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What are Mountain Bikes?

This specially designed off road bicycle should be selected by you after determining your riding style and terrain. Mountain Bikes are mainly classified under four categories namely, Dirt Jumpers, Cross-Country Bikes, All-Mountain Bikes and Gravity Bikes.

You should be selecting Cross-Country bike if you wish riding mixed road to light single tracks.

If you are a rider ready to deal with any terrain such as steep climbs, steeper descents, or everything in amid may look for All-Mountain trail bike.

The most extreme bicycle is the Gravity bike that exceeds the limits of riding downhill and can tackle any largest natural obstacles.

The Dirt Jumper bike is particularly built for dirt parks and not intended for trail use.

Categories of Mountain Bike

Dirt Jumpers

This mountain bike is built for dirt parks and designed for catching air off massive dirt jumps. This extended BMX Dirt Jumpers (DJ) bike with a suspension fork features:

  • Disc brakes
  • 26” wheels against the standard 20” BMX wheels
  • Only one gear and one rear brake

Generally DJ bikes are not ideal for trail use as they have only one gear and only a rear brake.

Cross-Country Bikes

Cross-Country (XC) bikes can be used in a wide range of terrain, from paved roads to fire roads and also on some light single track. The XC bike is ultimate for endurance racers, for new riders or recreational riders who are attached to tame trails and don’t want much suspension travel. These mountain bikes uses relatively low amount of travel, typically about 80-120mm only. It features includes:

  • Hardtails or full-suspension designs
  • Provides superior pedaling efficiency for longer distances and relatively flat terrain
  • Wheel size in XC bikes can be 26”, 27.5”, and 29” against the most common being 26” found in bikes of most other companies.

All-Mountain Bikes

The All-Mountain (AM) trail bike fills the gap between Cross-Country and Gravity bikes. The name for these bikes is apt as they are designed to be able to mount, descend, and perform anything in between. These full-suspension mountain bikes are ideal for steep downhill. Generally they offer suspension travel ranging from 140-160mm. the various other features are:

  • Wheel size is 27.5”
  • It can easily withstand trail riding, with 15mm front thru-axles, 12x142mm rear axles, and tapered steered tubes for strength and stability.

Gravity Bikes

The Gravity bikes are undeniably the most extreme in the mountain bikes category in the whole industry. Gravity bikes are designed to constantly innovate new technologies for building bigger and faster bikes than before. The Gravity category comprises of Downhill (DH) and Freeride (FR) bikes. Features include:

  • Both these uses 180-200mm of suspension travel
  • Made for descending and not meant for climbing
  • 26” wheels size
  • They are commonly found with 20mm front thru-axles, 12x142mm rear axles, and triple-crown forks

All these features combine to build a more even platform to come down the mountainside “flying”.

Mountain Bikes Customer Reviews

Mountain bikes are the most demanding bicycles since long. Many customers are so much attached to this bike that they stick to one for years. One such customer narrated that he is using his mountain bikes for about a decade. Though he upgraded few of the parts, till date if runs perfect. Also, there was no need to even replace the spares.

Most of you will feel a problem of choice. The various types of mountain bikes will surely make it difficult to select one. However, the range of mountain bikes varies in prices so you can sort out and select the best for you, as done and suggested by anyone of you.

One customer suggested to either checking these mountain bikes physically in a showroom or can buy online. Showrooms are appealing and online site is easy to navigate, both are simple modes for you to select the most preferred and appropriate mode. If you wish to buy from a store, you may end up buying few accessories just like one such customer. The courteous and polite staff will convince you to do so.

You have now got a brief introduction and awareness on mountain bikes. So buy now and enjoy riding.

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