Massage Naturals massage table supplies and sheets

Memory Foam Table Pad & Face Cradle

The Massage Naturals massage tables come in portable and permanent varieties. Each of them is specially designed for professional use. The Stonglite massage tables at Massage Naturals are a perfect blend of economy, performance, beauty and toughness.The Face Rest Pad fits standard face cradle bases.

Massage Naturals Massage Table Supplies Buy Online

The Massage Naturals massage table supplies include massage tables and sheets which are durable, comfortable, flexible and made for professional use.

There are different brands of massage table supplies and sheets available at Massage Naturals like the Stronglite Massage tables, Athena massage tables, Omni massage tables, Prima Massage tables, etc.

The Massage Naturals massage tables from come in portable and permanent varieties. Each of them is specially designed for professional use. The Stonglite massage tables at Massage Naturals are a perfect blend of economy, performance, beauty, and toughness. They have many innovative features that make the choice table by a professional masseuse. The solid construction and durability come at a great price. These massage tables and sheets have 3-inch comfort foam system under Satin Touch vinyl which gives a great level of comfort.

The Stronglite Premium massage tables come with top accessories, power lock system and they can be used for deep tissue work or vigorous styles like thai massages, sports massages and Rolkfing. The box beam reinforced massage table top will give you extra support for vigorous work. These Massage Naturals massage tables and sheets are guaranteed to last a long time.

Omni massage tables

Omni massage tables

by All Together Enterprises 5 out of 5stars (500 Customer Ratings)

Price: $890
The table is perfect for handling deep tissue massages. They come with a beautiful design, substantial work weight, build and durable construction

Excellent table for massage

5 stars out of 5 by Sherly Christopher for Omni massage tables

Good for relaxation. Feels like heaven while performing massage…

The Omni massage tables from Massage Naturals is another premium professional massage table which is built to handle deep tissue massages with a beautiful design, substantial work weight and build and durable construction. These massage tables and sheets are not out of anyone’s budget and they provide great features for the price at which they are offered. The Omni massage tables combine the cable lock system which gives great strength and easy setup and an Inverted Truss which provides an extra mid-table support.

The Prima massage tables and sheets from Massage Naturals are graceful and strong at the same time. Designed by and especially for professional women, the Prima massage tables fit the natural curves of a woman’s body with Velvet Touch upholstery. The Prima massage table from Massage Naturals have a lightweight design and comes with a stylish carry case.

The Hawaiian massage tables from Massage Naturals are built for multipurpose use that includes skincare, reflexology, massage, and acupuncture. These Massage Naturals massage table supplies have quality construction yet are lightweight. The Hawaiian massage tables have Tilt-top, dual action face rests, carry case, interchangeable reiki panels, ankle bolster and other accessories.

Hawaiian massage table

Hawaiian massage table

by All Together Enterprises 4 out of 5stars (450 Customer Ratings)

Price: $895
This is a multipurpose table for skin care, reflexology, massage, and acupuncture.

Fantastic table

4 stars out of 5 by Sherin for Hawaiian massage table

This portable table works great. I have ordered another pair for my home…

All the Massage Naturals massage tables and sheets are built with amazing quality to give you the best base for a professional massage.

Massage table sheets

Massage Naturals offers a huge collection of massage sheets from body linens. All these products are economically priced made of good quality poly cotton and microfiber. They are really good at creating a luxury experience both at your spa and home.

Tranquility Microfiber Massage Sheet Sets

These sheets are best designed using high-quality microfiber polyester yarn. They are extra soft, silky smooth and breathable in nature. Thus, it is considered as the customer’s choice, as it is largely known for its moisture resistance, durability and longevity features.

Arcadia 100% Organic Cotton Flannel Massage Table Sheet Set

Arcadia sheets are made from top quality 100% organic flannel cotton. It is free of all kinds of man-made chemicals and does not cause any allergies or irritation on the skin. Most of the customers are saying that Arcadia is very comfortable and it helps at improving the whole massage experience.

Comfort Flannel Sheet Sets

They are lightweight and absolutely perfect for your table, aiding a perfect balance between comfy and cozy. Besides, the sheets are cool sharing double brushed features for the needed extra softness.

Comfort Flannel Sheet Sets Features

  • 100% cotton in nature.
  • Quite easy to remove the lotions, oils, and creams stain out.
  • Fits perfectly on the 33” wide x 73” long x 7”thick massage table.

Massage chairs

This massage therapy supply outlet is portable, durable in nature and quite easy to use. Few of them include:

Earthlite Elements Massage Chair

This lightweight chair offers great value for the paid money. It is made using the aircraft grade aluminum, offering great strength and stability.

Earthlite Elements Massage Chair Features include

  • This portable chair features a two-layer cushioning system.
  • Comes with a deluxe adjustable headrest with cushion.
  • Aircraft aluminum frame.
  • The seat height and armrest has 3 adjustment settings.

