ksm7586pca: Kitchenaid Pro Line Series 7-Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer

Kitchenaid Pro Line Series 7-Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer

If you want to handle large quantities of ingredients then this stand mixer does it like a pro. It gives you the power to operate with fingertips.

The pro line series comes with enhanced performance, powerful motor and better than ever features compared to the older models. If you are a professional cooking expert and want more out of everything, then this stand mixer definitely suits you. Do you want every demand satisfied and greater autonomy to cook wonderful dishes? This stand mixer will give you wings. Keep reading to know more about this wonderful series of ksm7586pca 7qt bowl lift stand mixers.

ksm7586pca Kitchenaid Pro Line® Series 7 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

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Bigger bowl and better performance with an ever-powerful motor are what pro line series offers. If you want to handle large quantities of ingredients then this stand mixer does it like a pro. It gives you the power to operate with fingertips.

The ksm7586pca KitchenAid® Pro Line® Series 7 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer is a powerful machine that has 1.3 Horse Power Motor. This motor is the major player in the functioning of this mixer series. It delivers consistent power to the bowl and beaters while handling small to large loads. The best part is that it prevents heat build-up and reduces damage. This helps to increase the life of the stand mixer without any wear and tear. The makers claim that this stand mixer lasts long and functions efficiently than any other models.

The pro line 7-quart stand mixer with its unique mixing actions handles heavy loads with total ease. It has a full metal body construction, with high precision metal gears and control knobs. It also exhibits advanced controls that communicate 14000 times per second more than any other Kitchenaid 6 qt models. The accessories work well and have maximum bowl coverage while mixing and grinding. It is simply the best machine that handles large batches.

Features ksm7586pca Pro Line Series 7-Qt Bowl Lift Stand Mixer

  • 1.3 Horse Power motor that delivers high efficiency with direct drive transmission
  • Designed to run longer, delivering optimum torque prevents overheating
  • 7-quart stainless steel polished bowl-lift that has a wide mouth and a grip handle
  • Full metal body design, high precision metal gears, and control knobs
  • 10-speed slide control range that helps you to whip on a fast mode and go on a slow stir mode
  • Commercial-style motor protection and commercial auto-reset
  • Includes Powerknead Spiral hooks for handling dough, burnished flat beater, stainless steel wire whip and as an extra bonus a pouring shield
  • Multipurpose Attachment Hub that comes with a Hinged Hub Cover
  • Flour Power index of 16 Cups and yields 14 dozen of chocolate chip cookies
  • Dimensions: 16.7 H x 14.8 W x 14.8 D-in
  • Professional bowl lift design
  • 5-year free limited manufacturer’s warranty
  • Available in various colors (ksm7586pca/ ksm7586pfp/ksm7586pob/ Kitchenaid ksm7586ps/ ksm7586pfp)

What colors are this pro line series available?

The pro line series are an exciting range of stand mixer that has exceptional features and Professional functions. Kitchenaid has offered this series in four different color options. All the colors have a stylish look and match with any kitchen settings. The metallic construction and the colors add radiance to the kitchen. This range is a stylish masterpiece that is not only versatile in its functions but also in its looks.

  • Sugar Pearl Silver – KSM7586PSR
  • Onyx Black – KSM7586POB
  • Candy Apple Red – KSM7586PCA
  • Medallion Silver – KSM7586PMS
  • Frosted Pearl White – KSM7586PFP

ksm7586pca Customer reviews

The pro line series 7 qt stand mixer range has high customer ratings and is one of the best sellers from the Kitchenaid roof. Customers rate this stand mixer as a champion in terms of design, ease of use, features list, innovation, performance, and quality. Many customers like this product because of its silent operation. Professionals highly recommend this product as it helps them to handle large batches of ingredients quickly and mix them up in no time. This product has high customer ratings at the Amazon and other online portals. It has a price range that is high according to customer opinions but for the features and design, it is worth buying.


The Pro line series 7 qt bowl stand mixers are top quality in terms of make and design. There is no doubt that this stand mixer has great features and handles ingredients in large quantities. This stand mixer is a great addition to any kitchen and a great utility piece. Worth buying and highly recommended.

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