Select from the various designs and styles available from Invitation box.
  • Occasional cards from Invitation Box: Other occasions being the milestones, theme party, entertainment parties, cultural and religious get together have the right kind of invitation cards here at Invitation Box. The personalized gift cards are another option along with the gift options like a personalized cards, note pads, holiday gift etc.
  • Business Cards: How about a designer party menu exclusive for that party? It is possible here at Invitation Box. The business people gets chance to have their events and business cards printed in professional manner and unique. The VIP invitations, retirement parties, and business greetings are all done here.

Invitation Box Reviews – What do you have to do?

One just have to look for the occasion, select the photographs, size, shape, and type along with the color of the card and provide the details you want in them and make it personalized and place the order from Invitation Box.

All the cards may or may not have a photograph in it. The number of photographs included can be 1 to many. The size and type of the card can be chosen from flat paper, flat with a ribbon tied, folded card, layered card and the same with a ribbon. The business cards have the option to have the sticker type. The card can be a designer one from the 15 different brands. There are color options for the card. The colors are black, brown, grey, blue, purple, green, pink, red, gold, orange, and yellow.

The personalized gifts from Invitation box will be stamped with the name or with whatever that is to be stamped on it. The business gifts have the options of cuff links, stamp, rosewood pen case, a keepsake box, multipurpose tool, and a smart money clip. Wine bottle stopper, silver plated yo-yo etc.

The greeting cards are unique and the designs are not available anywhere else. The personalized card will have your photo and the relevant text message. For more convenience the card will have your return address printed and the card will be stamped in advance to save money and time.

What they do?

Once all the details and other information are filled in the writers at Invitation box will review everything to make it fool proof and the content will be sent for proof reading to find any typos, spelling mistakes, punctuation errors etc.

The sent photographs also will be analyzed to select the perfect picture to be printed by the genuises of Invitation box. Any red eye patch in the photographs will be removed and if needed brighten and sharpen to make it professional.

With the addressing system, all the cards may be mailed to the intended recipients if their addresses are provided. All the mail order status can be viewed with the corresponding numbers.

The Paper Used

The paper used at Invitation Box is handpicked from the lot of signature paper heavy card stock, standard paper that is available in white or ecru, the crystal shimmer that is perfect for a sparkling event, recycled paper that is eco friendly and fights the global warming, and the outside vendor collection that are imported and has high quality with single, doubt and triple thick options.

Spread Happiness and Smile

Invitation Box provides the opportunity to bring a smile on to someone’s face and make their day a unique experience. With the vast collection for all the cards especially the greeting cards to everyday cards start spreading fun and happiness to one and all of your loved ones.

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