So far, this is considered as a great beginner chair that comes with a 2 year limited warranty period.

Earthlite Elements Table Chair Package Agate

The chair really provides an excellent value for the unbeatable price. Thus, you can call them as a high-quality product designed for robust uses.

Earthlite Elements Table Chair Package Features

  • Displays high-quality framing and upholstery, which can stand up for years and years.
  • Made from 100% polyurethane vinyl in agate blue.
  • Includes a hand carry case and a face rest with a crescent pad.
  • This massage table equipment comes with a 5-year limited warranty on frame, including 1-year guarantee on foam or vinyl.

Stronglite Massage Table – Adjustable Stool For Massage Therapists

This adjustable stool is really a great blessing for both the therapists and clients. It is available in 5 colors and it features a 3-inch padded seat, 350 lb weight limit, has a height range of 19 3/4” to 27 3/4”, easily adjusts with only a pull on the lever.

Custom Craftworks Athena Portable Massage Table Essential Package

This Athena massage table comes in a customizable design, made with premium materials including American Poplar, North American hard rock maple, birch aircraft quality cables and much more. All these tables are shipped within 5 to 10 days of the working period. But there are very few Athena massage tables reviews available online. Thus, you can check for other details on this subject.

Custom Craftworks Athena Portable Massage Table Essential Package Features

  • Table weight – 34 lbs.
  • Environmental friendly multi-layer foam.
  • Comes with vinyl coated aircraft cables.
  • Full-length hinge.
  • Showcases solid frame.
  • Designed using CFC free foam, water based nontoxic lacquers.
  • Durable in nature and can be easily cleaned.

Bolster and bolster covers

These bolster pillows and bolster covers are mainly used to keep the person comfortable while lying on the massage table. They are available in different sizes, ranging from standard to nonstandard ones.

Full Round Massage Bolster 6” x 26”

This bolster is made using 100% polyurethane vinyl making them excellent. It uses high density, small cells, CFC free foam for the ultimate needed comfort. Equally, the bolster features a suitable strap at one end. Thus, making it quite easy to handle.

Jumbo Half Circle Massage Bolster 4.5” x 9” x 29”

Specially designed to give a classic look and the support needed to the customers. It offers the needed extra support under the shoulders, neck, lower back and knees.

Jumbo Half Circle Massage Bolster 4.5” x 9” x 29” Features

  • It lowers pressure by giving the extra support and padding wherever required.
  • Made from 100% polyurethane vinyl for beauty and durability.
  • Offers consistency, quality, and comfort.

Flannel Bolster cover for 9 x 26 circular bolster

This cover features the coolness and the comfort of flannel. They offer a beautiful touch to your welcoming table.


  • Made from 100% cotton flannel.
  • Perfectly designed to fit the circular bolsters 9”wide x 26” long.
  • Also, available in different colors to match the massage naturals sheet sets.
  • Other table accessories

Tranquility Microfiber Massage Table Skirt

These massage table skirts are both visually appealing as well as functional in nature. It works great at hiding the table legs, ugly cords and to prevent the uneven disorganization. Equally, they are made of high-quality microfiber offering long-lasting durability every wash after wash. Overall, it’s lightweight, good at giving your customers the needed 5-star treatment.

One of the honest reviews state

  • “It’s a perfect fit available at great price.”
  • “This skirt fits my table perfectly and it’s really quite easy to wash. Very satisfied and love the color of this fabric.”

Carry Case For Portable Massage Table

This massage table carrying case is good at protecting your massage table. It can easily fit a 30” wide table. Equally, features a padded, removable, adjustable shoulder strap, side handles and it also comes with a large side pocket with zipper.

Carry Case For Portable Massage Table Features

  • Very easy to carry.
  • Comes with a padded, adjustable shoulder strap.
  • Specially designed using the tough cordura fabric.
  • Made by stronglite.
  • Exactly fits the standard size portable massage tables up to 30” wide.

Deluxe Adjustable Face Rest Platform

This Stronglite face rest platform can be adjusted vertically and it can be tilted to the desired angle to suite your needs.

Crescent Face Pillow For Standard Massage Table Facerests

This standard pillow gives your client the needed support for your forehead and face.

Deluxe Adjustable Face Rest Platform Features

  • The pillow does not include any base.
  • Equally, it fits most standard bases and available in different colors.
  • Quite easy to store under your massage table.
  • Weighs around 2 lbs with 3” of padding.
  • Made of 100% polyurethane vinyl for the added durability and beauty.
  • Offers great consistency, quality and needed support.

Where to buy these Massage Table supplies?

Well purchasing these products is quite easy as you can avail everything at massage They sell all their goods at a cheaper price tag with many discounts, coupon deals.

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