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Massage Naturals offers you wide range of accessories such as skin care products, holsters, massage tables & much more at a great competitive price.

Massage Naturals Appease massage holsters are best recommended for those who are working as massage therapists, chiropractors or spa practitioners. Massage Naturals carry a variety of massage products such as face cradle covers, fleece pads, bolster covers and many more. They come at an affordable price without compromising on quality. One of their favored products is Massage Naturals massage holsters that come in different varieties and styles to suit your purpose.

Massage Naturals massage holsters come in an easy fit waist belt which can be adjusted accordingly. You can choose from single or double holster. Let’s take a look at how massage holsters work.

  • Massage Naturals massage holsters – Single: As in the name, can hold a single bottle of lotion. It is available in three different colors.
  • Massage Naturals massage holsters – Double: fits two bottles of lotion or a big bottle of lotion and a jar.

The Massage Naturals massage holsters are made out of durable cordura weave which is normally seen in backpacks that you often carry. It comes in three different colors such as black, blue and purple. This is Body Linen’s innovative product that is incomparable among the low quality products available in the market. You can even order Massage Naturals massage holsters extendable straps that come in black. Though the massage holsters are made to fit around 26 to 40 inches, the extenders help in adding 12-20 inches for correct adjusting.

Massage Naturals massage holsters are also sold at a wholesale price which is comparatively low in the market. For example, if you are ordering around 25-99 holsters, you will be charged only $3.50 for a holster. For more than 500 Massage Naturals massage holsters, the prices are even less. So what are you waiting for?

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Massage Naturals massage holsters comes with a 90 days guarantee on all their products. If you feel that the holsters are not up to the mark, simply exchange them. If you want a refund, you better return the product within 30 days from the date of purchase. Note that these products should be unused & unopened if you want a COMPLETE REFUND. However, do note that Massage Naturals will charge 30% restocking fee for your massage holsters.

Massage Naturals Appease massage holsters

Massage holsters are a friend to massage therapists. These help the message therapists to keep the bottle close to themselves while they are messaging their client, so now they don’t have to go hundred times around the therapy table to get the massage bottles during massaging, they can carry It with them using massage holsters. If massage products are present at hand reach distance then it helps to maintain the flow of massaging,this way both the massage therapist and the client will be benefited. The client can enjoy the massaging and the therapist can carry out his/her task without any disturbance. Now where to get these massage holsters from? Simple at Massage Naturals! Massage Naturals offers strong, stylish and durable massage holsters at

At Massage Naturals two types of massage holsters are present namely
1. Rapport Single Massage Bottle Holster
2. Rapport double Massage Bottle Holster

Rapport Single Massage bottle Holster by Massage Naturals

it is prepared out strong fabric usually used to manufacture backpacks called Cordura. Cordura is highly durable synthetic fiber. It comes with a easy-clip buckle which makes it easy to wear and unbuckle it. It also has a sliding adjuster, so that you can tighten it or loosen it according to your convenience. A belt strap is present which one inch wide. The rapport single massage bottle is available in three colors currently black, blue and purple. It is suitable for waists between 26” to 40”, for those people whose waists crosses this range, Massage Naturals offers belt extenders.

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Rapport Double Holster for Massage bottles by Massage Naturals

It is a double dhamaka! in it you can put two massage bottles. If you want instead of two massage bottles you can put one massage bottle and one jar, the choice is yours. It is also prepared out of the synthetic durable fiber Cordura. The other features are same as single holster, belt strap which is 1” in width, an sliding adjuster and an easy clip buckle. It fit for people with the waist 26”-40”, others can use the belt extender. This is present in only one color Black.

Massage Naturals Bolsters

The Belt extenders: the massage holsters by Massage Naturals are fit for people whose waists falls under the range of 26” to 40”, so they produced belt extenders so that the upholsters can be made usable for people with 40” plus waist also.

Massage Naturals is an online store that supplies massage related products. It was founded in 1990 by Dennis Frederick. The website is

Massage Naturals holsters and bolsters

Massage naturals is a specialized manufacturer of massage linens. Face rest covers, bolsters and any component needed for a comfortable massage. Massage naturals is a Utah based company which also gives a lot of emphasis on green production where all the processes are carried out with minimum effect on the environment. The complete production process is US based and it also provides products which are imported from many parts of the world.

