ksm8990ob KitchenAid NSF Commercial 8-qt Lift Stand Mixer

KitchenAid NSF Commercial 8-qt Lift Stand Mixer – Onyx Black

Meant for professionals only, here is KitchenAid (KSM8990OB) 8-Quart NSF-Certified Lift Stand Mixer Review that comes with pretty amazing features.

This stand mixer is an exceptional product that every professional should own. This KSM8990OB KitchenAid NSF-Certified Mixer is a kitchen masterpiece that provides enough power and gives you the capability to push off the limits. You can handle huge quantities of batters and dough like a pro. Read on to know the detailed KitchenAid (KSM8990OB) 8-Quart NSF-Certified Lift Stand Mixer Review.

Want to handle large batches of batter and dough to create edible work of artistry or creations, then KSM8990OB KitchenAid NSF Commercial 8-qt Lift Stand Mixer will be of great help.

Truly engineered for professionals this stand mixer works brilliantly and offers greater power. This 8qt KitchenAid mixer helps to mix and aerate ingredients effectively to fluffy peaks. It has a flour power index of total 14 cups and that is huge in its category. The attachments that come along with this stand mixer rotate around the 7 qt bowl thoroughly without leaving any unmixed ingredients.

Features Of KSM8990OB KitchenAid NSF Commercial 8-qt Lift Stand Mixer

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  • Powerful stand mixer from the house of Kitchenaid
  • Works quietly without any loud noise within the similar motor range mixers
  • 1.3 horsepower high-efficiency DC motor uses 500 watts
  • Runs longer and offers optimum torque
  • Does not build up heat
  • Embossed polished trim band
  • Has the capability to mix up to 14 cups of flour
  • 13 full dozen of cookies
  • Can knead around 8 ¼ loaves of bread in the single bowl
  • Advanced feedback control allows communicating in microseconds to the motor to ensure optimal power delivery to the bowl
  • Commercial attachment power hub that accommodates all kind of Kitchenaid attachments and other similar accessories
  • Speed control protection
  • Build in safety features to reduce the risk of mishaps while maintenance activities
  • 8-Qt. Stainless Steel Bowl with commercial “J” Style Handle for grip
  • Stainless steel wide flat beater, 11 wire elliptical whip, and spiral dough hooks
  • Metal construction and thick commercial power cord
  • Standard 115 Volts AC, 60 Hertz, 3-Wire Cord, 3-Prong Plug
  • NSF certified and comes with a 2-year replacement warranty

KSM8990OB KitchenAid Commercial Stand Mixer Reviews

Customers opine that this stand mixer is highly powerful and offers a wide array of functions. It allows them to perform all the functions conveniently and consistently. This stand mixer does not build up the heat and consumes less power. The stylish onyx black color is a visual treat to the eyes and most of the customer’s rate this product as a high quality item. They say that this commercial stand mixer comes at a reasonable price and wide range of functions. Cooking experts and pros recommend this product through TV shows and recipe books. Overall, this product has garnered much attention from customers who love to cook and have the passion of creating something new. Even the KitchenAid 7-quart bowl-lift NSF certified mixer reviews from people have been good with many loving the different shades and appealing design.

Here are few of the KitchenAid (KSM8990OB) 8-Qt Stand Mixer with Bowl Lift (Onyx Black) Reviews.

Overall, the product has received majorly positive reviews. It has got 4.2 out of 5 stars from Amazon 315 user reviews.

“KitchenAid quality of the 1980s is back. When KitchenAid was owned by Hobart, the mixers were fantastic. The plastic and rubber parts weren’t available now. This mixer screams old craftsmanship. From the all metal gear box to silent performance, this is as fantastic as it gets. A previous poster said that the machine shakes. I made a batch of bread and the mixer didn’t move a noticeable amount. The gear box is sealed unlike the 1990-2000s mixer that had a silver ring around the part that moves. All the part that gets dirty can go straight to the dishwasher as they are stainless steel and not plastic. Best ever….!!!!”

“I have used this twice and it replaces a professional 600 model. The pro 600 lasted 4 years. That’s it. I make an average of six 20 oz pizza dough every week i.e. 3 doughs a time. It did had me concerned. I will say in comparison with the 600 model that this one is so much quiet. The 600 was quite noisy. I hope 4 years down the road I don’t regret the purchase.”

“I am so excited with this mixer. I have made cinnamon rolls, cookies, and large batches of sauces. I cater and it feels wonderful. I can double the cookie recipes and make 13 dozen cookies in one batch. I can make a batch of rolls with 12 cups of flour. It runs smooth and quiet. The deep bowl keeps everything inside the bowl. I did a lot of research for 1 year before buying this dream machine. I am happy that the gears are not plastic so hopefully it will last a lifetime. I think its definitely worth the extra money. The machine makes me smile.”

“Stopped working after 3 months.”

“Got this as a gift for Christmas. I had to use it for the first time. Clicks so loud as if it will come apart any moment now. I am passed the return period which really stinks or else would have gone back the second if I had used it right off. We made frosting which is low load so I am terried as if what would be do if we tried to make a bread dough.”


Stand mixers are a great addition to any kitchen for both professionals and beginners. KSM8990OB KitchenAid NSF Commercial 8-qt Lift Stand Mixer has the capability to handle large quantities of ingredients and that makes it a highly favorable choice. It has a superb design with highly functional features. In addition, it consumes less power and the motor runs swiftly. All you a need is to just watch the process and get your desired results in a matter of few seconds.

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