What is a lucid dream and how to achieve it?

A lucid dream is none different than a normal dream except for a vital difference i.e., the person dreaming can know that he is in a dream! Now, how cool is that?! Many of you might have experienced this phenomenon and would have also experienced that you are in control of the dream progression.

Lucid dreaming is a much researched subject in this modern era. It has been noticed by scientists that a significant amount of activities is happening in the parietal lobe of the brain which is the key area for coordination, visual perception, information processing etc. which puts it into conscious processes category.

Lucid dreaming is vivid and realistic in its nature. A lucid dream can be induced or initiated by mainly two methods: D.I.L.D (Dream Initiated Lucid Dream) where the dream is started normally and the dreamer ends up being aware that he is in a dream. The second method is W.I.L.D (Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream) Occurs when a person goes into the dream state directly from the awake state with no loss of consciousness. This normally happens when a person is so sleepy but is kept from sleeping an intermediate state is reached where the person experiences a small glimpse of a lucid dream.

credits: http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/
credits: http://www.spiritscienceandmetaphysics.com/

Let me now just give you a series of steps through which you can achieve a lucid dream

  • Now, this may sound silly even though keep asking yourself “Am I dreaming?” in your fully conscious state. Repeat this thought several times so that this becomes a gentle routine. The purpose of this practice is to make you check in your dream whether you are dreaming. If you find out that you are experiencing a dream, then it becomes a lucid dream. Now you will be in control of the momentum of your dreams. Yes, it is wonderful as it sounds!!
  • Give yourself a comment or an order that you are going to remember the dream that you have. This increases the chance for experiencing a lucid dream.
  • W.I.L.D: As mentioned above Wake-Initiated Lucid Dream can be obtained in cases where you are very tired and sleepy. Go to bed and lay down flat on your back. As you are tired and sleepy your brain will send messages for all the body parts to shut down, forcefully ig-nore these signals (Can be a challenge). After a while, you can find yourself in a hallucinat-ing environment with REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.

Experience the wonderful world of lucid dreams as it is one of the best methods of experiencing a fantasy world without any adverse effects. Cheer!!

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