Massage naturals along with its wide range of massage products also provides holsters for holding of bottles and other accessories for easy transportation fast maneuvering. There are there products which come under this section. They are:

  • Rapport Single massage Bottle holster: This is especially designed for keeping of the lotions. The single adjustable oil lotion holster is designed for easy handling of the lotions while reducing the extra movements in massage. It reduces the need to walk around the table for getting the lotions needed for completing the massage. The holster is 1” wide belt and is a heavy duty one ensuring a long lasting life.
  • Rapport Double Holster For massage bottles: This comes in a double lotion holster bottle holster which can hold 2 bottles/1 bottle/ 1 jar. The material is body Linen’s unique rapport double design which is first of its kind. These accessories help in the enhancing the massage experience of the client.
  • Rapport Belt Extender for massage bottle holsters: This belt is suitable for sizes from 26 to 40 inches pant size. The waist strap is adjustable in nature and extenders fitted add 12 to 20 inches of flexibility. The belts come with clip buckle which is easy to use and is very convenient in using. The belt is available in black color and is designed with aesthetically.

Massage Bolster covers

Massage bolsters increases the comfort of the massage to the next level. Massage bolsters is an important aspect of massage. Massage Naturals provides some of the most comfortable bolsters available in the market which is also available in different sizes.

Massage naturals also offers bolster covers apart from Massage naturals massage holsters for an additional visual appeal. The customer can choose from the various designs and colors (blue, green, red etc.) provided through the website.

Massage Naturals is clearly a market front-runner with its specialized massage products and is a super market for massage products.

Massage bolster covers

Massage Naturals was started initially to sell massage linen, face rest coves, fleece pads and bolster covers. Massage natural specialized in environmentally safe products which are durable and affordable. Initially most of the sheets were made in the USA, but now imported sheets are also offered. The company located in Utah, in the USA now sells all products related to massage like sheet sets, blankets, therapy tables, lotions, oils, creams, bolsters, bottle holsters, bolster covers, spa products etc. They supply products to individuals and beauty therapists, spa therapists and chiropractors. Comfort, care and quality are their motto as well as promise.

A number of products are now available on clearance sales and discounts. The sale is on only till the stocks last.

The items on clearance include

  • All manicure and pedicure products like clippers, nippers, tweezers and tools. These are offered at discounts ranging from 40% to 50%. The products include, hidden spring cuticle nipper, cuticle nipper 4” ¼ jaw, cuticle nipper 4” ½, cuticle scissors, Accu-nip cuticle nipper, nose hair scissors and body waxing tweezers.
  • Hand and foot supplies include paraffin in several scents (30% 0ff), paraffin oil (40% off), total Kleen skin cleanser ( 40% off), pedicure scrubs in various sizes, pedicure heel recovery, Pedicure Masque, sea salt hand soak, sea salt foot soak, hand and foot masque, hand and foot recovery, hand and foot scrub
  • Disposable Esthetician supplies are offered at a discount of 40 to 50%. The products in the clearance sale include Earloop face mask, 2×2 cotton-filled guaze, black nitrile gloves, vinyl gloves, latex gloves, Sombra instant antibacterial hand sanitizer, disposable eye shadow applicator (50pk), facial cap, toe rope, nail tech’s choice, organic cotton wipes, large cotton rounds, neck strips, triple sized cotton balls, 12 ply gauze and Esthetic wipes for spa use
  • Clearance linens – There is 65% off on 2nds 10 packs poly cotton face rests – chocolate color. The other items on clearance sale are bamboo hand towel for massage or spa use and bamboo bath towel for massage or spa both of which are offered at a discount of 50%.

Sale Items

The Items on sale are

    • SpaPro Professional Quality 6 Quart Stainless Steel Spa Stone Heater – This item is on an offer price of $79.95 from the original price of $99.95. Made of Stainless steel with a silicon handle, it has a capacity of 6 qt and can hold 30 small stones used for manicure, pedicure and facials.
    • ‘Just the Basics’ pack has a sale price of $39.95 from the normal price of $44.95. The package is ideal for students, hobbyists or part-time therapists and contains one comfort flannel natural sheet set, 1 double lotion bottle holster, one 8 oz. Bottle of Biotone nutri-naturals massage creme and one 8 oz. Bottle of Biotone advanced therapy lotion

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